Aurora Police traumatize black family – demand action

5 August, 2020 – Aurora, Colorado – after a visit to a nail bar, children and women were surrounded by guns, police barking orders to get on the ground and be handcuffed face down.  Their crime?  Having the licence plate number they had.

Police want us to think that they mistook a SUV filled with innocent people for a stolen motorcycle – from a different state – that allegedly had the same plate number.  Few people are actually buying this flimsy excuse; it is appalling police would even admit to a blunder a schoolchild would not have  made.

This as we know is not the first time Aurora Police have targeted black people;  with their guns drawn, someone could have lost their life.

There is an apology offered.  Police Chief Vanessa Wilson made it; but do the police actually mean it?

The victims of this police brutality and the community have had enough apologies: they deserve justice.

Negating the value of any apology, the Aurora Police Association have a Facebook page which has not a word of remorse except from outside people making protests about the event on the page’s other posts.  One post marks the anniversary of the infamous cinema shooting.  Another post is a complaint that some of the police force were actually disciplined – over what appears to have been a racism incident.

This is also the police force that were responsible for the death of Elijah McLean.


Please contact Governor Jared Polis of Colorado through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Governor, as I see it the amount of incompetence and racism shown by Aurora police shows no signs of remotely abating, and you have to act.  I am sure Police Chief Wilson meant her apology – but the rank and file need to be disciplined.

There is a culture on display of arrogance and self-preservation displayed in the force’s facebook page, which lacks any kind of regret over traumatizing little children – by police would could not tell a motorcycle from an SUV or the plate of one state over another. On the Police Association’s facebook page they seem far more concerned with how one of their number was disciplined over what looks like a racist incident concerning the Elijah McClain memorial.  The police demand their rights, and want Vanessa Wilson fired – but when it comes to the rights of others – especially black members of the community – they are silent.

If you can’t get this force in order, I feel it might be time for the FBI to investigate it for racism, which to me looks like a huge part of the problem, and racism on such a scale as seems to exist here would fall under its remit.  in any event, there has to be more than an  ‘I’m sorry’ over racism and terrifying obviously innocent little girls and honest women.  Take action – and tell me what you are doing.

Phone:  (303) 866-2471





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