One Pulse For America Pays Tribute to Victims of Pulse Shooting at One-Year Mark

Media Contact: Ladd Everitt, (202) 701-7171,


Washington, DC—One Pulse for America, the gun violence prevention group founded by actor and activist George Takei, is paying tribute to victims of the 2016 shooting at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando in conjunction with the tragedy’s one-year mark. With 49 people killed and 53 others injured, this was the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.

On Monday, June 12, the group will release a video featuring Takei which remembers the victims by name and calls on supporters to work harder than ever to achieve gun reforms that will prevent the next tragedy like Orlando. The video will be posted on social media on Monday, June 12, but will be available to press under embargo ahead of time.

One Pulse for America is urging more than 75,000 supporters in its Facebook group to attend a local Pride event or travel to Washington if possible that weekend to pay tribute to The Pulse victims. Everitt will be attending the candlelight vigil to remember Pulse victims on June 12 at Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia.

Before joining Takei to lead One Pulse, Everitt served as the director of communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence from 2006 to 2016.

“The attack on The Pulse nightclub was aimed directly at the LGBTQ community and it’s wonderful to see that community addressing the issue of gun reform with such determination,” said Everitt. “At One Pulse for America, we are dedicated to closing the ‘Passion Gap’ with pro-gun activists, permanently, so politicians feel real pressure to act on gun reform.”

“The LGBTQ community is one of the most battle-proven communities in the world,” Everitt added. “The issue of same-sex marriage has undergone a cultural transformation in this country that is remarkable. George understood that engaging the LGBTQ community after the Pulse massacre was a big step towards prevailing against a powerfully organized gun lobby.”

Reporters interested in discussing One Pulse’s activities can contact Ladd Everitt at (202) 701-7171.


One Pulse for America is an online community of more than 75,000 persons who take action on a daily basis to prevent gun violence in the United States of America. One Pulse was founded by actor/LGBTQ rights activist George Takei, who felt compelled to address our nation’s epidemic of gun violence following the gruesome mass shooting at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando.