The NRA IS a Russian Asset: watch, share Maria Butina CBS interview

3 November 2019 – CBS’s Lesley Stahl has arguably conducted the most important interview of the year.

This remarkable interview confirms the  NRA was definitely infiltrated by young Russian government agent Maria Butina – and CBS has uncovered more damning evidence of her illegal activities which were directed by a Putin top official.

Breaking federal law by operating in the USA without officially registering that she was an agent for the Russian government as our laws require, Butina communicated with Putin’s close aid Alexander Torshin.  Maria was welcome at the highest levels in the NRA, met prominent GOP members, and even knew who potential Trump appointees would be.  She could never have got access to so many politicians without the NRA’s help.

Butina was pictured with Trump Jr, and asked Torshin if she could publish that picture.  Butina is on video asking Donald J Trump a question about Russian sanctions at an event, and he gave an answer Russia wanted to hear.  This ‘student’ organized an NRA trip to Moscow, shared over 2000 private messages with Torshin, and sought to influence highly-placed NRA and GOP figures all at the time the Russians were seeking to influence the 2016 Presidential election.

After this CBS interview, every single politician who still takes NRA money is not just guilty of ignoring America’s gun tragedy victims.  They are also guilty of complicity with the NRA:  now 100% proven to be a Russian asset, as demonstrated by the Butina case and by a recent Senate report.  Any individual or company donating to the NRA can no longer pretend they care about America.


Please watch the CBS interview and commentary – it’s 14 minutes of crucial viewing for anyone who cares about NRA corruption and Russian influence over our elections and government.  click here: .

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