A letter of support to the press from One Pulse for America

Members of One Pulse for America are sending this open letter to the press in light of recent shocking events.


June 2020 – peaceful protests called in the wake of the murder of George Floyd have experienced attempts to hijack them by a number of extremists, racists, and police.  Over 100 members of the press have been attacked by police wholly against Constitutional rights:  journalists have been arrested, beaten, even shot with rubber/plastic bullets – designed not to kill but to inflict serious injury.  Several peaceful protesters have been assaulted by police; several have been shot.  These peoples’ constitutional rights have been unduly taken from them.  The reason we know about these grave assaults on people and on all of our liberties is because of journalists and the media.

It is not so long ago that crowds of anti-lockdown protestors, in many cases heavily-armed men in quasi-military garb held aggressive protests and  stormed a state capital.  They screamed at people trying to perform their jobs; they endangered public safety because they refuse to believe in the Covid-19 virus, and threatened violence if their rights were ‘removed’- which was only ever a temporary measure for the good of public health.  The vast majority of these people were never met with police brutality or arrests.

This is the most crucial turning point in our country’s and our society’s future many of us will ever see.  In order to stay informed, receive facts and avoid propaganda, we 100% need a free, unhampered press – as the Constitution guarantees.

There are those who have distorted the Second Amendment past all reason, morality and logic.  A ‘well-regulated militia’ for some means any disgruntled person can get a deadly, rapid-fire weapon – and kill innocent adults and children.  Yet the same people who will not brook any criticism of their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment do not remotely want to see other amendments upheld when these rights pertain to freedom of the press or indeed the basic human rights of equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

While a nation mourns George Floyd and the many victims who have gone before him, for instance two innocent black people who were shot to death, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor (it is her birthday; she should be blowing out 27 candles as I write), we have a White House hostile to black people, women, ethnic minorities, LGBT people, veterans and asylum seekers.  The horrors this administration has created include caging asylum-seekers and taking their children, hampering LGBT people who had careers in the military, removing womens’ rights, the creation of ICE, and more.  These injustices are brought to our attention by a free press – and that is why, using language of dictators past, Donald Trump calls the press ‘the enemy of the people.’

We need every citizen to vote, however hard those opposed to this try to disenfranchise voters; votes should be informed with access to accurate, full, timely news reporting.

We need everyone to uphold the rights of the press – and by the press we mean those news outlets large and little that are looking to report and record the truth of what is going on so we may make informed choices: not those who bombard us with lies to support tyranny and their owners’ self-interests.

Our Message to the Press:

I am a member of One Pulse for America, a gun-law reform group started by George Takei.  I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the news you bring us and the sacrifices and dangers your news crews increasingly face to bring us accurate reporting.  Only a dictator would call the responsible press ‘enemies of the people’; only a coward with much to hide would try to vilify the press, and I am not buying it. 

I want to see any police officer who impedes the constitutionally-protected rights you have to report brought to justice.  No reporter should be arrested, threatened – let alone assaulted or shot. 

My respect to all who bring us the truth, and my contempt to those who want to stop you, or those who want to deliver propaganda as news.  Thank you.

Yours sincerely

The One Pulse for America Team, 36 members who signed online and the following 81 members

  1. Donna Edgar, Goffstown, NH
  2. Wendy Browne, Princeton, NJ
  3. Heather Day Polson, MT
  4. Robin Carpenter, Riverside CA
  5. Carole Johnston Whatcom County, WA
  6. Shirley Robertson St. Louis, MO
  7. Leslie Pope, Philadelphia, PA
  8. Deborah Byrd, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  9. Mary Robinson, Grand Prairie, TX
  10. Suzanne Kelly, US citizen in England, journalist and One Pulse admin
  11. Elizabeth Rider, Atlanta, GA
  12. Ann Moomau Lanham, Md
  13. Rhonda Garner, Herndon VA
  14. Leah Funk, Phoenix, AZ
  15. Georgia Elliott Roberts rineyville, KY
  16. Shannon Brown Chattanooga, Tennessee
  17. Dawn Berktold Lake City, MN
  18. Barbara Fabre La Mesa, CA
  19. Marge Currier
  20. Denise Fuchs Meeks
  21. Denise Fuchs Meeks Denise Meeks, Tucson, Arizona, journalism and law masters student, University of Arizona
  22. Kimberly Tomajan Los Angeles, CA
  23. Jackie Chacon Taitingfong Gilbert, AZ
  24. Heather Finch Cypress, Texas
  25. Terri Gwinner Hebron,Maine
  26. Tammy Sitar Anchorage, Alaska
  27. Anna Myers Sacramento, California
  28. Elaine Brown Ruidoso, NM
  29. Christine Scott San Antonio, TX
  30. Jyotsna Nair Columbia Missouri
  31. Vickey Peel, Chipley, Florida
  32. Tomi Hagin Gastonia NC
  33. Mac Bellner, North Adams MA
  34. Tim Morris Delray Beach, Florida
  35. DA Wagner – A free press is one of the greatest tools to protect democracy.
  36. Leonora Forslund Albuquerque, New Mexico
  37. Carol Thompson San Mateo, California
  38. Beth Suess, Berkeley, CA
  39. Mary Ellen Erdo McWhirter San Diego, California
  40. Steven W. Bentley Lawton, Oklahoma
  41. Randee Larimer Illinois
  42. Holly Sher Columbia Missouri
  43. Cindy Sikes Sherman Ohio
  44. Becky Askew Chamberlain Taylorsville, UT
  45. Kathy Smith Lewis Mesa Arizona
  46. Fain Self – Always have; always will!! Free press!!!!
  47. Monique Wegener Nemarich Standing with you….
  48. Judy Bloom Nelson Richmond, Virginia.
  49. Juanita Steiner Sample Indianapolis
  50. Lori Balaban Charlottesville, VA
  51. Andi Woodall Klein me too
  52. Amy Boggs Huntington, WV
  53. Jenetta Morrison Montclair Ca
  54. Katie Kelly-O’Donnell Weymouth, MA
  55. Diana Barbera DuPont, WA
  56. Cathy Caron Handy Graham North Carolina
  57. Tyler Barnick Torrance CA
  58. Linda Wall Thank you SO Much for protecting the constitutional rights of ALL Americans. Especially Americans who don’t agree with us or have a different narrative that they are fighting for.
  59. Teresa Massie, Bartlett, Tn
  60. Roisin O’Mara, Providence RI
  61. Becky Balser Tulsa, OK
  62. Elishia McGruder Thank you reporters for your sacrifices.
  63. Tacie Ranson Millville NJ
  64. Lua Martin Wells Lua Wells, Mt Pleasant, SC
  65. Heather Hoppen Campbell Benicia, CA
  66. Clayton Longley Springfield,Missouri
  67. Tina Brown Musselman Federal way, WA
  68. Yvonne Ford Wilder Denver, CO
  69. Amanda Kaahanui Kaneohe, Hawaii
  70. Lua Martin Wells
  71. Gail Turley, Mesa, AZ
  72. Michelle Rea, Pensacola, FL
  73. Sheryl Bower Glenwood Springs, CO
  74. Emma Friedman Glencoe, IL
  75. Cynthia Tuthill Cynthia Tuthill St Helena CA
  76. Eileen Peppard, Honolulu, HI
  77. Olivia Jurado Zamora Whittier, CA
  78. Lisa Giruzzi Albany NY
  79. Sue Parry Sue Parry, Malta, NY
  80. Daniel L Hayward Laramie Wy
  81. Josie Sloan Woodstock,GA

One Pulse is a gun law reform group formed by actor and activist George Takie following the Pulse nightclub massacre.