Boulder Killings: NRA fought for the ‘freedom’ of shooter to have AR-15

15 March, Boulder, CO – the National Rifle Association claimed a ‘victory’ after a courtroom decision stopped any limits on how assault-style rifles and ammunition can be transferred.  The NRA’s publication brags that “…a judge in the Centennial state gave law-abiding gun owners something to celebrate.”

22 March, Boulder, CO – ten people ranging in age from 20 to 65 including a police officer were murdered by a man with an assault-style rifle.   The NRA’s twitter feed makes zero mention of its role in this latest loss of life; the NRA is ironically re-tweeting the text of the 2nd Amendment.  The man who took the lives of ten people was not part of any well-regulated militia and the NRA know this.

The ABC news coverage in the link above includes comments from people who were there.  One woman explains how she and a child escaped from the back of the store when the shooting started. Crying, she explains she saw a person sprawled out and wanted to help them; the child explained to her it was too late.

There is virtually no other wealthy nation in peacetime that lives the way Americans are forced to live because of the NRA and its self-serving interpretation of what a well-regulated militia is.  This has to change.


George Takei, founder of One Pulse for America, tweeted : ” A better way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to not let that bad guy buy a gun so easily. Text UNIVERSAL to 34131 to let your senators know that you take this seriously and to demand universal background checks.”

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Please follow George Takei’s lead and contact your senators by texting UNIVERSAL to 34131.  This will tell them you demand universal background checks.  We do have a real chance with the current makeup of Congress for positive, life-saving change.


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