Demand charges be dropped against 10 year old who found coach’s illegal gun

10 June, 2021 – Lancaster, S.C. The Associated Press reported a South Carolina youth basketball coach has been arrested after a 10-year-old player took a loaded gun from his car to his elementary school.

Isaac Lamon Adams, 36, was barred from legally owning a gun because of a previous criminal conviction, Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said.  Exactly what ‘a person convicted of a crime of violence’ was doing around children while having the unsecured gun in his vehicle is a question those who hired him should be asked.

That Adams is to be charged is great news.  Now the extremely bad news:  the little ten-year-old boy is to be charged as a juvenile for having the gun!  This is wholly unacceptable.  Deputies say the child did not brandish the pistol or use or threaten to use it in any manner at the school.

The trauma to be visited on this child for the illegal actions of Adams by charging him must be averted.


Please contact the Lancaster South Carolina Sheriff’s Office through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I am writing to demand that the charges you inexplicably want to lodge against a little ten-year-old boy who found a gun his coach illegally had are immediately dropped.  A child of ten who was sent to a vehicle with an illegal gun in it is far below the age of criminal responsibility. I am glad you are charging coach Adams, who was prohibited from having a gun.

Drop the charges on the boy (who any child psychologist will tell you cannot have understood the implications of what that gun could do) and add a charge of child endangerment to Adams’ charge sheet. You must surely know giving this boy a record serves no good at all and will do harm. 

I expect to see an announcement shortly that all charges against the child are dropped.  Why would you inflict such psychological damage on an innocent child?

Phone:  803-313-2121




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