January 23, 2018

Action Alert:
Write Letter to Editor Expressing Opposition to Comments of Rep. Scott Perry

The day the news broke that the NRA was being investigated by the FBI for spending Russian money on Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign, Republican Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania went on Tucker Carlson’s show and claimed that ISIS was behind the Las Vegas shooting.

Scott Perry (right) peddled his Las Vegas conspiracy theory to Fox News host Tucker Carlson (left) the same day that McClatchy revealed an FBI investigation into the NRA. Coincidence?

“I smell a rat like a lot of Americans,” Perry told Fox News viewers. “Somethings not adding up.” Perry claimed to have “credible evidence” that Islamic extremists carried the shooting out, but when asked to show it, Perry said he was “not able” to reveal details.

The backlash was immediate. An attorney representing survivors of the Las Vegas shooting challenged Perry to provide the evidence he described. He hasn’t done so to date.

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I was disgusted to hear Rep. Scott Perry’s remarks about the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Fox News on January 18, 2018. For Perry to be promoting a conspiracy theory about the shooting in a cynical attempt to demonize people of color and please his patrons at the National Rifle Association is beyond the pale. Voters in Pennsylvania’s fourth district should think about whether they want to send a Congressman so quick to due the bidding of lobbyists back to Congress. And who would even think about exploiting the suffering of survivors of America’s worst mass shooting? There are a lot of real people out there right now in great pain because of what happened that night. Why isn’t Scott Perry concerned about them? Real leaders serve the interests of the people, not corporate benefactors. 

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