Send Condolences to El Paso Shooting Widower

ACTION UPDATE:  17/8/19 hundreds attended the service, flowers and sympathy messages arrived from around the world. It’s things like this that remind me that most people are good at heart

El Paso, August 2019 – Mr Antonio Basco invited all of El Paso to attend the  funeral for his wife, murdered in the El Paso shooting.

A gunman with a white supremacist agenda killed several innocent people at an El Paso Walmart store .

While we should and do mourn for shooting victims all over the country, with the murder of his wife, Margie Reckard, Mr Basco now feels he has no one left.  The city of El Paso and the country have come out to pay their respects.

Please post a message here or try email (but it is inundated) or follow the link to send condolences via the funeral parlour.

(Note:  This action was posted on Facebook yesterday; if you have taken the action, please fill in the fields to record that you have done so, thank you).