Demand Senate passes bipartisan gun law reform!

Washington 12 June 2022 – Senate negotiators struck a bipartisan deal on a narrow set of gun safety measures with sufficient support to move through the evenly divided Senate.  This is a significant development toward gun law reform and saving lives.

As The New York Times reports, “The agreement, put forth by 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats and endorsed by President Biden and top Democrats, includes enhanced background checks to give authorities time to check the juvenile and mental health records of any prospective gun buyer under the age of 21 and a provision that would, for the first time, extend to dating partners a prohibition on domestic abusers having guns.”


ACTION:  As soon as possible, please write to both of your senators – whatever their stance is on gun law reform, and tell them you demand this passes the Senate.  If they already support gun law reform, write to thank them in advance for their vote. If they oppose this measure, write to them to tell them you will never vote for any NRA-funded candidate or any candidate who will not pass gun law reform.  Your speaking out is KEY here – the senators who want gun law reform need to know you are with them, and the senators who oppose gun law reform definitely watch and count correspondence they get on gun law reform.  Tweet to them, post on social media too – let people see that you care.

Please contact your senators_ through the link below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Dear Senators, an opportunity to save lives is with you – I write to demand you vote for the bipartisan gun law reform bill the House has passed.  It will not solve everything – but in the wake of Buffalo, Uvalde, and other recent avoidable gun tragedies, you have to reform gun laws now.  I will be voting in November, and I pledge to never vote for an NRA-sponsored candidate, nor for any senator who votes against this measure.  Gun rights do not outweigh the right to life of American citizens.

Find your congressperson here:

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Suggested tweet to senators who want to pass this measureI know you will vote for the gun law reforms coming before the Senate; thank you. I vow to never vote for any @NRA-supported candidate. and will note how the Senators vote on this measure. This time it’s different.

Suggested tweet to senators who are anti-gun law reformI consider your pro- @NRA policies are responsible for America’s shocking gun death toll. If you will not change, you will be voted out. Rethink your position; I vote and I will watch how you vote on the upcoming gun law reforms coming to the Senate.

Trump: You don’t keep promises and it costs lives

1 October, Las Vegas three years ago – 58 people were murdered; they wanted a happy day out with friends.  The guns available to their murderer were so high-tech and so powerful, he killed from a great distance away and they had no chance.  No ‘good guy with a gun’ (an NRA myth) would have been able to save those innocent lives in the small amount of time in which they died.  However, better gun laws just might have saved them – laws Trump promised he would bring in.

Within a month Trump was renewing the gun law reform promises made during his campaign which he had abandoned.

In this BBC article’s embedded video, Trump says “…we need background checks so that ‘sick’ people don’t get guns.” 

He also talked about ‘doing a lot of work after Parkland’ -which is dubious, and the president also said “We can do very meaningful background checks; I want to see it happen.”

The only thing that happened is that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sat on bipartisan bills the House passed to the Senate to vote on which would have meant better background checks.  Mitch is proud of stopping gun law reform, and likes to think of himself, even now during the devastating pandemic as ‘The Grim Reaper’ who won’t let bills be voted on.  Trump had an eye-watering $30 million   from the NRA and Mitch $1.29 million  ; all at a time when the NRA was hopelessly compromised by its involvement with Russian agents and Russian money.

We will remind Trump – but more crucially we will remind voters – that Trump made these gun law reform promises and discarded them, undoubtedly costing lives:  Trump’s promises must not be taken seriously by voters.


Please contact Trump and/or McConnell through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking.  Reminder- we are not going to change Trump or McConnell; our purposes are to show people that there is opposition to the pair’s gun policies, to show people that there is visible opposition to how the pair have acted over guns, and not least to remind voters that they cannot trust Trump to keep promises:


Yesterday was the third anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting which claimed 58 lives.  You promised gun law reform before you got into office and again after this tragedy:  WHERE IS IT?

McConnell sits on two bipartisan bills which could have saved lives; he has the audacity to proudly call himself ‘The Grim Reaper’ even during a pandemic.  His contempt for lives and the House makes him unfit for office.  If he cared about the Constitution, he would allow votes on bills from the House.

Mr Trump, I want every voter to understand that your promises are empty and you are not to be trusted.  Reasonable people, however they feel about guns, have to acknowledge that you will say things you don’t mean, cannot be relied on, and do not follow through on your word.  You are unfit to be president, and I pledge to Vote You Out.

-or this tweet:-

@realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr Trump promised gun law reforms; he lied. It’s 3 years since Las Vegas shooting- no change. McConnell calls himself Grim Reaper as he’s killed gun law reform bills which cd have saved lives. You can’t vote for people you can’t trust. VOTE THEM OUT!

Phone:  202-456-1111
Email: (form)

Mitch McConnell
Phone:  (270) 781-1673
Email:  (form)

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Know where your 2020 candidates stand on gun law reform

A recent piece of research by VOX shows where Democratic presidential candidates stand on gun issues.  The GOP seems to plan to allow Trump to run opposed as its presidential candidate, and we can reasonably expect more inaction and McConnell to continue to sit on bills that could save lives.

Some Democrats have detailed ideas; some have general views, and at least one hasn’t published any gun policy and won’t answer questions.

The 2020 elections at Federal and State levels are absolutely crucial for gun law reform.

George Takei has said that he will support whatever candidate the Democrats run against Trump; this certainly seems the only sound way to vote him out and achieve some gun law reform.



Please do as many – ideally all – of these actions you are able to:

  1.  Please read this article – you may find it an eye-opener on your preferred candidates.  Feel free to share it.  Here is the link:
  2. Ensure you are registered to vote.  If you’re not sure, you can check here:
  3. Encourage your friends and family to check they are registered to vote as well.
  4. Find out who is running in your state and local elections – and contact them to ask where they stand on gun law issues.  If you get any responses, please share the on the One Pulse for America Facebook page.  Here is information on the House: and for the senate .  Here is gubernatorial information:,_2020
  5. Know when the state primaries are, and if you are eligible, please vote.  Check here: 
  6. Report back to us on the One Pulse for America Facebook page if there are any candidates in your state who should get our support – or who we need to campaign against.
  7. If you come across any ‘fake news’ or social media advertising that attacks any candidates who are seeking gun law reform, please post screenshots to One Pulse’s Facebook page.

It may seem like the elections are far away – but the PACs and Super PACS are spending millions now, and we know that targeted advertising and misleading advertising still goes on.

With your help on this, we can make shows of support or disapproval with the goal of finally getting America’s gun laws modernized.  We cannot afford another year of staggering casualties – over 41,000 shootings last year – that we know of.

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Watch and share ‘back to school’ video from Sandy Hook Promise

September 2019 – With American school children returning to their classrooms, the gun law reform organisation Sandy Hook Promise created a powerful, moving video which has been watched and shared by millions.  Hopefully it will help spur our lawmakers to act and raise awareness of what risks we are subjecting young people to, not least the psychological harms.

The video depicts child actors at first behaving as if it were a normal, safe back to school day.

This soon turns terrifying and heartbreaking.

Young people are seen fleeing, hiding, getting ready to defend themselves – and sending messages to loved ones.

Please be aware of the warning that accompanies it – if you would find it too upsetting, then please do not watch.


Watch the video (if you feel able), and please consider sharing it, if appropriate to your circumstances.  And if you feel like leaving a comment on whatever platform you’ve watched it on such as a message of support, please do.

Links to video:


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Tell Kellyanne Conway we want gun law reform – whatever she says

Controversial advisor to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway has issued a bizarre statement, telling ‘liberals and socialists’ that the murder of innocent Americans should not be ‘an excuse’ to confiscate firearms.

“We’re not going to allow bad actors who should not have firearms in the first place, who then murder innocent Americans, to be an excuse for a bunch of liberals and socialists to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens who have legally procured them,” Conway told guest host Bill Hemmer on “Fox News Sunday.”

The whole ‘bad guy with a gun’ and ‘good guy with a gun’ misleading propaganda argument used by many pro-NRA officials seems to be a deliberate over-simplification of the complex issues surrounding the massive amount of firearms in circulation in America.  While Mrs Conway speaks of ‘bad actors’ she holds the contrary illogical position that background checks are a bad thing according to Rolling Stone.

The Rolling Stone article reads:  “Conway continued, “I’m not going to allow people who are constantly maligning and deriding our law enforcement to be in charge of public safety and public policy.” Conway also said, “We want this to be bipartisan” and then proceeded to do the complete opposite with her attack.”  Many One Pulse for America members will be aware of how often the country’s law enforcement agents have been found to be in the wrong; they are not immune from justified criticism on Conway’s say-so.

Conway is no stranger to controversy and scandal; she once claimed the Mueller report cleared Donald Trump, and invented a non-existent shooting crime at Bowling Green – which she blamed on refugees.

Conway is mired in controversy and has made bizarre rants, but perhaps this video which surfaced from 2007 appearing in Huffington News proves she is not fit for any White House post.  In this case she says “I always love to say to those gender studies people, if you say ‘abortion’ or ‘stem cells’ or ‘guns’ one more time, I’m going to perform one of those on you because, you know, with a gun, because you, by implication, are suggesting that women can’t do the math.”  Despite its fundamental illogic, it seems to be a threat to shoot.  We cannot have someone like her involved in government, let alone in serious debate over saving lives lost to gun crime.


Please contact Kellyanne Conway through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Mrs Conway – don’t for one minute think that someone as discredited as you are has any right to stand in the way of my right to fight for much-needed gun law reform.  You will not stop us, and I want to take a minute to remind people what you are like.

Your recent statement telling Democrats not to ask for gun reform laws, coupled with your opposition to proper background checks, is one in a long line of inconsistencies in your checkered career – one that will cost American lives.  Ideally you would be fired from your White House post or have the decency to resign.  Since neither is realistically going to happen, I will be happy to ignore your calls for Dems to ‘sit down’ on America’s gun epidemic, which your ill-thought-out words are helping to fuel. 

I watched the video of you threatening to shoot ‘gender studies’ people, and I want to remind others of that now, in case there is anyone who still takes anything you say seriously.  There is also your ridiculous statements on the fictitious ‘Bowling Green’ massacre that never was (you blamed refugees). You are now standing in the way of people like me who want to stop future avoidable gun massacres, and the sooner you stand down the better.  Here is that video of you threatening people:  you are not fit to hold any government office. .  RESIGN.


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Kellyanne Conway

Phone:  1-202-456-1414

Email:  (form)