Demand Senate passes bipartisan gun law reform!

Washington 12 June 2022 – Senate negotiators struck a bipartisan deal on a narrow set of gun safety measures with sufficient support to move through the evenly divided Senate.  This is a significant development toward gun law reform and saving lives.

As The New York Times reports, “The agreement, put forth by 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats and endorsed by President Biden and top Democrats, includes enhanced background checks to give authorities time to check the juvenile and mental health records of any prospective gun buyer under the age of 21 and a provision that would, for the first time, extend to dating partners a prohibition on domestic abusers having guns.”


ACTION:  As soon as possible, please write to both of your senators – whatever their stance is on gun law reform, and tell them you demand this passes the Senate.  If they already support gun law reform, write to thank them in advance for their vote. If they oppose this measure, write to them to tell them you will never vote for any NRA-funded candidate or any candidate who will not pass gun law reform.  Your speaking out is KEY here – the senators who want gun law reform need to know you are with them, and the senators who oppose gun law reform definitely watch and count correspondence they get on gun law reform.  Tweet to them, post on social media too – let people see that you care.

Please contact your senators_ through the link below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Dear Senators, an opportunity to save lives is with you – I write to demand you vote for the bipartisan gun law reform bill the House has passed.  It will not solve everything – but in the wake of Buffalo, Uvalde, and other recent avoidable gun tragedies, you have to reform gun laws now.  I will be voting in November, and I pledge to never vote for an NRA-sponsored candidate, nor for any senator who votes against this measure.  Gun rights do not outweigh the right to life of American citizens.

Find your congressperson here:

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Suggested tweet to senators who want to pass this measureI know you will vote for the gun law reforms coming before the Senate; thank you. I vow to never vote for any @NRA-supported candidate. and will note how the Senators vote on this measure. This time it’s different.

Suggested tweet to senators who are anti-gun law reformI consider your pro- @NRA policies are responsible for America’s shocking gun death toll. If you will not change, you will be voted out. Rethink your position; I vote and I will watch how you vote on the upcoming gun law reforms coming to the Senate.

Boulder Killings: NRA fought for the ‘freedom’ of shooter to have AR-15

15 March, Boulder, CO – the National Rifle Association claimed a ‘victory’ after a courtroom decision stopped any limits on how assault-style rifles and ammunition can be transferred.  The NRA’s publication brags that “…a judge in the Centennial state gave law-abiding gun owners something to celebrate.”

22 March, Boulder, CO – ten people ranging in age from 20 to 65 including a police officer were murdered by a man with an assault-style rifle.   The NRA’s twitter feed makes zero mention of its role in this latest loss of life; the NRA is ironically re-tweeting the text of the 2nd Amendment.  The man who took the lives of ten people was not part of any well-regulated militia and the NRA know this.

The ABC news coverage in the link above includes comments from people who were there.  One woman explains how she and a child escaped from the back of the store when the shooting started. Crying, she explains she saw a person sprawled out and wanted to help them; the child explained to her it was too late.

There is virtually no other wealthy nation in peacetime that lives the way Americans are forced to live because of the NRA and its self-serving interpretation of what a well-regulated militia is.  This has to change.


George Takei, founder of One Pulse for America, tweeted : ” A better way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to not let that bad guy buy a gun so easily. Text UNIVERSAL to 34131 to let your senators know that you take this seriously and to demand universal background checks.”

Jay Kuo of One Pulse will have a piece for us shortly on the NRA – keep an eye on our Facebook page


Please follow George Takei’s lead and contact your senators by texting UNIVERSAL to 34131.  This will tell them you demand universal background checks.  We do have a real chance with the current makeup of Congress for positive, life-saving change.


If you have Twitter then please like and share  George’s Tweet here 


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Lobby Congress, McConnell to make Postal Voting easier during Pandemic

30 June 2020 – Carl Reiner – writer, director, entertainer, social activist, beloved family member and friend passed away today; he is mourned by many in the entertainment world and by many for his wise words on our government.

One of his most recent projects was a video which also features One Pulse for America’s George Takei, Rita Moreno and a host of  stars:  all wanting Congress to release funds to help people vote by post.

We have a serious pandemic on our hands; we have an election looming.  No one who  is isolating for their health should be robbed of their right to vote; no one should be forced to physically go to a polling station and risk their health – their lives in fact – and potentially the lives of others.

It’s the 21st Century:  the least we can do is mobilize a postal vote.  This will take funds – and Congress can do this.

Unfortunately Mitch McConnell seems unwilling to protect the health of Americans with this intelligent, compassionate postal vote roll-out.

More can be learned from Defending Democracy Together  – click here to watch the video. 



Watch the video here:  and then contact your Congressional Representatives and Mitch McConnell through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:

I want every American to be able to vote without risking their lives in these days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I support Defending Democracy Together and agree with them when they say “Congress must help states prepare for this unprecedented election and give states the resources they need to ensure the election is safe and secure. Americans—especially the most vulnerable among us—should not have to choose between their right to vote and their health.”

I want funds released now to fund postal voting – McConnell must do the right thing and release funds to ensure everyone can vote.

-OR- send this tweet:  @McConnellPress We have a pandemic; you have a responsibility to make sure every eligible American gets to cast their vote: free up funds to roll out more postal voting NOW. No one should lose their vote; no one should risk their life to vote

Find your congressperson here:

Mitch McConnell
Phone:  (270) 781-1673
Email:  (form)

Show the press you support and value them

June 2020 – peaceful protests called in the wake of the murder of George Floyd have experienced attempts to hijack them by a number of extremists, racists, and police.  Over 100 members of the press have been attacked by police wholly against Constitutional rights:  journalists have been arrested, beaten, even shot with rubber/plastic bullets – designed not to kill but to inflict serious injury.  Several peaceful protesters have been assaulted by police; several have been shot.  These peoples’ constitutional rights have been unduly taken from them.  The reason we know about these grave assaults on people and on all of our liberties is because of journalists and the media.

It is not so long ago that crowds of anti-lockdown protestors, in many cases heavily-armed men in quasi-military garb held aggressive protests and  stormed a state capital.  They screamed at people trying to perform their jobs; they endangered public safety because they refuse to believe in the Covid-19 virus, and threatened violence if their rights were ‘removed’- which was only ever a temporary measure for the good of public health.  The vast majority of these people were never met with police brutality or arrests.

This is the most crucial turning point in our country’s and our society’s future many of us will ever see.  In order to stay informed, receive facts and avoid propaganda, we 100% need a free, unhampered press – as the Constitution guarantees.

There are those who have distorted the Second Amendment past all reason, morality and logic.  A ‘well-regulated militia’ for some means any disgruntled person can get a deadly, rapid-fire weapon – and kill innocent adults and children.  Yet the same people who will not brook any criticism of their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment do not remotely want to see other amendments upheld when these rights pertain to freedom of the press or indeed the basic human rights of equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

While a nation mourns George Floyd and the many victims who have gone before him, for instance two innocent black people who were shot to death, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor (it is her birthday; she should be blowing out 27 candles as I write), we have a White House hostile to black people, women, ethnic minorities, LGBT people, veterans and asylum seekers.  The horrors this administration has created include caging asylum-seekers and taking their children, hampering LGBT people who had careers in the military, removing womens’ rights, the creation of ICE, and more.  These injustices are brought to our attention by a free press – and that is why, using language of dictators past, Donald Trump calls the press ‘the enemy of the people.’

We need every citizen to vote, however hard those opposed to this try to disenfranchise voters; votes should be informed with access to accurate, full, timely news reporting.

We need everyone to uphold the rights of the press – and by the press we mean those news outlets large and little that are looking to report and record the truth of what is going on so we may make informed choices: not those who bombard us with lies to support tyranny and their owners’ self-interests.


You can add your name, town and state to the post this Action Alert appears in, and your name will be added to our One Pulse letter which will be sent to various news outlets.  You can also contact one of the major news networks (I have only chosen a few – please find your own favourites)  and/or your regional news sources through one of the channels below  and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:

I am a member of One Pulse for America, a gun-law reform group started by George Takei.  I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the news you bring us and the sacrifices and dangers your news crews increasingly face to bring us accurate reporting.  Only a dictator would call the responsible press ‘enemies of the people’; only a coward with much to hide would try to villify the press, and I am not buying it. 

I want to see any police officer who impedes the constitutionally-protected rights you have to report brought to justice.  No reporter should be arrested, threatened – let alone assaulted or shot. 

My respect to all who bring us the truth, and my contempt to those who want to stop you, or those who want to deliver propaganda as news.  Thank you.




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One Pulse for America Condemns ‘Trojan Horse’ Pandemic Protests

Gun law reform group One Pulse for America condemns the protests taking place in several state capitols, organized by far-right, extreme gun advocates and targeted at certain U.S. governors.

The Governors are seeking to protect public health through lockdown measures to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For this, they are being intimidated by extremists and by the president himself, who tweeted that states including Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota should be ‘liberated.’

George Takei, One Pulse’s founder, said: “The uncertainty over the coronavirus outbreak requires an abundance of caution. Everyone must be willing to sacrifice a bit of personal liberty for the greater good. Governors must stand firm. We must not bow to the terroristic tactics of a few extremists.”

As reported by the media, resentment over the shutdown orders has been hijacked by groups whose goal is to further reduce America’s already lax gun laws.

Many Americans are frustrated that they have to remain home, with many furloughed or unsure of their employment status. State governors have had to balance the public’s desire to get back to work with the very real risk of death the virus poses. People such as the Dorr brothers—gun activists who think the NRA is too liberal—are exploiting the public’s fears and trying to destabilize state governments. They have been linked to three social media groups organizing anti-lockdown rallies.

Suzanne Kelly, a spokesperson for One Pulse for America said: “At One Pulse for America we understand how serious this virus is. Over 43,000 Americans have died so far. Now there are people who are cynically exploiting this uncertainty to further their unrelated aims. Anyone who would create an ill-advised protest as a Trojan horse to further their unrelated pro-gun agenda is beneath contempt. Yet that is what some gun groups are doing. They are not endangering their own health, but the health of first responders.”

“Virginia recently passed sensible gun law reforms, and this has made the state a particular target. Indeed, Trump tweeted that ‘2nd Amendment rights were under threat’ in the state. His call to ‘liberate’ Virginia and other states is a literal call to arms, and we condemn it. We agree with many experts who say his remarks incite violence and are illegal and unconstitutional.”

“Video footage shows many demonstrators are ignoring guidelines to stop the spread of the disease. While some demonstrators held frivolous placards saying they need haircuts, or they want to golf, others waved Confederate flags and carried automatic weapons and rifles.”

Ms. Kelly said further, “America has two epidemics: Covid-19 and gun proliferation. The 2nd Amendment sets out the right to a well-regulated militia: this is not the same as masked civilians waving automatic weapons during a pandemic. One Pulse’s founder George Takei has asked everyone to please stay home, and we hope you will do so for your sake as well as everyone else’s.”

Actor and activist George Takei started the 83,000-strong One Pulse Facebook group following the tragic mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The group takes a variety of actions aimed at improving America’s gun laws and saving lives.



About One Pulse for America

One Pulse for America was founded by actor/LGBTQ rights activist George Takei in response to the mass shooting at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016. The One Pulse for America Facebook group has been part of a successful effort to close the “passion gap” with pro-gun activists. Our members take daily action to bring strategic pressure on legislators and other decision-makers by amplifying support for gun violence prevention efforts at the national, state and local level. Our ultimate goal is to change social norms surrounding guns and obtain life-saving reforms that will end America’s epidemic of gun violence.




Further information:

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