Trump: You don’t keep promises and it costs lives

1 October, Las Vegas three years ago – 58 people were murdered; they wanted a happy day out with friends.  The guns available to their murderer were so high-tech and so powerful, he killed from a great distance away and they had no chance.  No ‘good guy with a gun’ (an NRA myth) would have been able to save those innocent lives in the small amount of time in which they died.  However, better gun laws just might have saved them – laws Trump promised he would bring in.

Within a month Trump was renewing the gun law reform promises made during his campaign which he had abandoned.

In this BBC article’s embedded video, Trump says “…we need background checks so that ‘sick’ people don’t get guns.” 

He also talked about ‘doing a lot of work after Parkland’ -which is dubious, and the president also said “We can do very meaningful background checks; I want to see it happen.”

The only thing that happened is that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sat on bipartisan bills the House passed to the Senate to vote on which would have meant better background checks.  Mitch is proud of stopping gun law reform, and likes to think of himself, even now during the devastating pandemic as ‘The Grim Reaper’ who won’t let bills be voted on.  Trump had an eye-watering $30 million   from the NRA and Mitch $1.29 million  ; all at a time when the NRA was hopelessly compromised by its involvement with Russian agents and Russian money.

We will remind Trump – but more crucially we will remind voters – that Trump made these gun law reform promises and discarded them, undoubtedly costing lives:  Trump’s promises must not be taken seriously by voters.


Please contact Trump and/or McConnell through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking.  Reminder- we are not going to change Trump or McConnell; our purposes are to show people that there is opposition to the pair’s gun policies, to show people that there is visible opposition to how the pair have acted over guns, and not least to remind voters that they cannot trust Trump to keep promises:


Yesterday was the third anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting which claimed 58 lives.  You promised gun law reform before you got into office and again after this tragedy:  WHERE IS IT?

McConnell sits on two bipartisan bills which could have saved lives; he has the audacity to proudly call himself ‘The Grim Reaper’ even during a pandemic.  His contempt for lives and the House makes him unfit for office.  If he cared about the Constitution, he would allow votes on bills from the House.

Mr Trump, I want every voter to understand that your promises are empty and you are not to be trusted.  Reasonable people, however they feel about guns, have to acknowledge that you will say things you don’t mean, cannot be relied on, and do not follow through on your word.  You are unfit to be president, and I pledge to Vote You Out.

-or this tweet:-

@realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr Trump promised gun law reforms; he lied. It’s 3 years since Las Vegas shooting- no change. McConnell calls himself Grim Reaper as he’s killed gun law reform bills which cd have saved lives. You can’t vote for people you can’t trust. VOTE THEM OUT!

Phone:  202-456-1111
Email: (form)

Mitch McConnell
Phone:  (270) 781-1673
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Breonna Taylor 5 Months on: Many excuses, Zero arrests

Kentucky 13 August 2020 – Five months ago a young woman was shot while sleeping at her home during a no-knock police raid that should never have happened. They shot her – and left her with not even an attempt at medical intervention for twenty minutes while they went outside to deal with an injured member of the raiding party.  Many feel arrests should have taken place immediately on this one point alone.

We are mean to wait patiently for Attorney  General to investigate.

No one in power is explaining why they have not arrested her killers for shooting her.

As things stand, any Kentucky policeman knows they are free to go into a home, shoot someone dead, and that nothing will happen.

As expected, Senator Mitch McConnell, darling of the NRA, has done nothing to call for charges.  His making feeble comments such as ‘my guess is this investigation is more complicated than it appears‘ throws an unacceptable, biased shade on  the ongoing, lumbering investigation.  Where do we get five month-long investigations over a shooting death without arrest when it is a member of the public who has pulled the trigger?  Never.  Police were quick enough to arrest Mr Walker, who had no idea the non-uniformed people breaking into his home in the middle of the night were police  – he had a  license and under state law was protecting his life (charges were rightly dropped).  There were at least 25 shots fired and at least 8 of those hit Ms Taylor.  And no one has been arrested for this crime,

Oprah Winfrey has arranged for some powerful billboards to be placed, people are calling for action, and we will join them.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron offered condolences to the family during their recent meeting, the first time he’s spoken with the family. He told them he didn’t reach out previously because he feared it could interfere with his investigation. His office is waiting on ballistics reports from the FBI and additional interviews before any decisions are made, Baker added.

There were only five people in the home.  One of them cannot speak.  There should be no need to widen out this investigation before arresting the clearly trigger-happy, unprofessional officers with charges relating to the incident.


Please take one or both of these actions:

  1.  Take or re-take this action alert we did earlier – just follow this link, take the action, and please fill in the boxes at the end to show you have done it
  2. Share this image on your own social media and/or please share it on the social media of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and or AG Tom Wine.  Click on the picture and you can save it to your computer, and be able to share it,

Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine
Jefferson County, KY
Phone: (502) 595-2300

Mitch McConnell
Phone:  (270) 781-1673
Email:  (form)



Amy McGrath- help her defeat McConnell in Kentucky

July  2020 – For over two years Mitch McConnell blocked crucial gun law reform bills which the House of Representatives passed. With him as Senate Majority Leader, we have a drastically-reduced chance of meaningful gun law change.  His challenger, veteran Amy McGrath, wants gun law change; we want her in office.

HR8 is a bipartisan bill which would require background checks in person-to-person gun transfers.   HR1112 would make firearms sellers wait at least ten days instead of three before making a sale if they haven’t heard from the background check system.  If McConnell weren’t afraid of democracy in action, he would allow the bills to be voted on in the Senate. 

How anyone who cares about America’s gun epidemic can oppose either of those bills is a mystery.  A mystery which points to the NRA, Russian influence over the NRA and the last election, money and greed.

McConnell took some $1.2 million from the NRA – which was taking money from Russia.

McConnell likes to call himself ‘The Grim Reaper‘ vowing to thwart any democrat-proposed legislation – an insensitive moniker which insults the approximately 690 gun deaths Kentucky averages annually, and all who have died or lost loved ones to gun violence.  He is proud of this sick nickname he gave himself, (which anyone else would be ashamed to have) – and considering the number of lives lost while those bills linger, he’s earned this Grim Reaper title too.

Support McGrath by following her on social media; sharing her messages, contacting McConnell (no, he won’t give in, but he will see people want him to go).  If you can and wish to donate time or money to her campaign; click here for further information and to read her gun law reform statement.

If you are a Kentucky voter, please let your friends and family know you support her.  Share her posters, flyers, and vote.

Getting McConnell out of his position of power is one of the most important things that will pave the way for real gun law change for the better.  Let’s make it so.


Please contact Amy McGrath through one of the channels below (and please follow her) and give her the following message, personalized to your liking:


I am a member of  One Pulse for America, the gun law reform group founded  by George Takei after the Pulse nightclub shooting.  I want you to know how much I hope you will succeed in your bid to oust Mitch McConnell.  He is blocking gun law reform bills and this is costing American lives. 


McConnell brazenly refers to himself as The Grim Reaper while Americans are losing their lives to gun violence.   I have read your statement on gun law reform and I’m with you. We want change, not an @NRA stooge. 


or – tweet:

@AmyMcGrathKY as a member of @1Pulse4America I wish you victory over @senatemajldr . Mitch McConnell likes to call himself ‘The Grim Reaper’ for blocking gun reform bills that would have saved many lives since they passed the House years ago. We want change, not an @NRA stooge. 

Contact Amy McGrath

Phone:  (859) 402-3959



Twitter:  @AmyMcGrathKY


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Thank Police Chief Art Acevedo for standing up to NRA

Houston – as reported in Huffington Post and elsewhere, Police Chief Art Acevedo hit out at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other congresspeople for appearing to care more about the National Rifle Association than victims of gun violence.

You can watch his wave-making speech here.

He said:  “I don’t want to see their little smug faces about about how much they care about law enforcement when I’m burying a sergeant because they don’t want to piss off the NRA,”

Laying down the gauntlet, his speech challenged McConnell and Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.  “Make up your minds. Whose side are you on? Gun manufacturers, the gun lobby — or the children that are getting gunned down in this country every single day?” he said

The Senate’s failure to renew the federal Violence Against Women Act is also cause for his consternation.

Standing up like this to the pro-gun status quo is quite a heroic feat, and we will send him our thanks


Please contact Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Dear Chief Acevedo

I wanted to thank you for your wise and brave words on gun control and calling out the inexcusable behaviour of Mitch McConnell.  It is appreciated.

In your speech you asked pro-NRA senators and McConnell ‘whose side are you on?’  I am glad to have you on my side, the side that wants gun law reform.  As a member of One Pulse for America, the gun-law reform group started by George Takei following the Pulse nightclub shooting tragedy, it is wonderful – and refreshing – to see a senior police figure like you call for life-saving change.

Suggested tweet:

@ArtAcevedo just saying thank you; as a member of gun law reform group @1Pulse4America I really appreciate your speech. We are also wondering why @senatemajldr is sitting on life-saving gun reform bills since February, not least as the @NRA has been deemed a Russian asset.





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‘Sixteen Seconds:’ an essay to share with Mitch McConnell

This action is a bit different.  Please read this essay, then please share it via Facebook or email to Mitch McConnell, or tweet the link to him.


Sixteen Seconds of your time

America’s gun crime epidemic has no equivalent anywhere in history or anywhere in the world.

American civilians own more guns per capita than any other country’s residents by a wide margin.  According to a 2017 survey, there are 120 guns per hundred Americans .  The next nearest country is the  Falkland Island with 62 guns per hundred citizens.

In 2018, 47,220 gun incidents occurred in the country.  CNN reports that from 2009 through 2018 the US witnessed 180 school shootings with 356 victims.

Should we be checking the background of those who want to own guns?  Definitely.  Should we be trying to prevent gun massacres by all means possible? Obviously.  Why aren’t we doing so?  Ask Senator Mitch McConnell, who is refusing to let the Senate vote on two bills the House has passed.

Did you read these few paragraphs above?

If so, it possibly took you 16 seconds to get to the words ‘180 schools’.  Maybe if you read swiftly, you got to the words ‘Senator Mitch McConnell,’

Think on that for a moment.  Those few sentences took 16 seconds:  that is how long 16 seconds last.

Mitch McConnell – this essay is a message for you.

Sixteen seconds is also how long experts say it took the Saugus High School shooter to kill two fellow students, wound four others, and kill himself.

There was no remote chance an armed guard could have got to the scene, assessed it, and shot or otherwise subdued the shooter in sixteen seconds.  In fact, in at least one incident in Colorado, a guard – who should not have been armed – reacted during a school shooting, and injured an innocent teen who was fleeing for their life.  They myth of having armed guards stopping gun massacres is nonsense.

Maybe Mitch you think the wounded and dead are the only victims.  As a trauma surgeon treating Saugus shooting victims said: “We need to remember there are more victims than the ones just in the hospital. There are families, classmates and the community, and we’d like to offer the hospital as a resource for these victims.”

Mitch McConnell, those bills you’re sitting on must be put to a vote now.  It’s Congress, not your personal fiefdom.  How much Russian money do you take from the permanently-tainted NRA to stop the bills being voted on?  We will do everything legal to remove you from office unless you act.  Many of us think you have blood on your hands:  can you blame us?

Please share this action alert and/or contact Mitch McConnell through one of the channels below copying the essay Sixteen Seconds to him:

Email:  (form)
Twitter: (just send him a link to the Action Alert)

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Remember Elijah Cummings – demand gun control action now

17 October, 2019 – Maryland – Representative Elijah Cummings has passed away, age 68.

One of the children of a sharecropper, he said watching Perry Mason steered him into studying law.

He served Maryland well for many years, having won his seat in 1996.

A tireless campaigner for rights and justice, he strove for gun law reform.

In one of his last speeches on the matter delivered in August 2019, he spoke of how the Republicans would make speeches promising gun law reform with no intention of following through.

“What we have to do is demand results,” he said.  He added that President Trump could make empty promises as ‘Senator McConnell had his back’.


To pay tribute to Representative Cummings, we will remind Mitch McConnell that he has been sitting on lifesaving bills since February, undemocratically denying our elected representatives the chance to fairly vote on universal background checks and other gun-law reform measures.  (please watch the video of Representative Cummings’ speech by clicking the link in the paragraph above for ‘What we have to do is demand results’)

Please contact Senator Mitch McConnell through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


 Senator, Elijah Cummings died today.  A man of action and honor, he campaigned tirelessly for gun law reform.


In his August 2019 speech he explained how the Republicans will pay lip service to gun law reform, but that you are likely to keep blocking the bills you have been sitting on since February.  Are you afraid to let the country’s elected representatives have their say on these bills?  Is your being in office dependent on your subservience and obedience to the NRA, now proven beyond doubt to be a Russian asset?


Get  HR8 and HR112 on the floor for a vote:  NOW.  Mr Cummings will be remembered with respect and as a man of action.  If you don’t get those bills to the vote, we will  do our best to vote you out of office, and  you will be forever remembered as a dictatorial servant of a discredited lobbying group awash with scandal and Russian money.  If you can’t do the right thing, move aside for those who will.   


Mitch McConnell
Phone:  (270) 781-1673
Email:  (form)
Twitter: or 

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Time’s Up for the NRA: Mitch McConnell must stand aside

In March 2018 the NRA issued a threatening video called ‘Time’s Up’, mocking the Time’s Up movement.  In the video they threatened anyone who stood against their aims, calling them ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘unAmerican’.  But the shocking truth is now out:  when the NRA made that video, they had already been a Russian asset for years. 

It’s hard to summarize all the recent bad news the NRA has happily experienced lately.  There is infighting, resignations at top level, lawsuits, the end of NRA-TV.  But a game-changing newly-released Senate Finance committee minority report concludes the NRA enabled Russian agents in undermining our democracy.  The report also said NRA members tried to enrich their private interests contrary to its tax-exempt status.  It is time to pull out all the stops and do everything we can to bring it down while it is in a very weakened condition.

We will take several actions in the next week against the NRA.  This is Action 3 – we will tell Mitch McConnell he is compromised and must stand down.


Action 3: Demand Mitch McConnell stands down

Mitch McConnell stands between the wish of most Americans to reform gun laws and his paymasters and endorsers, the NRA.

NBC News image of Mitch McConnell

With the NRA now established firmly as being a traitorous Russian Asset, any elected official who has taken their money and endorsement is also tainted by association.

Few in Congress are more tainted than McConnell.

He has an A+ rating from the NRA, and is nicknamed ‘The Grim Reaper’ by his supporters because he kills bills supported by the Democrats including two bills that would make background checks mandatory.

A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal found nearly 90% of Americans want to have background checks of the kind McConnell is blocking.

There have been major gun massacres in the months he sat on those bills:  could those deaths have been avoided?

The NRA was financed by, infiltrated by, and influenced by Russia.  The same is true of Mitch McConnell by extension.


Please contact Mitch McConnell through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


With the NRA now officially outed as being Russian  Assets, I am amazed you have the gall to remain in office.  Resign immediately.

The NRA took Russian money, worked with Russia, and its members even took trips to Russia on which they furthered their own personal interests, against the laws that allow the NRA to be tax-exempt.  They interfered with the working of our democracy.

And then there’s you.  The NRA apparently threw $1.6 million at the Senate, and there you are, blocking bipartisan bills which could be saving American lives.  Why wouldn’t you want background check bills to be democratically voted on?  Which country are you actually serving?  How many people have died who might have been saved if there had been a bill passed to tighten up background checks?

You have an A+ rating from a Russian-serving group of lobbyists, the NRA.  You’ve not addressed the matter, and you certainly haven’t apologized to the American public for your role supporting this hopelessly-compromised group’s aims.  And it’s cost lives.

I call on you to do the decent thing and resign immediately.  I don’t really expect you to do the right thing and leave office, but I want my friends and my elected officials to know how I feel about you – to me you are a traitor who has cost American lives.

Mitch McConnell
Phone:  (270) 781-1673
Email:  (form)

Suggested Twitter message:

@senatemajldr With the NRA now officially outed as being a Russian Asset, I am amazed you have the gall to remain in office – people are dying while you sit on bipartisan background check bills.  Resign immediately. #RussianAsset

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Recall Congress to vote on Gun Control Bills ASAP

The number of gun murders and massacres so far this year is staggering, devastating and wholly unacceptable.

Mitch McConnell must – immediately – recall Congress to address this and to hold votes on gun control bills he has been sitting on.

USA Today explains the two bills in an article on 5 August:

H.R. 8: Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019

In February this year, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 8: Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019.

NBC News image of Mitch McConnell

This bill passed 240-190, with eight Republicans joining almost all Democrats to vote for the bill.  This bill would prohibit most person-to-person firearm transfers unless a background check can be conducted, aiming to close a potential loophole allowing the transfer of firearms without a background check at gun shows or between individuals.

The Senate has not taken any action on the bill since the House passed it.


H.R. 1112 Bipartisan Background Checks Act

This bill would extend to at least 10 days the amount of time firearms dealers must wait for a response from the background check system before the sale can proceed. Currently, they can make the sale if they haven’t received a response in three days.

H.R. 1112 passed in February 2019 by a vote of 240-190. Like H.R. 8, the Senate has taken no action on the bill since it passed.

Senate Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer is among those calling for Congress’ recess to be cut short, as is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  She tweeted to Senator Mitch McConnell, who is responsible for the bills’ lack of progress, writing:  “The House passed HR8, a Bipartisan Background Checks Act, *5 months ago* and the Senate has yet to vote on it. It was one of our 1st major priorities after ending the gov shutdown. You’ve been sitting on it since February giving bogus excuses. Care to explain the people why?”


Please contact your elected representatives through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:

 In light of the country’s recent spate of gun murders including Gilroy, Dayton and Chicago, and especially in light of the El Paso massacre in which an AK-47 style assault rifle was used, I want to see Congress recalled immediately to address the nation’s gun death epidemic.

Two bills are with Senator Mitch McConnell – HR 8 and HR 1112:  these need to be put to a vote immediately, and Senator McConnell should be made to explain why he has sat on them since February. 

I will be watching to see what happens and how my representatives vote:  anyone who is still taking money from the NRA and who is not actively working to improve America’s gun laws will not be getting my vote.     It is a shame that Senator McConnell has suffered a broken bone:  but this must not stand in the way of calling Congress back from recess.

I am not remotely interested in your thoughts and prayers for those who have been killed:  I am only interested in your concrete actions to stop more avoidable gun murders. 

Find your congressperson here:

And/or copy Mitch McConnell on your message:

Mitch McConnell
Phone:  (270) 781-1673
Email:  (form)

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