June 3, 2019

Action Alert:
Condemn Virginia Senator for Attacking VT Survivor

Update: On July 8, 2019, during the special legislative session called by Governor Ralph Northam, Virginia Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment proposed consideration of a bill that would ban firearms from local government buildings. Virginia law bans guns in courthouses only and violations are misdemeanor offenses. Norment’s bill would make any carry of a firearm in a local government building a felony.

On May 31, 2019, a 40 year-old city engineer resigned suddenly from his job at a municipal building in Virginia Beach. Near the end of the work day, he shot a person in the parking lot and then opened fire on three floors in the building. All told, 12 people were killed and four wounded in the mass shooting.

Senator Tommy Norment has been given consistently high grades by this man—demented pro-gun extremist Philip Van Cleave of the VCDL.

The gunman used a silenced .45-caliber handgun with an “extended magazine” likely holding 30 bullets or more. In January, a Republican-controlled committee in the Virginia state Senate killed SB 1748, a bill that would have banned sales of high-capacity ammunition magazines, on a party-line vote.

One of the Republicans who voted to kill SB 1748 in committee, Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, attacked Virginia Tech survivor Lori Haas in the Washington Post just one day after the Virginia Beach shooting. Norment told the Post, “It is offensive, disrespectful, and tasteless that anyone—including…Ms. Haas—would use a tragedy like this to promote a political agenda less than 24 hours after families and an entire community have suffered a loss of this magnitude.”

Haas’ daughter Emily was injured during the 2007 mass shooting at VT. Since then, Lori has been a leading advocate for gun violence prevention who commands respect in the General Assembly in Richmond.

Senator Norment, on the other hand, has done almost nothing in his 27-year career in the Virginia legislature to prevent gun violence. Norment was given an 82% rating by the extremist pro-gun group VCDL in 2018. During the 2019 legislative session in Virginia, he voted for permitless concealed carry and against safe gun storage, universal background checks, and age requirements for gun buyers.

Please take one or more of the following actions:

1) Contact Virginia state Senator Tommy Norment through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:

How dare you question the integrity of gun violence survivor Lori Haas after the mass shooting in Virginia Beach? You have a lot of damn nerve calling this woman into question when you have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in 27 years in Richmond to reduce the horrific gun violence we see in Virginia on a daily basis. This blood is on YOUR hands, not Lori’s. She’s been working her a** off to disarm violent shooters like the one at Virginia Beach while you take money from the criminals and traitors who run the NRA and back legislation that would make our communities even more dangerous (permitless concealed carry). I had very little interest in your upcoming re-election campaign prior to this. Now I am going to make it my personal mission in life to do everything in my power peacefully and democratically to ensure you never see elected or appointed office again. You are not worthy of your position and never have been. If you think we’re going to sit it out while you rail against Lori and other gun violence survivors/victims, you’re about to learn a difficult lesson. We’re going to save lives being lost to gun violence and we’re going to go directly through you to do it.

Virginia state Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment 
Phone: (804) 698-7503 or (757) 259-7810
Email: district03@senate.virginia.gov
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senatortommynorment/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tommynorment

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Hey @TommyNorment, after seeing you attack @LoriHaasVA I’m dedicating my life to ensuring you never see elected or appointed office again. https://www.onepulseforamerica.com/action-alert/condemn-virginia-senator-for-attacking-vt-survivor/ #GunControlNow

2) Support Tommy Norment’s opponent in the upcoming election in Virginia 3rd Senate district, Democrat Herb Jones, by contributing or volunteering at the link below:


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