Tell Texas Governor he’s responsible for future Texas gun deaths

1 September 2019 – Last year, 2,490 Texans died due to gun incidents; the 2019 toll still rises.  Today, Governor Abbott signed a raft of ten bills that is guaranteed to make that number rise even higher.  This is against the backdrop of the very recent El Paso and Odessa gun massacres.

Governor Abbott said at the 2018 Dallas NRA convention: “The problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God.”  The problem is guns, ammunition, and the big money pushing out a pro-gun message via paid-for politician.

It’s a bit complicated figuring out what lobbyists, industries, individuals and charities have contributed to Abbott’s eye-watering $78 million campaign war chest,  but when he ran for governor in 2014, he got the NRA’s blessing and its ‘A’ rating.

He won’t face re-election until 2022, but he already raised $12 million for the campaign:  in a two-week period.

Texas needs a leader who is not in the NRA pocket and who will address the gun epidemic in Texas.  Abbott is currently making a big deal of a new initiative that will increase reporting of ‘suspicious activity’.  What he did before that was to make it impossible for churches and schools to ban guns, allow people to have guns in the streets during states of emergency (can you imagine the carnage?) and more – see here for details of the ten gun-law loosening bills he approved.   


Please contact Governor Abbott through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:


I feel sick to see you signed ten bills which further loosen gun laws in Texas. Knowing you did this in the wake of the recent gun massacres makes it all the worse.

I know that your campaign gets millions of dollars from a variety of sources; I know that you have an A rating from the NRA, and I know that you don’t come up for re-election until 2022.

But what I want you to know is that for every future gun death  in Texas that might have been avoided if you had acted differently, I hold you personally, morally responsible.

San Francisco has rightly deemed the NRA to be a terrorist organisation.  Its spokespeople have called for Democrats to be shot and journalists to be killed – specifically curb-stomped.  And you are proud to sign laws they endorse.

I am ashamed that someone like you holds office, and I will do my best to ensure anyone I know in Texas votes against you when they can.  I will certainly be avoiding those that fund you and/or donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to your inaugural party – such a HEB and AT&T.

You once said that ‘hearts without god’ are what causes gun violence.  Easily-available guns and ammunition are what cause gun violence:  and NRA-subservient politicians such as you.

I don’t think there is any remote chance you will rescind those ten laws – but you should.  Your new ‘suspicious activities’ programme does remotely exonerate you for the future deaths those ten bills will facilitate.

I will be watching developments in Texas closely.  Each time there is a further massacre, I’ll hold you responsible and will message you to remind you what you’ve done.  

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