‘Good guy with a gun’ myth is destroyed: tell your elected reps

In an explosive Colorado Sun article, the myth of a ‘good guy with a gun’ who will stop school shootings is discredited forever:  tell your elected representatives they can never hide behind it ever again.

The Colorado Sun reports on findings following a deadly school shooting in May:  “STEM School Highlands Ranch asked the private security company hired last year to patrol the K-12 campus to make sure its security guards were unarmed.

“But when two students began a deadly attack at their school in May, the on-duty guard not only had a gun, but court records indicate he shot and wounded an uninvolved student while accidentally firing at a responding sheriff’s deputy.

“Additionally, the gun the guard was carrying appears to have been concealed because ‘STEM administration and leadership were not aware that the guard was armed,’ the school said in a written statement.”

The deadly attack by two students was bad enough – but this guard, concealing a deadly weapon in violation of the school district’s law, shot a student.

The security guard was apparently from the local sheriff’s office, and would likely have had weapons training from that role.


The NRA and its paid-for elected officials like to tell us that having ‘a good guy with a gun’ is the cure for any and all mass shootings:  after this excellent piece of investigation by the Colorado Sun, make sure that they don’t ever try to pull that myth again.

Imagine how terrifying it was for all those students – and for a student who was shot by a security guard who should not have had a gun in the first place.

Douglas County School District policy forbids private security guards from carrying concealed guns on its campuses.


Please contact your congresspeople through the link below (and by all means contact your State Governor if you wish too) and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


The NRA makes the argument that mass shootings including school shootings can be stopped if there are armed personnel on site.  In a shocking case from Douglas County, CO, we now know that ‘good guys with guns’ do shoot innocent people.

The US gun slaughter epidemic  militarizing our schools, which should be carefree places for learning in a secure environment without the fear of violence or the need for petrifying active shooter drills,

Instead of creating meaningful gun laws, many politicians have been instead encouraging an escalation, and not only want to have armed personnel in schools, some are actually wanting teachers to cross-train as potential deadly force security.  The claim that ‘one good guy with a gun’ is the rallying cry for such NRA-funded representatives:  but after the Colorado STEM school incident in May, this logic has been discredited forever.

A security guard – who should not have been carrying a gun – had a concealed weapon.  When two students went on a murderous shooting rampage at the school:  this guard actually shot and wounded a student who was merely a bystander.

We know that many semi-automatic weapons fire many rounds per second, and many high-powered weapons can be used from a great distance:  having  an armed ‘good guy’ could not have stopped the Los Vegas massacre, and now we have proof that in the heat of an event, a ‘good guy’ is likely to shoot an innocent person.

I want to take this opportunity to ensure you know that in the next elections I will only be voting for candidates who have signed up to March for our Lives’ Peace Plan. If you haven’t signed, you need to.  I want you to write back at your first convenience and tell me whether or not you have signed.  You will not get my vote if you don’t, and I will be watching this closely.  Here’s where you sign up:  https://marchforourlives.com/peace-plan/ .

Find your congressperson here:  https://www.conginst.org/contact-congress/

Find your state governor here:  https://www.usa.gov/state-governor

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