One Pulse for America Condemns ‘Trojan Horse’ Pandemic Protests

Gun law reform group One Pulse for America condemns the protests taking place in several state capitols, organized by far-right, extreme gun advocates and targeted at certain U.S. governors.

The Governors are seeking to protect public health through lockdown measures to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For this, they are being intimidated by extremists and by the president himself, who tweeted that states including Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota should be ‘liberated.’

George Takei, One Pulse’s founder, said: “The uncertainty over the coronavirus outbreak requires an abundance of caution. Everyone must be willing to sacrifice a bit of personal liberty for the greater good. Governors must stand firm. We must not bow to the terroristic tactics of a few extremists.”

As reported by the media, resentment over the shutdown orders has been hijacked by groups whose goal is to further reduce America’s already lax gun laws.

Many Americans are frustrated that they have to remain home, with many furloughed or unsure of their employment status. State governors have had to balance the public’s desire to get back to work with the very real risk of death the virus poses. People such as the Dorr brothers—gun activists who think the NRA is too liberal—are exploiting the public’s fears and trying to destabilize state governments. They have been linked to three social media groups organizing anti-lockdown rallies.

Suzanne Kelly, a spokesperson for One Pulse for America said: “At One Pulse for America we understand how serious this virus is. Over 43,000 Americans have died so far. Now there are people who are cynically exploiting this uncertainty to further their unrelated aims. Anyone who would create an ill-advised protest as a Trojan horse to further their unrelated pro-gun agenda is beneath contempt. Yet that is what some gun groups are doing. They are not endangering their own health, but the health of first responders.”

“Virginia recently passed sensible gun law reforms, and this has made the state a particular target. Indeed, Trump tweeted that ‘2nd Amendment rights were under threat’ in the state. His call to ‘liberate’ Virginia and other states is a literal call to arms, and we condemn it. We agree with many experts who say his remarks incite violence and are illegal and unconstitutional.”

“Video footage shows many demonstrators are ignoring guidelines to stop the spread of the disease. While some demonstrators held frivolous placards saying they need haircuts, or they want to golf, others waved Confederate flags and carried automatic weapons and rifles.”

Ms. Kelly said further, “America has two epidemics: Covid-19 and gun proliferation. The 2nd Amendment sets out the right to a well-regulated militia: this is not the same as masked civilians waving automatic weapons during a pandemic. One Pulse’s founder George Takei has asked everyone to please stay home, and we hope you will do so for your sake as well as everyone else’s.”

Actor and activist George Takei started the 83,000-strong One Pulse Facebook group following the tragic mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The group takes a variety of actions aimed at improving America’s gun laws and saving lives.



About One Pulse for America

One Pulse for America was founded by actor/LGBTQ rights activist George Takei in response to the mass shooting at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016. The One Pulse for America Facebook group has been part of a successful effort to close the “passion gap” with pro-gun activists. Our members take daily action to bring strategic pressure on legislators and other decision-makers by amplifying support for gun violence prevention efforts at the national, state and local level. Our ultimate goal is to change social norms surrounding guns and obtain life-saving reforms that will end America’s epidemic of gun violence.




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Send messages of support to governors

Protesters include people armed with semi-automatic weapons.  These organized demonstrations have blocked ambulances from hospitals, and those participating are seen to disregard social distancing – a crucial means to help stop the spread of the corona virus.
While supposedly about the ‘loss of freedoms’ they equate with taking measures to stay alive and keep others alive, these rallies include people displaying pro-gun banners, neo-nazi symbols and pro-Trump placards.
The Dorr brothers are behind several Facebook groups involved in inciting these demonstrations, which are endangering the health of demonstrators and first-responders alike – all while extreme gun views and far right activists attempt to intimidate governors.
Donald Trump fuelled the fire by tweeting several  messages calling for people to ‘liberate’ states such as Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia.  Virginia is a particular target for pro-gun activists as it has just passed life-saving gun reform legislation.   Trump’s remarks have been widely condemned, and some constitutional experts are calling them incitements to sedition.  The NRA has approved of these demonstrations in a series of tweets.
The governors who imposed lockdowns are under threat – for trying to save the lives of their citizens from the  pandemic, which has already claimed 42,000 American lives.  The idea of anyone – let alone three pro-gun extremists and the president – exploiting this situation to put pressure on state governors is unacceptable – more so because of the intimidating presence of automatic weapons.  With tempers running high, and armed and angry people taking to the streets, we will send the governors messages of support.
Note:  per NewsweekKentucky reports highest corona virus infection increase after a week of protests to reopen state.’
Please contact the Governors of Kentucky, Virginia, Minnesota, and Michigan through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:
 I wanted to send you a message of support – you are clearly doing your best to stop the spread of the deadly corona virus in your state.  It disgusts me that far right extremists are organizing protests against your life-saving measures.  Those responsible are not only the three reprehensible, notorious Dorr brothers who are pushing their extremist gun views – but also Donald Trump who has misused his office for political gain in my eyes. Instead of calling for calm and supporting the states with tests, ventilators and appeals for calm, he has brazenly challenged governors who do not kowtow to him with a series of tweets asking people to ‘liberate’ their states.  I agree with constitutional experts who feel this is a drastic misuse of presidential power bordering on sedition.
These protests include people waiving automatic weapons; the Dorr brothers are known gun-law extremists, and with tempers flaring, I fear there will be gun violence before long.  I put the responsibility for this on the Door brothers for inciting violence while the death toll from corona is 44,000 and climbing:  and on a president who has deliberately poured gasoline on the flames.  I feel badly for those who will be infected as the protestors seem to disregard social distancing protocols -sadly this will include first-responders and the innocent.
Do not let a minority of uninformed protestors – some with the none-too-hidden agenda of causing fear and encouraging gun violence to sway you.  Thank you for all you are doing.
Suggested Tweet @gretchenwhitmer @GovTimWalz  @GovernorVA  @GovAndyBeshear I support your life-saving lockdown measures and condemn extremists eg the Dorr brothers who push pro-gun propaganda while posing as anti-lockdown protestors: they r making the pandemic worse Thank you and 1st responders
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