Tell Trump shooting someone 7 times is not the same as choking at golf

Jacob Blake

Kenosha, Wisconsin – protests continue following the shooting – seven times in the back at point blank range – of Jacob Blake on August 23rd.

Jacob BlakeFar right protesters are coming from out of state and inciting violence.  They including 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse who is now on a murder charge:  his mother drove him and his weapon to the demonstrations, where he shot two people dead.

Far right protesters have been driving through streets lined with demonstrators, shooting them with paintball guns – a sinister message that they could be shooting for real.

President Trump defied the mayor’s pleas to stay away.  He refused to condemn Rittenhouse’s actions, and instead implied that Rittenhouse was in fear for his life – remarks that could certainly sway any jury, coming from the president as they do.  In fact, Rittenhouse was too young to have a weapon without parental supervision in Wisconsin, which is a misdemeanor charge to add to his five felony charges including his two victims who died.  This highlights how disconnected the country’s gun laws are.

However, Trump’s words to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Monday show how totally lacking in empathy he is.  President Trump compared police officers who shoot people to golfers who “choke” in a tournament and “miss a three-foot putt.”

We have a president with no concept of ‘excessive force’, who went back on his early promises to reform gun law, and whose intellectual grasp of Mr Blake’s shooting is ‘there’s a whole big thing there.


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I am disgusted that you have shown a complete lack of empathy for a man shot seven times in the back at point blank range and his family.  You compared the officer who took this action to golfers who “choke” in a tournament and “miss a three-foot putt.”

There is no reason to have made such a callous, bizarre attempt at analogy, but for the record:- being paralyzed or killed because a police officer ‘choked’ is not to be flippantly compared to someone’s golf score.  I find it unbelievable anyone in a position of power would say such a thing. 

I will remember your unacceptable golf analogy in November when I vote, just like I will remember how you ignored your promises to tackle gun law reform.  Instead, your 2016 campaign took millions of dollars from the NRA – at a time it was taking money from Russia and dealing with Russian operatives.  A senate sub committee dubbed your NRA patron ‘ a Russian asset’ – yet you took no action on this, or on the recent discovery that the Russian government was paying a bounty to the Taliban for killing our servicemen and women.  I will remind all of my family, friends and colleagues of these powerful reasons to vote against your re-election.

I call on our next president to act on gun law reform as a matter of urgency, and for an across-the-boards vast improvement in screening and training police officers.

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@realDonaldTrump you compare shooting of #JacobBlake – 7x point blank in the back to a golfer choking on a 3′ putt. What kind of leader has so little empathy? When I vote I’ll think of this, your $$$ from Russian-funded @NRA and your inaction on Russian bounty on our troops.

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