SUCCESS! Charges Dropped Demand Trumped-up charges against Rep Scott are dropped

UPDATE 6 October 2020 – we are delighted to report all charges have been dropped. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to act.

The Louisville prosecutorial forces shockingly found nothing wrong with the actions of police who killed Breonna Taylor and shot her partner in a bungled raid.

They have however shockingly decided  to charge elected Representative Attica Scott with regard to rioting:  for trying to get to a church before curfew as police blocked her route.

Quoting news outlet WFPL:

“Scott is the only Black woman in the Kentucky legislature and is the sponsor of Breonna’s Law For Kentucky, a bill that seeks to ban no-knock warrants, create penalties for officers who don’t turn on their body cameras and require drug testing of officers involved in shootings.

“She also previously served on Louisville Metro Council.

“Scott said her arrest is another instance of Louisville police responding poorly during the protests.

“’They’ve used these militarized assault weapons against us, weapons of chemical warfare. And this week has been no different,” Scott said. “It’s as if they want war, they want battle with the people they are paid to protect and serve.’

“Scott recorded the event in a video on Instagram, which begins nearly eight minutes before her arrest. The video shows Scott and a group of people walking to a Unitarian church that was providing shelter for protesters, but at several points police block their way.”

County Attorney Mike O’Connell has refused to comment.

There will be a Rally + Press conference :  organisers said “on our court date 10/6 1pm. Please join us as we speak on Breonna’s law & our false arrest and how we go forward from here.”


Please contact Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I write to demand you drop any and all charges against Representative Attica Scott and those arrested with her.

The world has had a chance to see her video of the minutes leading to the arrest.  You have no evidence linking her to vandalism or any crime.  Zero.

Ms Scott is a peaceful, legally-elected representative of the people.  The only evidence shows people were prevented by police from getting to a church in time for curfew and that an officer threatened to break her mobile phone.  Even the library you allege without proof she had a hand in vandalizing wrote a statement supporting her:  what are you doing??

I expect to have a reply from your department immediately – you surely know you are doing the wrong thing here.

 or this tweet

@JeffCoAttyKY Drop trumped-up charges against Rep Attica Scott: You can’t be seriously trying to press charges re rioting – we’ve seen the video:- police corralled her and her small peaceful group and police threatened to break her phone. She’s an elected rep- you’ve gone 2 far.

Phone:  (502) 574-6336

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