Breonna Taylor 5 Months on: Many excuses, Zero arrests

Kentucky 13 August 2020 – Five months ago a young woman was shot while sleeping at her home during a no-knock police raid that should never have happened. They shot her – and left her with not even an attempt at medical intervention for twenty minutes while they went outside to deal with an injured member of the raiding party.  Many feel arrests should have taken place immediately on this one point alone.

We are mean to wait patiently for Attorney  General to investigate.

No one in power is explaining why they have not arrested her killers for shooting her.

As things stand, any Kentucky policeman knows they are free to go into a home, shoot someone dead, and that nothing will happen.

As expected, Senator Mitch McConnell, darling of the NRA, has done nothing to call for charges.  His making feeble comments such as ‘my guess is this investigation is more complicated than it appears‘ throws an unacceptable, biased shade on  the ongoing, lumbering investigation.  Where do we get five month-long investigations over a shooting death without arrest when it is a member of the public who has pulled the trigger?  Never.  Police were quick enough to arrest Mr Walker, who had no idea the non-uniformed people breaking into his home in the middle of the night were police  – he had a  license and under state law was protecting his life (charges were rightly dropped).  There were at least 25 shots fired and at least 8 of those hit Ms Taylor.  And no one has been arrested for this crime,

Oprah Winfrey has arranged for some powerful billboards to be placed, people are calling for action, and we will join them.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron offered condolences to the family during their recent meeting, the first time he’s spoken with the family. He told them he didn’t reach out previously because he feared it could interfere with his investigation. His office is waiting on ballistics reports from the FBI and additional interviews before any decisions are made, Baker added.

There were only five people in the home.  One of them cannot speak.  There should be no need to widen out this investigation before arresting the clearly trigger-happy, unprofessional officers with charges relating to the incident.


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