Trump: You don’t keep promises and it costs lives

1 October, Las Vegas three years ago – 58 people were murdered; they wanted a happy day out with friends.  The guns available to their murderer were so high-tech and so powerful, he killed from a great distance away and they had no chance.  No ‘good guy with a gun’ (an NRA myth) would have been able to save those innocent lives in the small amount of time in which they died.  However, better gun laws just might have saved them – laws Trump promised he would bring in.

Within a month Trump was renewing the gun law reform promises made during his campaign which he had abandoned.

In this BBC article’s embedded video, Trump says “…we need background checks so that ‘sick’ people don’t get guns.” 

He also talked about ‘doing a lot of work after Parkland’ -which is dubious, and the president also said “We can do very meaningful background checks; I want to see it happen.”

The only thing that happened is that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sat on bipartisan bills the House passed to the Senate to vote on which would have meant better background checks.  Mitch is proud of stopping gun law reform, and likes to think of himself, even now during the devastating pandemic as ‘The Grim Reaper’ who won’t let bills be voted on.  Trump had an eye-watering $30 million   from the NRA and Mitch $1.29 million  ; all at a time when the NRA was hopelessly compromised by its involvement with Russian agents and Russian money.

We will remind Trump – but more crucially we will remind voters – that Trump made these gun law reform promises and discarded them, undoubtedly costing lives:  Trump’s promises must not be taken seriously by voters.


Please contact Trump and/or McConnell through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking.  Reminder- we are not going to change Trump or McConnell; our purposes are to show people that there is opposition to the pair’s gun policies, to show people that there is visible opposition to how the pair have acted over guns, and not least to remind voters that they cannot trust Trump to keep promises:


Yesterday was the third anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting which claimed 58 lives.  You promised gun law reform before you got into office and again after this tragedy:  WHERE IS IT?

McConnell sits on two bipartisan bills which could have saved lives; he has the audacity to proudly call himself ‘The Grim Reaper’ even during a pandemic.  His contempt for lives and the House makes him unfit for office.  If he cared about the Constitution, he would allow votes on bills from the House.

Mr Trump, I want every voter to understand that your promises are empty and you are not to be trusted.  Reasonable people, however they feel about guns, have to acknowledge that you will say things you don’t mean, cannot be relied on, and do not follow through on your word.  You are unfit to be president, and I pledge to Vote You Out.

-or this tweet:-

@realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr Trump promised gun law reforms; he lied. It’s 3 years since Las Vegas shooting- no change. McConnell calls himself Grim Reaper as he’s killed gun law reform bills which cd have saved lives. You can’t vote for people you can’t trust. VOTE THEM OUT!

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Mitch McConnell
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Second anniversary of Las Vegas mass shooting – send messages

1 October 2017 saw the largest shooting tragedy in America’s violent gun massacre history.  Fifty-eight people enjoying an outdoor event in Las Vegas were murdered and hundreds injured.

Obtaining an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, transporting it, and bringing it into a hotel posed no obstacles.  This has to change.

Two short, easy actions this time – do one or do both.  We will send messages of condolence to the city of Las Vegas for one, and for the other, we will call the NRA to task.

On this anniversary the NRA twitter feed has not a single word about Las Vegas – no condolences, not a mention of any kind.

They are, however, audaciously, cruelly, tweeting against laws that could control the sale of ammunition:

How it must feel to have been one of the injured, or a friend or loved one of the deceased and see such a tweet on a day like today.


1.  Contact Las Vegas

Please contact The City of Las Vegas through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


(** If you use Twitter – their tweet on the subject does not have many tweets or comments yet – if you could react to it, I think they would appreciate it**)


My heartfelt condolences on the 2nd anniversary of the immense tragedy your city experienced. I am so very sorry for these losses and for all who are impacted. #Hearts4Vegas #1October


Phone:  (702) 633-1000

Email:  (form)



If you use twitter, here is the tweet to reply to, or just post to their page: 

2.  Contact the NRA

Please contact the NRA through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


It’s the 2nd anniversary of the Las Vegas massacre but not a word of condolence from the @NRA for victims, loved ones. Instead the tone-deaf NRA tweets against ammunition control. Time to acknowledge the role the NRA and its Russian backers played in this tragedy. #RussianAsset


Phone:  800 672 3888
Email:  (form) 
Facebook: (NB they block posts, may block comments too)
Twitter:   Here is a link to their inappropriate tweet made today, objecting to ammunition regulation – reply to this if you’re going to tweet please:

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