Amy McGrath- help her defeat McConnell in Kentucky

July  2020 – For over two years Mitch McConnell blocked crucial gun law reform bills which the House of Representatives passed. With him as Senate Majority Leader, we have a drastically-reduced chance of meaningful gun law change.  His challenger, veteran Amy McGrath, wants gun law change; we want her in office.

HR8 is a bipartisan bill which would require background checks in person-to-person gun transfers.   HR1112 would make firearms sellers wait at least ten days instead of three before making a sale if they haven’t heard from the background check system.  If McConnell weren’t afraid of democracy in action, he would allow the bills to be voted on in the Senate. 

How anyone who cares about America’s gun epidemic can oppose either of those bills is a mystery.  A mystery which points to the NRA, Russian influence over the NRA and the last election, money and greed.

McConnell took some $1.2 million from the NRA – which was taking money from Russia.

McConnell likes to call himself ‘The Grim Reaper‘ vowing to thwart any democrat-proposed legislation – an insensitive moniker which insults the approximately 690 gun deaths Kentucky averages annually, and all who have died or lost loved ones to gun violence.  He is proud of this sick nickname he gave himself, (which anyone else would be ashamed to have) – and considering the number of lives lost while those bills linger, he’s earned this Grim Reaper title too.

Support McGrath by following her on social media; sharing her messages, contacting McConnell (no, he won’t give in, but he will see people want him to go).  If you can and wish to donate time or money to her campaign; click here for further information and to read her gun law reform statement.

If you are a Kentucky voter, please let your friends and family know you support her.  Share her posters, flyers, and vote.

Getting McConnell out of his position of power is one of the most important things that will pave the way for real gun law change for the better.  Let’s make it so.


Please contact Amy McGrath through one of the channels below (and please follow her) and give her the following message, personalized to your liking:


I am a member of  One Pulse for America, the gun law reform group founded  by George Takei after the Pulse nightclub shooting.  I want you to know how much I hope you will succeed in your bid to oust Mitch McConnell.  He is blocking gun law reform bills and this is costing American lives. 


McConnell brazenly refers to himself as The Grim Reaper while Americans are losing their lives to gun violence.   I have read your statement on gun law reform and I’m with you. We want change, not an @NRA stooge. 


or – tweet:

@AmyMcGrathKY as a member of @1Pulse4America I wish you victory over @senatemajldr . Mitch McConnell likes to call himself ‘The Grim Reaper’ for blocking gun reform bills that would have saved many lives since they passed the House years ago. We want change, not an @NRA stooge. 

Contact Amy McGrath

Phone:  (859) 402-3959



Twitter:  @AmyMcGrathKY


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