Get Greene’s gun giveaway off YouTube!

27September 2021 – Congressperson Marjorie Taylor-Greene today reached a new low with an online giveaway for a semi-automatic weapon.

In her video which can be found here  , she mixes in anti-Biden propaganda as part of this giveaway, linking him inexplicably to the gun prize draw.  For example, one of her video segments carries the caption ‘Joe Biden armed an Islamic terrorist nation with $83 billion in weapons’.  This can easily be interpreted as meaning to inflame anti-Biden sentiment to the audience of people wanting to get this gun.  She then says she will ‘blow away the Democrats [sic] socialist agenda’, and presumably using the ‘prize,’ she aims and seems to destroy a vehicle marked ‘socialism’.  Is this a member of a well-regulated militia? Is this a person fit to be in Congress?

The far-right webchat group Gab emailed its subscribers with information on how to enter the prize draw.  This ad talks about the weapon being the kind that “TRIGGERS fake news media and Democrats.”  The ad, which has no closing date or terms and conditions,  can be found here  

Let’s get this vile, gun-glamorizing, inflammatory video taken off social media.  If you would also take an extra step and let your Congressional representatives know about the situation – they may be able to help.


Please go to the video on YouTube using the link below and give them the following messages, personalized to your liking:


This ad for a gun – where the entry form has no age limit, no info on background checks – is highly irresponsible. Greene brings Biden into her vile gun giveaway with propaganda about him which could inflame her base. How is destroying a vehicle after talking about Biden anything but incitement? America has a serious gun violence problem and this content does not help.  It doesn’t belong on YouTube; please get rid of it and her channel.

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