Expel and/or Charge Marjorie Taylor Greene

Wednesday 27 January, Washington DC – Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA) moved to have Marjorie Taylor Greene expelled from Congress.  At One Pulse for America, we cannot think of a single reason she should remain.

She pushes Q Anon conspiracy.

She called for violence against Democrats and FBI agents.

She has no qualms with the insurrectionists.

Earlier this week a video surfaced from 2019 of her shockingly harassing David Hogg by following him around DC and the Capitol, shouting abuse at him.

Mr Hogg, 18, is a tireless, admirable campaigner for gun law reform since his experience at Marjory Stoneman High, scene of a tragic shooting,  which Greene says was ‘staged’.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton endorsed calls to remove Ms Greene on Wednesday.

“This woman should be on a watch list,” Ms Clinton wrote on Twitter. “Not in Congress.”

David Hogg wrote to March for our Lives supporters:  “People like Marjorie Taylor Greene are dangerous. She is a vicious, dehumanizing, radicalized bully. The amount of disinformation that gun-rights supporters have spread about my friends and me is ridiculous — and it’s almost gotten us killed. We’ve been chased off the road, threatened with guns at our hotels, and have received thousands of death threats. We’ve had memes made about us, like the one Marjorie Taylor Greene posted on her personal Facebook referring to me as “little hitler.” I was 17 at the time and again, was just asking lawmakers to do something to stop kids from getting killed.”

Statistically, it is not likely the House will vote to expel her, but some form of action must be taken.  It would be nice to see her expelled or at least censured.  There may be a case to say that her inexcusable abuse of Mr Hogg is harassment and that her talk of having high-profile figures killed could be a criminal offense and/or coersion (if it intimidates elected officials or intends to).


Please contact Speaker Nancy Pelosi through one of the channels below and give her the following message, personalized to your liking:


Dear Madam Speaker

The conduct of Marjorie Greene is a stain on Congress.  From her support of discredited and dangerous conspiracy theories, her calls for violence against high-profile figures and FBI agents, her support for insurrection, through to her inexcusable treatment of David Hogg, some form of action be taken.

Whether or not successful, a move to expel her as proposed by Rep. Gomez seems a wise course.  We do not avoid asking for justice just because the vote may not go they way justice dictates.  I also think there is a case for her to face criminal prosecutions  on harassment, credible threats of violence, intimidation, death threats and coersion.  I hope you will use your influence to see every possible sanction is taken against her.

As a member of gun law reform group One Pulse for America, I also ask that you expedite gun law reform, which now thankfully will at least no longer be blocked when it goes to the Senate.

I want to see you and all your colleagues, all gun violence survivors treated with respect and dignity, and be able to carry on without fear.  Ms. Greene’s behavior is a threat to everyone.

Phone:  202-225-0100
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OR send this tweet

@SpeakerPelosi I am shocked at how @mtgreenee treated gun violence survivor @davidhogg111 . I hope to see @RepJimmyGomez succeed in his bid to have her expelled. I believe she should face charges re her credible threats to life. Gun law reform must be expedited. Thank you.

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Enforce Gun-Free Capitol Building Regulations

Several Congressmen and women persist in bringing firearms into Congress despite the law and Speaker Pelosi’s efforts to date.

Despite a far-right attempted coup on 6 January which saw several deaths, many injuries, vandalism and theft, Congresswoman Lauren Boebart and her GOP peers Congressmen Andy Harris, Andy Biggs and Rick Allen continue to refuse metal detector screening, metal detector wand searches and bag searches.

This refusal is all the more dangerous and contemptible in the face of those who were killed and injured.

Boebart is linked to extremists and discredited conspiracy-pedlars  Q-Anon; as she shares their ideals, she must not be allowed into Congress with a weapon.

There is a new $5,000 fine for each time the search is refused, but this apparently has not yet been enforced.



We will write to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, supporting  her measures and demanding they are applied to everyone entering the Capitol.

Please contact Speaker Pelosi through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Dear Madam Speaker

I am delighted that you arranged for metal detectors and screenings for all who enter the House and Senate.  The scenes of 6 January must never be repeated.  I also applaud your introduction of $5,000 fines to those who will not comply:  however, no one should be admitted who will not comply.

In a more innocent age, those who were elected to Congress  may have had widely-differening values – but virtually all of them had values that precluded any violent insurrection attempts involving murder, assault and theft.

Sadly, there are a tiny minority of Congresspeople today who have chosen to align themselves with far-right, white-supremacist, conspiracy-theory adhering zealots.  This is why no one should be given the option of entering Congress without passing through screening to ensure they are not carrying guns.  Some of these people who debase Congress with their contempt for law and embrace of violence have proven they cannot be trusted not to use a weapon.

By all means fine these people – but going forward, as a member of gun law reform group One Pulse for America, I demand for everyone’s safety that no one entering Congress is armed.  If we expect our school children to submit to gun searches, then our lawmakers must do so too starting right now.

-and/or- send this tweet:

@SpeakerPelosi Please ensure no one is admitted to House or Senate if they have a weapon on them or refuse to be searched/go through metal detectors. Those refusing these measures have links to the violent far-right which sought insurrection on 6 January: we cannot trust them.


Phone:  202-225-0100

Email: (form) https://www.speaker.gov/contact

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NancyPelosi/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/SpeakerPelosi


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