Monday 2 November 2020 – Tomorrow is election day, and while we would never tell you how to vote, we will tell you which candidates support life-saving gun law reform (Biden/Harris, McGrath in Kentucky).  We can also tell you who has done u-turns on their previous gun law promises (Trump) and who has single-handedly used their position to stop bipartisan bills the Houses sent to the Senate and brags about it (Mitch McConnell).  We can share information about the NRA’s expenditure on candidates.

Some forces are at work to make Americans afraid to go to the polls.  Many of us have thought such times were in the past – we were wrong.  We have seen our fellow citizens pepper-sprayed.  We have seen a Biden convoy dangerously attacked on the roads of Texas.  We have seen armed, threatening men trying to intimidate voters at the polls. We have seen ballots misplaced in Florida and we have seen voting lines made as long and as uncomfortable as possible.  Everyone who has made it past these obstacles to vote – whoever for – is a hero.  We need to have a government that will abolish these and myriad other problems, and we can get that:  if we all vote.


To take this action:  VOTE, and ask at least one other person in your family/group of close friends to vote as well.

This may give you an opportunity to discuss the important issues of this election, not least we need to change the system which takes 40,000 peoples ‘ lives every year through gun deaths.

If you have already voted, please fill in the fields below to show you have voted.  If you are voting tomorrow, please fill the fields in afterwards.

This election and America’s gun laws are a matter of life and death, so thank you for taking one of the most important actions you can:  voting.