Watch and share ‘back to school’ video from Sandy Hook Promise

September 2019 – With American school children returning to their classrooms, the gun law reform organisation Sandy Hook Promise created a powerful, moving video which has been watched and shared by millions.  Hopefully it will help spur our lawmakers to act and raise awareness of what risks we are subjecting young people to, not least the psychological harms.

The video depicts child actors at first behaving as if it were a normal, safe back to school day.

This soon turns terrifying and heartbreaking.

Young people are seen fleeing, hiding, getting ready to defend themselves – and sending messages to loved ones.

Please be aware of the warning that accompanies it – if you would find it too upsetting, then please do not watch.


Watch the video (if you feel able), and please consider sharing it, if appropriate to your circumstances.  And if you feel like leaving a comment on whatever platform you’ve watched it on such as a message of support, please do.

Links to video:


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Tell Kellyanne Conway we want gun law reform – whatever she says

Controversial advisor to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway has issued a bizarre statement, telling ‘liberals and socialists’ that the murder of innocent Americans should not be ‘an excuse’ to confiscate firearms.

“We’re not going to allow bad actors who should not have firearms in the first place, who then murder innocent Americans, to be an excuse for a bunch of liberals and socialists to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens who have legally procured them,” Conway told guest host Bill Hemmer on “Fox News Sunday.”

The whole ‘bad guy with a gun’ and ‘good guy with a gun’ misleading propaganda argument used by many pro-NRA officials seems to be a deliberate over-simplification of the complex issues surrounding the massive amount of firearms in circulation in America.  While Mrs Conway speaks of ‘bad actors’ she holds the contrary illogical position that background checks are a bad thing according to Rolling Stone.

The Rolling Stone article reads:  “Conway continued, “I’m not going to allow people who are constantly maligning and deriding our law enforcement to be in charge of public safety and public policy.” Conway also said, “We want this to be bipartisan” and then proceeded to do the complete opposite with her attack.”  Many One Pulse for America members will be aware of how often the country’s law enforcement agents have been found to be in the wrong; they are not immune from justified criticism on Conway’s say-so.

Conway is no stranger to controversy and scandal; she once claimed the Mueller report cleared Donald Trump, and invented a non-existent shooting crime at Bowling Green – which she blamed on refugees.

Conway is mired in controversy and has made bizarre rants, but perhaps this video which surfaced from 2007 appearing in Huffington News proves she is not fit for any White House post.  In this case she says “I always love to say to those gender studies people, if you say ‘abortion’ or ‘stem cells’ or ‘guns’ one more time, I’m going to perform one of those on you because, you know, with a gun, because you, by implication, are suggesting that women can’t do the math.”  Despite its fundamental illogic, it seems to be a threat to shoot.  We cannot have someone like her involved in government, let alone in serious debate over saving lives lost to gun crime.


Please contact Kellyanne Conway through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Mrs Conway – don’t for one minute think that someone as discredited as you are has any right to stand in the way of my right to fight for much-needed gun law reform.  You will not stop us, and I want to take a minute to remind people what you are like.

Your recent statement telling Democrats not to ask for gun reform laws, coupled with your opposition to proper background checks, is one in a long line of inconsistencies in your checkered career – one that will cost American lives.  Ideally you would be fired from your White House post or have the decency to resign.  Since neither is realistically going to happen, I will be happy to ignore your calls for Dems to ‘sit down’ on America’s gun epidemic, which your ill-thought-out words are helping to fuel. 

I watched the video of you threatening to shoot ‘gender studies’ people, and I want to remind others of that now, in case there is anyone who still takes anything you say seriously.  There is also your ridiculous statements on the fictitious ‘Bowling Green’ massacre that never was (you blamed refugees). You are now standing in the way of people like me who want to stop future avoidable gun massacres, and the sooner you stand down the better.  Here is that video of you threatening people:  you are not fit to hold any government office. .  RESIGN.


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Kellyanne Conway

Phone:  1-202-456-1414

Email:  (form)


Send threatened Beto O’Rourke a message of support

13 September 2019 – Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has reported Briscoe Cain to the FBI for tweeting the threat ‘my AR’s ready for you.’

O’Rourke said he wanted to get semi-automatic weapons of the type used in scores of American gun massacres out of public hands.

As reported in several news outlets,  Mr Cain responded to this call by tweeting to Mr O’Rourke:  “My AR  is ready for you Robert Francis.”

Mr O’Rourke responded: “This is a death threat, Representative. Clearly, you shouldn’t own an AR-15 – and neither should anyone else.”

The tide is turning against semi-automatic weapons across the country, with some 100 major US companies demanding Congress takes action in a letter sent earlier this week.

Mr Cain is rated by several organisations as being one of the most conservative elected representatives in the country, and he is also attached to the far right, religiously-intolerant, anti-gay group Operation_Save_America.

In 2018, police were called to remove Mr Cain from the state Democratic convention after he showed up with a pistol and pro-gun pamphlets, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Mr O’Rourke has made gun control a key plank of his White House campaign since 22 people were killed in a rampage at a Walmart in El Paso last month.

The offensive tweet was removed by Twitter for its threatening content.


Please contact Beto O’Rourke through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:


I  want you to know I applaud your brave stand to get semi-automatic weapons out of civilian hands.  We know from scores of  massacres that these weapons are used time and time again to kill innocent people swiftly , often in huge numbers.   I am with you and every candidate who opposes the NRA and  with the businesses who wrote to Congress demanding action on this issue. 

I wholly condemn the threatening message sent to you by Briscoe Cain, and support you in reporting this credible threat made by a man who in 2018, had to be removed by police from the state Democratic convention after he showed up with a pistol and pro-gun pamphlets.  It is bad enough that extremists threaten our elected representatives, but his conduct is particularly shocking as he is an attorney and an elected representative himself.  If he cannot respect the law, he has no business being in office.


As a member of One Pulse for America, the gun-reform group formed after the Pulse nightclub tragedy, I thank you for standing up despite the threats and intimidations.  I will be watching the FBI and if they do not act, I will be demanding that they do.  


For Twitter:  Thank you Beto for taking a much-needed stand on semi-automatic weapons – your crude critic Briscoe Cain just proves that the immature have weapons they shouldn’t. No one needs a semi- or automatic weapon.

Beto O’Rourke

Phone:  +1 915-730-3876





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Tell the NRA you support groups, companies that are standing up to them

12 September 2019

Gun law campaign groups and some of America’s biggest businesses are taking action against the NRA.

A coalition of several gun-law reform groups has sent a letter to US businesses demanding they halt all support for the National Rifle Association.

The coalition, which helped pressurize Walmart into stopping the sales of ammunition in its stores, said Walmart’s actions should accelerate corporate America’s march toward gun safety in the absence of congressional action.

NBC reported the group’s spokesperson as saying:  “Walmart’s actions established a higher standard for corporate responsibility in the gun reform arena and we’re glad Kroger, Walgreens, Wegmans and CVS have also moved in the right direction. But we believe that every major American employer has a moral and patriotic duty to go even further.”

In other developments, hundreds of Chief Executive Officers of some of America’s biggest companies sent a joint letter to Congress today, demanding they act on reforming gun laws.

The senate majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell has been sitting on bills geared to save lives since February:  during the months from February (when the bills came up) to now, America has seen gun massacres in several states.  He refused calls to reconvene the senate from recess early to deal with the tragedies at El Paso and Odessa.  McConnell is said to be taking a very undemocratic stance and is quoted as saying he will not put forward any bill the president will not sign.  Trump in the mean time changes his stance on gun law reform frequently.

Signatories of this letter include Levi Strauss, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Lyft; Apple, Facebook, and Google are among the notable absences from the list according to the Daily Beast.

Companies that have already taken a stance according to NBC include:

Citigroup – has set restrictions on the sale of firearms by its business customers;

Allied and North American van lines – stopped discounts for NRA members;

First National Bank of Omaha – will  not renew a contract with the NRA to issue a branded Visa card.

Enterprise Holdings Inc. – ending discounts for NRA members


Please contact the National Rifle Association through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


It is with absolute pleasure that I watch as one leading company after another distances itself from you and is demanding Congress reform America’s broken gun laws.

I would like to know why you think your interpretation of the 2nd Amendment should include automatic and semi-automatic weapons – and why you think a single life is less important than your self-serving, financially-profitable dogma.

It would be great if you replied, but whether or not you do, I want you to know that I will never vote for an NRA-funded candidate, and I will be doing as much business as possible with the businesses and services that are standing up to you.


For Twitter:

@NRA It is a pleasure to watch as 1 leading company after another distances itself from the @NRA and is demanding Congress reform America’s broken gun laws. I will never vote for an NRA-funded candidate, and I will do business with the companies standing up to you


Phone:  (800) 672-3888

Email:  (form)




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Tell Patreon to ban man who made video about shooting David Hogg

9 September 2019 – a far right-wing, pro-gun blogger posted a video of himself using a high-powered rifle to shoot a life-size cardboard image of Parkland survivor David Hogg .

Frank Espinoza, sometimes using the name ‘LA Werewolf’ is known for controversy and has had his Twitter and YouTube accounts closed down in the past.


The crowdfunding website Patreon, meant for people to support artists and creatives they like, appears to still have an account for him where he earns about $300 a month according to Newsweek.

With his latest ‘performance art’ piece as he calls it, Espinoza has basically incited violence with his hate speech and action.  Ideally the law should be dealing with him.  In the meantime, it is not acceptable that he profits from activities that include threatening the life of David Hogg, one of the Parklands shooting survivors who is doing so much to stop further senseless gun deaths.


Please contact Patreon through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I am horrified to learn Frank Espinoza has a space on your crowdfunding site where he is earning an estimated $300 per month.  Please suspend his account permanently.

You will be aware of his recent video where he has made a life-size image of Parklands shooting victim David Hogg, who is now a campaigner for gun law reform.  Taking this image to a shooting range, Espinoza proceeds to shoot it some ten times with a high-powered rifle.

This is incitement to violence and is obscene as far as I am concerned, and I’m not alone in thinking that way.  I hope to see him face charges for this video, which to me is a death threat.  If Patreon continues to give him a method of making money, I will hold you morally responsible for any violence he inspires, and Patreon may well wind up being legally responsible too.

Your site is a great place for artists – why is Espinoza there?  Please reply and tell me that he has been removed for good.

Email: (form)




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Share video with your reps of how an AR round explodes in the body

6 September 2019 – Against the backdrop of the recent assault rifle massacres, we still have the NRA and some politicians insisting that having an assault rifle is somehow a ‘right’.  Some of these people even claim it is a ‘god-given right’.  Most of those who favour assault rifles in public hands have received donations for having such a stance:  but how much do they actually understand of what an assault rifle does to a human body?

After assault weapon tragedies, we hear about the dead and what kind of people they were.  We see photos of mourners and floral tributes.  Many people in this group will fully understand what different kinds of rounds do to the human body, but the gory details of just how horrific being shot is get left out of the press coverage:  it’s too horrifying for the public to digest.    For instance after the Sandy Hook massacre, then Vice President Biden saw what happened, describing it as so horrific the American people would not be able to deal with it.  Maybe the public and lawmakers need to spend time thinking about that horror.

It is time that everyone was made fully aware of the difference between a handgun wound and an assault rifle wound – especially those lawmakers who, like Texas Governor Abbott, and Texas Rep Matt Schaefer, think having such a weapon is a right.  This action will ensure they can’t claim they were ignorant of the facts.

The image on the left shows a round entering a block of material simulating human tissues; in both a handgun or an assault rifle, the initial inch of an entry wound for both is the same – a straight path.  A handgun round is likely to stay on that straight path.  

If you are shot with a handgun, the velocity of the bullet is such that you may be ‘lucky’ – comparatively speaking – and get a wound that is a straight entry hole that can be treated.  The excruciating pain, shock, trauma and blood loss and the mental and emotional impact of such an event cannot be underestimated, physically treatable or not.

If you are shot with a AR 15 or other assault rifle, things are far, far more deadly.  For maybe an inch or so, the round makes a straightforward wound.  Then, because of the nature of the weapon, the velocity of the round:  the bullet will basically explode and create a cavity of destroyed, blasted, shredded tissue.

The image on the left (Vice News) shows that same block being exploded by an automatic rifle round; inside that ‘bubble’ from the explosive force of the round, tissue is being shredded and liquified.  

As one expert on the subject puts it, a handgun wound victim is likely to make it to the hospital; the assault weapon victim is far less likely to survive that long, and is likely to have injuries that cannot be remedied.  One radiologist who dealt with the aftermath of the Stoneman shooting told The Atlantic about one victim’s wounds, “Nothing was left to repair—and utterly, devastatingly, nothing could be done to fix the problem. The injury was fatal.” 

Some of our lawmakers put the ‘right’, ‘god-given’ or not, for people to own this kind of weapon over the right of children to life and to a life without fear,  without ‘live shooter’ drills.  Children are being made to accept such things are ‘normal’, which has psychological impact and which also can desensitize some to the gun death epidemic.

I am not going to apologize for the graphic nature of this action or for the contents of this video – which should be shared with every lawmaker who refuses to support reasonable gun law reform.  Here’s the link for the video; please do watch it if you haven’t already seen a video on the subject:  


Please contact your state governor through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking (and please feel free to contact Mitch McConnell – who is sitting on federal gun law bills; Texas Governor Abbott and Texas Rep Matt Schaefer too).  This message is short enough for a tweet:


You must act to keep us safe from assault weapons: do you know a round from an assault rifle explodes in the body, liquifying tissues and organs?  If you’re for this, I’m against you. Watch this video: no one needs an assault rifle. 

Find your state governor here:

Mitch McConnell
(form)  Facebook:

Governor Abbott

Matt Schaeffer

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Tell Texas Governor he’s responsible for future Texas gun deaths

1 September 2019 – Last year, 2,490 Texans died due to gun incidents; the 2019 toll still rises.  Today, Governor Abbott signed a raft of ten bills that is guaranteed to make that number rise even higher.  This is against the backdrop of the very recent El Paso and Odessa gun massacres.

Governor Abbott said at the 2018 Dallas NRA convention: “The problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God.”  The problem is guns, ammunition, and the big money pushing out a pro-gun message via paid-for politician.

It’s a bit complicated figuring out what lobbyists, industries, individuals and charities have contributed to Abbott’s eye-watering $78 million campaign war chest,  but when he ran for governor in 2014, he got the NRA’s blessing and its ‘A’ rating.

He won’t face re-election until 2022, but he already raised $12 million for the campaign:  in a two-week period.

Texas needs a leader who is not in the NRA pocket and who will address the gun epidemic in Texas.  Abbott is currently making a big deal of a new initiative that will increase reporting of ‘suspicious activity’.  What he did before that was to make it impossible for churches and schools to ban guns, allow people to have guns in the streets during states of emergency (can you imagine the carnage?) and more – see here for details of the ten gun-law loosening bills he approved.   


Please contact Governor Abbott through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:


I feel sick to see you signed ten bills which further loosen gun laws in Texas. Knowing you did this in the wake of the recent gun massacres makes it all the worse.

I know that your campaign gets millions of dollars from a variety of sources; I know that you have an A rating from the NRA, and I know that you don’t come up for re-election until 2022.

But what I want you to know is that for every future gun death  in Texas that might have been avoided if you had acted differently, I hold you personally, morally responsible.

San Francisco has rightly deemed the NRA to be a terrorist organisation.  Its spokespeople have called for Democrats to be shot and journalists to be killed – specifically curb-stomped.  And you are proud to sign laws they endorse.

I am ashamed that someone like you holds office, and I will do my best to ensure anyone I know in Texas votes against you when they can.  I will certainly be avoiding those that fund you and/or donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to your inaugural party – such a HEB and AT&T.

You once said that ‘hearts without god’ are what causes gun violence.  Easily-available guns and ammunition are what cause gun violence:  and NRA-subservient politicians such as you.

I don’t think there is any remote chance you will rescind those ten laws – but you should.  Your new ‘suspicious activities’ programme does remotely exonerate you for the future deaths those ten bills will facilitate.

I will be watching developments in Texas closely.  Each time there is a further massacre, I’ll hold you responsible and will message you to remind you what you’ve done.  

Once you have made contact, fill out the three fields below and click the orange banner to report taking action!


Phone:  (512) 463-2000

Email: (form)



Reprimand Texas Rep who tweeted ‘guns are a god-given right’ after Odessa massacre

Odessa, TX 1 September 2019 – Seven people are dead and approximately 17 others are injured – including an infant – after America’s latest mass murder enabled by gun proliferation, Texas’s weak laws on gun control, and the NRA.

When gun law reform individuals and groups take to social media demanding change after tragedies, they are are always told by pro-gun factions ‘it’s too soon to talk about gun control’ or ‘don’t politicise shootings’.

However, it seems that Texas Representative Matt Schaefer feels he is not too soon in saying guns are a ‘god given right’ and that he will not do anything – not a single thing –  to stop the problem: other than praying.  He tweeted:

The picture (left) is of 17-month-old Anderson Davis – shot in the face by the killer.

Texas is about to further loosen its lax gun laws; we will take a separate action soon to the state governor.

#DoSomething is a social media hashtag that was created to link tweets and posts asking for gun law reform.




Please contact Matt Schaefer through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:


For Twitter:

 @RepMattSchaefer You tweeted ‘guns are a god-given right’ after the murder of 7 and wounding of 17 in TX: this is unacceptable. Killing is not a god-given right, and AR-type weapons are for killing. You may want to resign and let someone who’s competent take over #DoSomething

(For Facebook, just use the message above, and customize it.  There is a long thread on his page where he is being condemned – let’s be counted in there too).





Finally, if you are in a position to make a donation, large or small (and many of us just can’t – that’s fine), here is the Go Fund Me link for helping Anderson Davis; she’s had operations, and is likely to continue to need them as she grows – probably for most of her life. 


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‘Good guy with a gun’ myth is destroyed: tell your elected reps

In an explosive Colorado Sun article, the myth of a ‘good guy with a gun’ who will stop school shootings is discredited forever:  tell your elected representatives they can never hide behind it ever again.

The Colorado Sun reports on findings following a deadly school shooting in May:  “STEM School Highlands Ranch asked the private security company hired last year to patrol the K-12 campus to make sure its security guards were unarmed.

“But when two students began a deadly attack at their school in May, the on-duty guard not only had a gun, but court records indicate he shot and wounded an uninvolved student while accidentally firing at a responding sheriff’s deputy.

“Additionally, the gun the guard was carrying appears to have been concealed because ‘STEM administration and leadership were not aware that the guard was armed,’ the school said in a written statement.”

The deadly attack by two students was bad enough – but this guard, concealing a deadly weapon in violation of the school district’s law, shot a student.

The security guard was apparently from the local sheriff’s office, and would likely have had weapons training from that role.


The NRA and its paid-for elected officials like to tell us that having ‘a good guy with a gun’ is the cure for any and all mass shootings:  after this excellent piece of investigation by the Colorado Sun, make sure that they don’t ever try to pull that myth again.

Imagine how terrifying it was for all those students – and for a student who was shot by a security guard who should not have had a gun in the first place.

Douglas County School District policy forbids private security guards from carrying concealed guns on its campuses.


Please contact your congresspeople through the link below (and by all means contact your State Governor if you wish too) and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


The NRA makes the argument that mass shootings including school shootings can be stopped if there are armed personnel on site.  In a shocking case from Douglas County, CO, we now know that ‘good guys with guns’ do shoot innocent people.

The US gun slaughter epidemic  militarizing our schools, which should be carefree places for learning in a secure environment without the fear of violence or the need for petrifying active shooter drills,

Instead of creating meaningful gun laws, many politicians have been instead encouraging an escalation, and not only want to have armed personnel in schools, some are actually wanting teachers to cross-train as potential deadly force security.  The claim that ‘one good guy with a gun’ is the rallying cry for such NRA-funded representatives:  but after the Colorado STEM school incident in May, this logic has been discredited forever.

A security guard – who should not have been carrying a gun – had a concealed weapon.  When two students went on a murderous shooting rampage at the school:  this guard actually shot and wounded a student who was merely a bystander.

We know that many semi-automatic weapons fire many rounds per second, and many high-powered weapons can be used from a great distance:  having  an armed ‘good guy’ could not have stopped the Los Vegas massacre, and now we have proof that in the heat of an event, a ‘good guy’ is likely to shoot an innocent person.

I want to take this opportunity to ensure you know that in the next elections I will only be voting for candidates who have signed up to March for our Lives’ Peace Plan. If you haven’t signed, you need to.  I want you to write back at your first convenience and tell me whether or not you have signed.  You will not get my vote if you don’t, and I will be watching this closely.  Here’s where you sign up: .

Find your congressperson here:

Find your state governor here:

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Take the NRA Survey and tell them how you feel

August 2019 – The National Rifle Association has a new survey, which seems more like a PR exercise and fundraiser – you are asked to donate after taking it.

The questions are of course loaded and not balanced as you would expect from the pro-gun lobbyists.

For instance the survey asks “Do you agree that law-abiding citizens should be forced to submit to mandatory gun registration or else forfeit their guns and their freedom?” – the NRA equates its false interpretation of the Second Amendment (they always ignore the ‘well-regulated militia’ portion of the amendment).

Why wouldn’t a law-biding citizen want their gun registered?  Is it against freedom then that people need to register their cars?


Let us tell the NRA what we think of them and their survey.

Follow this link and answer their questions: .

One Pulse for America will not tell you how to answer them, but as a member of the group, we know you will tell the NRA you want guns registered and semi-automatic weapons off our streets.

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