‘Sixteen Seconds:’ an essay to share with Mitch McConnell

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Sixteen Seconds of your time

America’s gun crime epidemic has no equivalent anywhere in history or anywhere in the world.

American civilians own more guns per capita than any other country’s residents by a wide margin.  According to a 2017 survey, there are 120 guns per hundred Americans .  The next nearest country is the  Falkland Island with 62 guns per hundred citizens.

In 2018, 47,220 gun incidents occurred in the country.  CNN reports that from 2009 through 2018 the US witnessed 180 school shootings with 356 victims.

Should we be checking the background of those who want to own guns?  Definitely.  Should we be trying to prevent gun massacres by all means possible? Obviously.  Why aren’t we doing so?  Ask Senator Mitch McConnell, who is refusing to let the Senate vote on two bills the House has passed.

Did you read these few paragraphs above?

If so, it possibly took you 16 seconds to get to the words ‘180 schools’.  Maybe if you read swiftly, you got to the words ‘Senator Mitch McConnell,’

Think on that for a moment.  Those few sentences took 16 seconds:  that is how long 16 seconds last.

Mitch McConnell – this essay is a message for you.

Sixteen seconds is also how long experts say it took the Saugus High School shooter to kill two fellow students, wound four others, and kill himself.

There was no remote chance an armed guard could have got to the scene, assessed it, and shot or otherwise subdued the shooter in sixteen seconds.  In fact, in at least one incident in Colorado, a guard – who should not have been armed – reacted during a school shooting, and injured an innocent teen who was fleeing for their life.  They myth of having armed guards stopping gun massacres is nonsense.

Maybe Mitch you think the wounded and dead are the only victims.  As a trauma surgeon treating Saugus shooting victims said: “We need to remember there are more victims than the ones just in the hospital. There are families, classmates and the community, and we’d like to offer the hospital as a resource for these victims.”

Mitch McConnell, those bills you’re sitting on must be put to a vote now.  It’s Congress, not your personal fiefdom.  How much Russian money do you take from the permanently-tainted NRA to stop the bills being voted on?  We will do everything legal to remove you from office unless you act.  Many of us think you have blood on your hands:  can you blame us?

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