Join Backfire Trump to send messages when shootings occur

Some of our One Pulse for America members have signed up to Backfire Trump, a gun control app that sends pro gun-control messages out for you when there is a shooting.

Visit the website here and decide whether it is for you.

It is a good way to ensure that your objection to US gun culture is shown every time there is a shooting.

From their website:

Step 1 Shots fired – Over 33,000 people die each year due to gun violence in America. #BackfireTrump collects this data in real-time from

Step 2 Your voice is heard – Every time an American dies from gun violence, a powerful message is automatically tweeted from your account.

Step 3 The more people who join Backfire, the more tweets will be sent — making the scope of American gun violence impossible for Trump to ignore.

There are a number of options; it is all on the Backfire Trump website

To take this action, simply visit the website.  If it suits you sign up; if it’s not for you, then thank you for looking at it.