Condemn Donald Trump Jr for Clinton Assault Rifle posts

5 January 2020 – Donald Trump Jr took to Instagram and Twitter to pose with an assault rifle bearing an image of Hillary Clinton behind bars as well as crusader imagery, used by the far right and xenophobic groups.

Some news outlets are rightly calling the post incitement to violence.  Trump Jr is well aware he has many followers (4 million on Twitter) and that there are cases of people who follow his family being incited to violence (William Celli for instance).

The behavior of the president’s son in this case endorses assault rifles, targets Hillary Clinton – almost literally – and adds crusader imagery associated with the far right.  It is not a dog whistle, it is a clear message to his supporters endorsing shooting, violence, and arguably racism.

According to many experts and publications such as Voz Wire, “The Crusader Cross’ has often been used by far-right groups. The symbol is used to represent the anti-Muslim ideology. Both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center have identified the symbol as one used by hate groups.

“On Monday, a spokesperson for Trump Jr. denied that symbol carried any white supremacist meaning.

“Symbols on firearms depicting various historical warriors are extremely common within the 2nd Amendment community. Don’s Instagram post was strictly about him using a famous meme to mock Hillary Clinton, as he and many others have done on numerous occasions and will surely do again in the future, so long as it continues triggering humorless liberals,” Trump Jr’s spokesperson Andy Surabian told CNN.”


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It is a disgrace that Trump’s son should be  behaving so irresponsibly.  The image of Hillary  Clinton behind bars mixed with glamorizing an assault rifle may well incite violence:  his father’s words against groups from Muslims and Mexicans through journalists and Democrats has resulted in violent incidents, including at Trump rallies.  Trump Jr’s  glib photo is insulting the 41,000 Americans shot last year including those massacred with assault rifles and their loved ones.


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