Statement Of One Pulse For America Regarding President-elect Trump’s Vow To Force Guns Into America’s K-12 Schools

Media Contact: Ladd Everitt, (202) 701-7171,


Washington, DC—On at least two occasions this year, President-elect Donald Trump has promised supporters that he will eliminate the gun-free zones that protect students at America’s K-12 schools. One Pulse for America—an online community of approximately 75,000 created by actor and LGBTQ rights activist George Takei—is vowing to do everything it can to stop Trump’s dangerous “first day” agenda.

In January, speaking to a rally in Burlington, Vermont, Trump said, “I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools … My first day, it gets signed, okay? My first day. There’s no more gun-free zones.” Trump reiterated this promise at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in May, where the gun lobby organization endorsed him for president.

Working with a Republican Congress—which has already introduced a bill to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act—a Trump administration could eradicate the longstanding federal protections that keep our children in safe, gun-free environments when they are learning.

“This is not acceptable,” said One Pulse director Ladd Everitt. “The safety of our children is of paramount importance to us and we will not tolerate Trump and the National Rifle Association (who spent more than $20 million for Trump this election cycle) putting them at risk in order to further gun industry profits.”

One Pulse for America is pledging to mobilize its membership of over 74,000 to take action (to include direct nonviolent action, if necessary) in opposition to any attempt by the Trump administration and Congress to force guns into America’s K-12 schools.

“We call on all Members of Congress to make it clear where they stand on this critical issue,” said Everitt. “We expect our elected officials in the nation’s capital to vote against any effort to eliminate gun-free zones at our K-12 schools and will hold them accountable for their actions.”


One Pulse for America is an online community of more than 74,000 persons who take action on a daily basis to prevent gun violence in the United States of America. One Pulse was founded by actor/LGBTQ rights activist George Takei, who felt compelled to address our nation’s epidemic of gun violence following the gruesome mass shooting at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando.