Know where your 2020 candidates stand on gun law reform

A recent piece of research by VOX shows where Democratic presidential candidates stand on gun issues.  The GOP seems to plan to allow Trump to run opposed as its presidential candidate, and we can reasonably expect more inaction and McConnell to continue to sit on bills that could save lives.

Some Democrats have detailed ideas; some have general views, and at least one hasn’t published any gun policy and won’t answer questions.

The 2020 elections at Federal and State levels are absolutely crucial for gun law reform.

George Takei has said that he will support whatever candidate the Democrats run against Trump; this certainly seems the only sound way to vote him out and achieve some gun law reform.



Please do as many – ideally all – of these actions you are able to:

  1.  Please read this article – you may find it an eye-opener on your preferred candidates.  Feel free to share it.  Here is the link:
  2. Ensure you are registered to vote.  If you’re not sure, you can check here:
  3. Encourage your friends and family to check they are registered to vote as well.
  4. Find out who is running in your state and local elections – and contact them to ask where they stand on gun law issues.  If you get any responses, please share the on the One Pulse for America Facebook page.  Here is information on the House: and for the senate .  Here is gubernatorial information:,_2020
  5. Know when the state primaries are, and if you are eligible, please vote.  Check here: 
  6. Report back to us on the One Pulse for America Facebook page if there are any candidates in your state who should get our support – or who we need to campaign against.
  7. If you come across any ‘fake news’ or social media advertising that attacks any candidates who are seeking gun law reform, please post screenshots to One Pulse’s Facebook page.

It may seem like the elections are far away – but the PACs and Super PACS are spending millions now, and we know that targeted advertising and misleading advertising still goes on.

With your help on this, we can make shows of support or disapproval with the goal of finally getting America’s gun laws modernized.  We cannot afford another year of staggering casualties – over 41,000 shootings last year – that we know of.

Once you have taken any or all of these actions, fill out the three fields below and click the orange banner to report taking action!