Remember Elijah Cummings – demand gun control action now

17 October, 2019 – Maryland – Representative Elijah Cummings has passed away, age 68.

One of the children of a sharecropper, he said watching Perry Mason steered him into studying law.

He served Maryland well for many years, having won his seat in 1996.

A tireless campaigner for rights and justice, he strove for gun law reform.

In one of his last speeches on the matter delivered in August 2019, he spoke of how the Republicans would make speeches promising gun law reform with no intention of following through.

“What we have to do is demand results,” he said.  He added that President Trump could make empty promises as ‘Senator McConnell had his back’.


To pay tribute to Representative Cummings, we will remind Mitch McConnell that he has been sitting on lifesaving bills since February, undemocratically denying our elected representatives the chance to fairly vote on universal background checks and other gun-law reform measures.  (please watch the video of Representative Cummings’ speech by clicking the link in the paragraph above for ‘What we have to do is demand results’)

Please contact Senator Mitch McConnell through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


 Senator, Elijah Cummings died today.  A man of action and honor, he campaigned tirelessly for gun law reform.


In his August 2019 speech he explained how the Republicans will pay lip service to gun law reform, but that you are likely to keep blocking the bills you have been sitting on since February.  Are you afraid to let the country’s elected representatives have their say on these bills?  Is your being in office dependent on your subservience and obedience to the NRA, now proven beyond doubt to be a Russian asset?


Get  HR8 and HR112 on the floor for a vote:  NOW.  Mr Cummings will be remembered with respect and as a man of action.  If you don’t get those bills to the vote, we will  do our best to vote you out of office, and  you will be forever remembered as a dictatorial servant of a discredited lobbying group awash with scandal and Russian money.  If you can’t do the right thing, move aside for those who will.   


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