Support Letitia James’ Gun Law Reforms

December 2021 – New York’s Attorney General Letitia James is trying to achieve meaningful gun law reform. This inevitably means she is being attacked on social media. We will send messages of support.

Attorney General James is the subject of a lawsuit by segments of the gun industry following her decision to implement a state public nuisance statute that allows gun makers and distributors to be sued if their products are used in crimes by third parties.

NewYork State laws seeking to hold manufacturers of lethal weapons to account is behind these  manufacturers suing Ms James.

In a December 16 press statement  Ms James said:  “Once again, the gun lobby is trying to exert total control over this country and thwart common-sense efforts to protect lives.

“Make no mistake: We will aggressively defend this law and won’t back down against their continued attempts to endanger New Yorkers.”


While many gun-violence-weary New Yorkers are sending her messages of support, there are many people sending hateful, illogical messages to her on social media.

This is a remarkably easy action alert to take; it may be our last of the year.  All you need to do is comment on her social media,  on a platform of your choice, with a brief message of support.   You can choose to call or email – but by making a public comment, you will be showing to the rest of the community she has your support, and there are people like us out here who want gun law reform.  When there are no messages of support visible, it looks like there is no support:  let’s counter that.  By the way, we are closing in on a massive 50,000 actions taken over the years! Many of these have been successful in their aims and/or directly contributed to successful outcomes. A few minutes of your time will leave a visible sign that you want gun law reform.  Please do take this action, thank you!


Please follow one of these links shown below and leave the following message, personalized to your liking. You can take this action more than once.  Please do not engage with the many trolls out there, just send a polite message of support for AG James:


“Dear Ms James, I applaud your actions on gun law reform; lives are at stake.  A well-regulated militia does not mean school shootings, mass shootings, and the huge death toll America has because of avoidable gun violence.”

Phone:    1-800-771-7755

Email:    (this is a link to the form to fill out)

Facebook: – scroll down and you will find the gun-related posts 



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Get Greene’s gun giveaway off YouTube!

27September 2021 – Congressperson Marjorie Taylor-Greene today reached a new low with an online giveaway for a semi-automatic weapon.

In her video which can be found here  , she mixes in anti-Biden propaganda as part of this giveaway, linking him inexplicably to the gun prize draw.  For example, one of her video segments carries the caption ‘Joe Biden armed an Islamic terrorist nation with $83 billion in weapons’.  This can easily be interpreted as meaning to inflame anti-Biden sentiment to the audience of people wanting to get this gun.  She then says she will ‘blow away the Democrats [sic] socialist agenda’, and presumably using the ‘prize,’ she aims and seems to destroy a vehicle marked ‘socialism’.  Is this a member of a well-regulated militia? Is this a person fit to be in Congress?

The far-right webchat group Gab emailed its subscribers with information on how to enter the prize draw.  This ad talks about the weapon being the kind that “TRIGGERS fake news media and Democrats.”  The ad, which has no closing date or terms and conditions,  can be found here  

Let’s get this vile, gun-glamorizing, inflammatory video taken off social media.  If you would also take an extra step and let your Congressional representatives know about the situation – they may be able to help.


Please go to the video on YouTube using the link below and give them the following messages, personalized to your liking:


This ad for a gun – where the entry form has no age limit, no info on background checks – is highly irresponsible. Greene brings Biden into her vile gun giveaway with propaganda about him which could inflame her base. How is destroying a vehicle after talking about Biden anything but incitement? America has a serious gun violence problem and this content does not help.  It doesn’t belong on YouTube; please get rid of it and her channel.

To comment on the videoClick here, give the video the ‘thumbs down, and write your comment


To report the videoClick here and follow instructions to report  You will see three dots under the video; click on them and the word ‘Report’ appears.  It will ask questions about why you are reporting.  You then get a box to explain more. Put your version of the message in the box and hit Submit. Anyone needing further help – just let us know.  We can share step-by-step instructions with pictures to those who need them.


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 Bonus Action:  Comment on the video as well. If you see other messages criticising the video, give them the thumbs up – just click on the thumbs up image next to the comment.


Bonus Action:  Please do tell your Congressional representative about this giveaway one of their colleagues is doing. Finding your rep is only a few clicks away- Find your congressperson here:

The Price of Freedom: Join Exclusive Online Screening

The Price of Freedom

The team behind the powerful new documentary The Price of Freedom has invited One Pulse for America members to a private online screening of the film.  We are honored to have this chance and hope you will join us.

There will be a choice of viewing dates and times for this event:

Saturday 18th September at 8pm New York time

Sunday 19th September at 3pm New York time

To get a link for viewing the film, go to our Eventbrite page and request your chosen day.  We will then send you a link before the screening.  Click on the link to register:

You need to sign up at least half an hour before the start time.  And of course, no recording, audio or pictures are to be made.

Afterwards, we will schedule a time to discuss the film on our Facebook page – details to be confirmed.

Have your say on Ghost Guns – Act before Midnight 19 August


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF)  has a  consultation expiring 19 August – on Ghost Guns – privately made firearms, often homemade/3d printed, which lack commercial serial numbers.  The enormity of the problem cannot be overstated.

We have the advantage of being allowed to have our say on the subject, and it is a right that if used may save lives.


Please contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives through the link below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I write as a member of One Pulse for America, and I want to see the ATF recognize the threat ghost guns present.  The law has to reflect the seriousness of untraceable ‘ghost guns’. Without legal safeguards, these weapons-  easily made from easy-to-get materials- can only increase in number and will cost lives. Some say a fully-functioning weapon can be made in under an hour – and such weapons are virtually untraceable. 

Please take a hard stance against this dangerous development.  


 Follow this link and just add your comment:


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Demand charges be dropped against 10 year old who found coach’s illegal gun

10 June, 2021 – Lancaster, S.C. The Associated Press reported a South Carolina youth basketball coach has been arrested after a 10-year-old player took a loaded gun from his car to his elementary school.

Isaac Lamon Adams, 36, was barred from legally owning a gun because of a previous criminal conviction, Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said.  Exactly what ‘a person convicted of a crime of violence’ was doing around children while having the unsecured gun in his vehicle is a question those who hired him should be asked.

That Adams is to be charged is great news.  Now the extremely bad news:  the little ten-year-old boy is to be charged as a juvenile for having the gun!  This is wholly unacceptable.  Deputies say the child did not brandish the pistol or use or threaten to use it in any manner at the school.

The trauma to be visited on this child for the illegal actions of Adams by charging him must be averted.


Please contact the Lancaster South Carolina Sheriff’s Office through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I am writing to demand that the charges you inexplicably want to lodge against a little ten-year-old boy who found a gun his coach illegally had are immediately dropped.  A child of ten who was sent to a vehicle with an illegal gun in it is far below the age of criminal responsibility. I am glad you are charging coach Adams, who was prohibited from having a gun.

Drop the charges on the boy (who any child psychologist will tell you cannot have understood the implications of what that gun could do) and add a charge of child endangerment to Adams’ charge sheet. You must surely know giving this boy a record serves no good at all and will do harm. 

I expect to see an announcement shortly that all charges against the child are dropped.  Why would you inflict such psychological damage on an innocent child?

Phone:  803-313-2121




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Obscene: Guns are Covid-19 vaccination prizes in W Virginia

West Virginia is to offer a raft of incentives and prizes for those citizens who get immunized against Covid-19.  It is unfortunate that some people need to be bribed to protect themselves and their communities from deadly disease. It is positively obscene that weapons are to be among the prizes.

As CBS reports, from  June 20, West Virginia will “…give out $1 million and other prizes each week up until Aug. 4, when two grand prizes of nearly $1.6 million and $580,000 will be announced, according to state officials.

“Other prizes include five custom hunting rifles and five custom hunting shotguns”.

State Governor Jim Justice, Republican said:  “These vaccinations are amazingly safe and they’ll protect you — I don’t know how in the world people are sitting on the sidelines still saying, no, I’m not going to do one, I’m not going to do it,”

One Pulse is happy with initiatives to encourage immunization, but we are appalled that lethal weapons should be linked to saving lives.  These handguns and shotguns may be intended for killing animals, but as we know, such weapons are part of the country’s huge death toll.  Trivializing guns by turning them into prizes which in theory anyone could win is unsupportable.


Tell Governor Justice you approve of efforts to improve take-up of Covid-19 vaccines, but you condemn guns being part of any reward system.

Please contact Governor Justice through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:

I am pleased that West Virginia is using prizes and rewards to convince people to get the Covid-19 vaccine.  It should not be necessary to bribe or reward anyone to take this lifesaving step,  but if it helps, fine.

I am however disgusted that the prizes will include guns:  this is obscene to me on many levels.  The irony of trivializing lethal weapons as prizes for those who are helping to save lives by being immunized is saddening.  The idea of earmarking a gun of any kind as being a prize or reward is a huge insult to those of us who have been the victims of gun violence.  This decision to paint a gun as a desirable object which seemingly anyone can win sends completely the wrong message – and I expect you to halt this ridiculous, potentially dangerous, insulting initiative.

I will be waiting for you to call a halt to this unacceptable scheme.  West Virginia lost 300 lives to shootings in 2019:  why are you turning lethal weapons into raffle prizes?


Phone:  888-438-2731

Email (form):




or send a tweet – this is a suggestion:

@WVGovernor West Virginia lost 300 lives to shootings in 2019:  why are you turning lethal weapons into raffle prizes for those who get Covid-19 vaccines? A gun is not a toy; it is not a prize. This insults those who lost loved ones – 300 dead in WV in 2019. Stop this.

Once you have made contact, fill out the three fields below and click the orange banner to report taking action!




Boulder Killings: NRA fought for the ‘freedom’ of shooter to have AR-15

15 March, Boulder, CO – the National Rifle Association claimed a ‘victory’ after a courtroom decision stopped any limits on how assault-style rifles and ammunition can be transferred.  The NRA’s publication brags that “…a judge in the Centennial state gave law-abiding gun owners something to celebrate.”

22 March, Boulder, CO – ten people ranging in age from 20 to 65 including a police officer were murdered by a man with an assault-style rifle.   The NRA’s twitter feed makes zero mention of its role in this latest loss of life; the NRA is ironically re-tweeting the text of the 2nd Amendment.  The man who took the lives of ten people was not part of any well-regulated militia and the NRA know this.

The ABC news coverage in the link above includes comments from people who were there.  One woman explains how she and a child escaped from the back of the store when the shooting started. Crying, she explains she saw a person sprawled out and wanted to help them; the child explained to her it was too late.

There is virtually no other wealthy nation in peacetime that lives the way Americans are forced to live because of the NRA and its self-serving interpretation of what a well-regulated militia is.  This has to change.


George Takei, founder of One Pulse for America, tweeted : ” A better way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to not let that bad guy buy a gun so easily. Text UNIVERSAL to 34131 to let your senators know that you take this seriously and to demand universal background checks.”

Jay Kuo of One Pulse will have a piece for us shortly on the NRA – keep an eye on our Facebook page


Please follow George Takei’s lead and contact your senators by texting UNIVERSAL to 34131.  This will tell them you demand universal background checks.  We do have a real chance with the current makeup of Congress for positive, life-saving change.


If you have Twitter then please like and share  George’s Tweet here 


Once you have made contact, fill out the three fields below and click the orange banner to report taking action!


Atlanta Murders: Call out Racism, Misogyny – and show support for Asian Americans

“Everybody is scared, everybody is hiding.”   woman on a 911 call to authorities during Atlanta shooting rampage

“…temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate.”
“…had a  really bad day… lashing out… may have had a sex addition…”
“… “The shooter said it wasn’t racially motivated” – press conference spokesmen repeating suspect’s unsubstantiated, self-serving claims

16 March 2021, Atlanta Georgia – a 21-year-old man buys a gun; hours later he has been arrested for multiple murders across three spas.

The accused murderer is white; the victims include six Asian American women.

Four of the victims have been identified as Ashley Yaun, 33; Paul Andre Michels, 54; Xiaojie Tan, 49; and Daoyou Feng, 44. Elcias R Hernandez-Ortiz was identified as having been injured.

Although armed and known at the time to be dangerous, the suspect was run off the road and arrested without any shot fired or any altercation.

If you are ever going to take a One Pulse for America Action, make it this one.

By now you are, we hope, aware of this crime and shocking remarks made at an Atlanta Police Department press conference.

Here is some recommended reading.

Here are some points arising which will go in our letter:

    • In the climate of hatred faced by our Asian American fellow citizens, inflamed by Trump’s disgraceful hate speech (‘China ‘flu, Kung ‘flu) why would we as citizens – as decent people – not immediately conclude this is a hate crime?  Perhaps for legal reasons the state is unwilling to do so – but even if we side with those who are cowardly about calling out this blatant racism:  this was an attempt to attack women:  and as such it is 100% a hate crime.  Even the officers who shockingly put forward the accused’s feeble excuses at their press conference admitted he had a’ sex problem’.  Therefore, it is not too early to say 100% this is a misogynistic crime.  We are going to ask the state to swiftly confirm it is a racist crime as well.
    • Speaking of what was said by officers at the press conference, spokesperson Jay Baker is accused by the Daily Beast of… selling racist Covid-19 shirts online.  How did he get into the force and on the panel?  He and his attitudes must be expelled from law enforcement.
    • Using the press conference to share the suspect’s unsubstantiated claims of mitigation and denial of racist intent was an inexcusable abuse of the event.   It gives the remarks authority as they were made by police spokespeople at an official event.  Sharing the remarks means future juries and press coverage could well be influenced in the accused’s favor.  In fact – press coverage is already being slanted, referring to the accused as ‘church-going’.  The next time there is a shooting by a white male, all they will need do is say they had a bad day and a sex issue –  if we stay quiet about this.  Of course the shooter would not admit to this being a racist crime:  Georgia passed laws increasing the sentencing for racially-charged crimes.  For the authorities to not have immediately labeled this as hate crime gives the defense maneuver room in court to say there was uncertainty about the intent.  If it was too early to say these killings were racist/misogynist:  then it’s too early to share the accused’s self-serving statements that could thwart the determination of his intent.


1.   We will send a letter to the relevant Georgia authorities. To sign it add your name, town and state in the comments in the comments section on the Facebook post.  The letter can be found here:

2. Comment  on the authorities’ press conference and condemn them for their sympathetic statements supporting the accused: 

3.  George Takei and Jay Kuo have some powerful tweets on this appalling subject; if you have a Twitter account, please visit their pages, follow, and share their comments  @GeorgeTakei@nycjayjay  – and please feel free to comment on / share this call for Jay Baker to resign 

4.  The country is experiencing anti-Asian American violence, not least as a certain ex-president keeps up the vile, racist attempt to link Asian Americans to Covid-19.  People are being attacked randomly in the streets, beaten.  Here are a few ways to help (please feel free to suggest further resources): 


Tell Senators to Vote Yes on Background Checks Bills

11 March 2021, Washington DC – The House passed the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021 and the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021.  We absolutely must have the Senate pass these two bills.

Virtually ever gun law reform group there is supports these bills; some claim public support for the bills to be near 90%.

We cannot just hope for the best.

Even if your senator has said they are for the bills, let them know you support them.

If you have senators who are against the measures, tell them in no uncertain terms you will vote them out.


Please tell your senators you want these bills passed!  We are giving you a selection of ways in which to be heard – write to them with our message, sign existing petitions, send letters.  Please take as many of these actions as you can – the more the better.  Please also share this Action Alert (copy and paste the URL to share, or just click the Facebook and Twitter icons).

I urge you to support the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021 and the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021.  

I am a member of gun law reform group One Pulse for America.  We know that no law-abiding gun owner can object to these bills, which undoubtedly will save lives.  Thank you.  I will be watching to see who votes for and against the bills, and I pledge to never vote for any senator who votes against them.  I’m depending on you to combat America’s gun death and injury tragedies.

 Phone:   (202) 224-3121

Use this link to find your senators:


Once you have made contact, fill out the three fields below and click the orange banner to report taking action!


Tell Your Senators To Approve George Floyd Bill

4 March 2021, Washington DC – The House passed a bill that may prevent deaths such as that which George Floyd suffered at the hands of police.

The legislation aims to combat police misconduct, excessive force, and racial bias in policing.

As NBC reports, “The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, H.R. 1280, passed 220-212.

“A version of the bill passed last year but stalled in the Senate, which was then under Republican control. The House bill passed Wednesday night still has to go to the Senate, where it will need at least 10 Republican votes for passage.

“The bill is named after Floyd, the Black man who died May 25 after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for minutes.

“The officer, Derek Chauvin, was fired, and he faces charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter.

“His trial and jury selection are scheduled to begin Monday.

“The bill, among other things, would ban neck restraints and “no knock” warrants in drug cases at the federal level. It would also reform qualified immunity, which is a doctrine that makes it difficult to sue officers.

“Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., who introduced the bill, said she is confident that House members will be able to work with the Senate to get it passed. She said that after the last bill passed, “many of our Republican colleagues said they thought they could get to yes on this, but they had some difficulties.”


Please tell your senators you want this bill passed!

Please contact your senators through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I urge you to support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act in every way possible.  There is urgent need to reform the nation’s police forces. 

Naturally there will be opposition to this bill:  opponents want the status quo.  We cannot afford to allow innocent people, whether suspected of a crime or not, to continue to be fatally shot, suffocated,  injured.  I call on you to address the gun culture, violence, racial prejudice that is accepted by far too many police forces. No reasonable person can object to this bill, and I will be watching to see how you help it along and that you approve it.  If you do not intend to support it, I want to hear from you urgently with your reasoning. 

I am a member of gun law reform group One Pulse for America, and I will not tolerate the status quo.  There must never be another death like George Floyd’s or Breonna Taylor’s.  I am convinced the bill’s changes to the use of lethal force, no-knock raids, and mandatory bodycam use will absolutely save lives.  As the police are so keen to say when it suits them ‘if you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to fear’:  a good police officer should welcome, not fear, the act.


Phone:   (202) 224-3121

Use this link to find your senators:


Once you have made contact, fill out the three fields below and click the orange banner to report taking action!