Pledge to vote against NRA candidates

May 2022:  A white supremacist brought domestic terrorism to a Buffalo supermarket, killing 10.  An 18-year-old who had recently, legally bought two AR15 assault rifles and hundreds of rounds killed 21 at a primary school in Uvalde.  These and other killers are unambiguously enabled by the NRA and its virtual ownership of the elected officials it contributes millions of dollars to.  These governors and Congresspeople deliberately block gun law reform and some, like Texas Governor Abbott, pass laws weakening gun restrictions. Abbott has a 100% approval rating from the NRA.  Mitch McConnell flaunted democratic principles and proudly stopped two bipartisan gun law reform bills.   He’s had over $1 million in donations from the NRA.  We pledge to VOTE THEM OUT.

In 2020, 45,000 people died in gun violence in the US, over half were suicides, and 19,000 died in violent incidents.

No other country in peacetime in the west has anything like these figures.

The NRA puts in place politicians who support its rhetoric and who thwart all attempts at gun law reforms.

We just learned in a new article from Fortune that the gun lobby outspent the gun law reform groups by five times in the last elections.  We cannot allow the country to be run by those who have more money than respect for the lives of those taken or otherwise impacted by gun violence: Voting is essential.


Please contact your Governor and/or Congresspeople through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking – and/or post this message to your personal social media:


For the victims of gun violence in Buffalo, Uvalde, Sandy Hook, Parkland, and every victim of gun violence, I pledge to vote against any candidate for office who accepts donations from the NRA.  

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For the victims of gun violence in Buffalo, Uvalde, Sandy Hook, Parkland, and every victim of gun violence, I pledge to vote against any candidate for office who accepts donations from the NRA.  Share if you agree.

Boulder Killings: NRA fought for the ‘freedom’ of shooter to have AR-15

15 March, Boulder, CO – the National Rifle Association claimed a ‘victory’ after a courtroom decision stopped any limits on how assault-style rifles and ammunition can be transferred.  The NRA’s publication brags that “…a judge in the Centennial state gave law-abiding gun owners something to celebrate.”

22 March, Boulder, CO – ten people ranging in age from 20 to 65 including a police officer were murdered by a man with an assault-style rifle.   The NRA’s twitter feed makes zero mention of its role in this latest loss of life; the NRA is ironically re-tweeting the text of the 2nd Amendment.  The man who took the lives of ten people was not part of any well-regulated militia and the NRA know this.

The ABC news coverage in the link above includes comments from people who were there.  One woman explains how she and a child escaped from the back of the store when the shooting started. Crying, she explains she saw a person sprawled out and wanted to help them; the child explained to her it was too late.

There is virtually no other wealthy nation in peacetime that lives the way Americans are forced to live because of the NRA and its self-serving interpretation of what a well-regulated militia is.  This has to change.


George Takei, founder of One Pulse for America, tweeted : ” A better way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to not let that bad guy buy a gun so easily. Text UNIVERSAL to 34131 to let your senators know that you take this seriously and to demand universal background checks.”

Jay Kuo of One Pulse will have a piece for us shortly on the NRA – keep an eye on our Facebook page


Please follow George Takei’s lead and contact your senators by texting UNIVERSAL to 34131.  This will tell them you demand universal background checks.  We do have a real chance with the current makeup of Congress for positive, life-saving change.


If you have Twitter then please like and share  George’s Tweet here 


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Sign letter to President-Elect Biden, send messages of support

On the 10th anniversary of the Tucson Arizona shooting, President-Elect Joe Biden issued a statement on the tragedy, discussing the wounding of his friend Gabby Giffords, one of those shot that day.

Mr Biden said: “As President, I pledge to continue to work together with Congresswoman Giffords, and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country, to defeat the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in America.”

The NRA is unsurprisingly livid at this promise.

To add your name to the letter, simply add your name, town and state to this Action Alert post on our Facebook page.  Our letter will be the text as shown below.

Please add your name to our collective letter and/or contact President-Elect Joe Biden through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:


Dear President-Elect Biden

Your large victory over incumbent Trump gives you a clear mandate, and I am delighted you will be our 46th president.  I am writing to you as a member of One Pulse for America, the 81,000-strong gun law reform group formed by George Takei following the Pulse Nightclub shooting.  Please know you have my full support when it comes to stopping the gun death epidemic as you rightly put it in your statement on the anniversary of the Tucon Arizona shooting.

The interpretation the NRA puts on the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with a well-regulated militia.  The NRA is not an educational body; it is a Russian-funded lobbying group hit by scandal after scandal – while tens of thousands die needlessly each year, victims of woefully-inadequate gun laws.

We cannot tolerate armed insurgents in our nation’s capitol, in our state capitols and on our streets.  Thank you for prioritizing gun law reform.

We the undersigned stand with you, and congratulate you, Vice-President Elect Harris, and your team on your election.




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Monday 2 November 2020 – Tomorrow is election day, and while we would never tell you how to vote, we will tell you which candidates support life-saving gun law reform (Biden/Harris, McGrath in Kentucky).  We can also tell you who has done u-turns on their previous gun law promises (Trump) and who has single-handedly used their position to stop bipartisan bills the Houses sent to the Senate and brags about it (Mitch McConnell).  We can share information about the NRA’s expenditure on candidates.

Some forces are at work to make Americans afraid to go to the polls.  Many of us have thought such times were in the past – we were wrong.  We have seen our fellow citizens pepper-sprayed.  We have seen a Biden convoy dangerously attacked on the roads of Texas.  We have seen armed, threatening men trying to intimidate voters at the polls. We have seen ballots misplaced in Florida and we have seen voting lines made as long and as uncomfortable as possible.  Everyone who has made it past these obstacles to vote – whoever for – is a hero.  We need to have a government that will abolish these and myriad other problems, and we can get that:  if we all vote.


To take this action:  VOTE, and ask at least one other person in your family/group of close friends to vote as well.

This may give you an opportunity to discuss the important issues of this election, not least we need to change the system which takes 40,000 peoples ‘ lives every year through gun deaths.

If you have already voted, please fill in the fields below to show you have voted.  If you are voting tomorrow, please fill the fields in afterwards.

This election and America’s gun laws are a matter of life and death, so thank you for taking one of the most important actions you can:  voting.


Thank NY AG James for Challenging NRA!

6 August, 2020, New York – The State Attorney General filed a lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association.

Ms James tweeted concerning the NRA’s self-dealing and illegal conduct.

While this may not get the desired outcome, this is a crucial, brave challenge to the NRA.



Please contact _Attorney General James through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


As a member of One Pulse for America, and as someone who cares about the lives of those who die because of out-of-control gun violence, I welcome your lawsuit against the NRA.

I am well aware a Senate subcommittee determined that the NRA is a Russian Asset – and I think this has not yet been acted on with the severity required.  I sincerely thank you for taking them to task.

-or- send this tweet:

As one of the 81,000 members of gun law reform group One Pulse For America, thank you for this move. The NRA is a Russian asset as a Senate subcommittee concluded – and we are glad you are addressing its illegal conduct.





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Ahmaud Arbery – FBI must widen its investigation

Ahmaud Abrey ABC news

UPDATE:  in two days, 489 One Pulse for America members signed this letter, a further 109 One Pulse for America members have contacted the FBI directly, as recorded in our database, and a further 30 people approximately indicated they wished to sign, but did not supply a home town and state.  This makes a total of 628 people.

8 May 2010 – Ahmaud Arbery would have been 26 today, but he was executed by two gun-wielding white men in February.  They claim the unarmed black jogger must have been a burglary suspect – so they killed him.  Virtually nothing was done:  no arrests made, no plans to have any kind of legal action was taken.  The father and son duo, Gregory and Travis McMichael, claimed Mr Arbery somehow started it; this claim soon evaporated when a damning video showed up.  The footage seems to have led to a grand jury being convened.  As many are saying, the grand jury is being convened not because the authorities saw the video, it’s because WE saw the video.

Ahmaud Abrey ABC news
Glynn County police said on 28 April – nearly two months after the shooting – they were ‘gathering evidence’ – this excluded arresting and questioning the men.

It is not hard to imagine what would have happened instead if the jogger was white and the two shooters were black.

The tragic story also destroys some myths used by the pro-gun NRA and other factions.  They would have you believe that ‘good guys with guns’ need weapons to stay safe, and the people who get guns and have permits are all trained, professional, ‘good guys’.  It is likely the men who killed Mr Arbery had the correct registrations and permits (as loose as Georgia’s laws are):  the NRA would have you believe that gun-owners like them are law-abiding people who are very responsible.  These myths never held water and don’t hold any water going forward.   If the men in the truck had mobile phones and no guns, they could have called the police to report siting a possible suspect (how they think they recognized Mr Arbery needs to be examined, as does whether or not they placed any such call or just killed – it looks like they just killed).  It’s likely the police would have arrested Mr Arbery unlike their failure to arrest those who killed him.  Still, he would be alive.

Aside from the glaringly-obvious fact the public is supposed to telephone police if they think they see a possible suspect and not shoot the person dead, the shocking behavior, inaction, and procedural errors on the part of the state demand investigation.  It certainly looks like racism, conspiracy, and ignorance were why no one was arrested at the time.  The McMichaels enjoyed months of freedom, and had a long opportunity to work on their stories, tamper with evidence, while enjoying their lives while Mr Arbery was dead and his family mourned.


We will send the following open letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, copying in various other bodies.  After careful deliberation, looking at the behavior of Georgia’s Governor down to the law enforcement agencies involved here, it is pointless to ask these people to investigate their own serious problems.

Please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


TO: The Federal Bureau of Investigation

CC:  S Lee Merritt (attorney for Ahmaud Arbery’s family), ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Vic Reynolds – Georgia Bureau of Investigation, The Supreme Court of Georgia, Derrick Johnson – president of the NAACP


Is Georgia institutionally racist?  We believe the evidence speaks for itself and the answer sadly is ‘yes, definitely’.  

The murder of Ahmaud Arbery is one of the most outrageous cases that lead to that conclusion; sadly, it is not unique in Georgia’s history.  We are aware the FBI is investigating this case.  We write to ask the FBI to widen its scope and investigate more broadly how racism operates within the State of Georgia’s law enforcement agencies and governor’s office.  

How can the execution of an unarmed jogger who is black by two white men not even lead to an immediate arrest?  Institutionalized, entrenched racism seems to be the answer to that question, and the entire state needs to be part of an investigation by an independent external body.  We know the FBI prioritizes hate crime, and as we have no confidence in Georgia to investigate its own corruption, we call upon the FBI to act.

We write to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery, his family, friends and community.   We are disgusted that months elapsed with no arrests, and we are only too aware of the opportunities the suspects have had to synchronize their stories, alter or destroy evidence, and/or influence the outcome of legal action.  We will be watching intently, and we expect to see justice done and expect long custodial sentences for anyone found guilty of executing an unarmed person, especially as race has clearly played a part throughout this situation.  We also feel such an outcome is not likely unless the investigation we ask for is held.

We want to see Georgia implement hate crime legislation; it is one of the few states that do not have any such provisions.  We demand Georgia upholds Federal hate crime legislation.  USA Today quotes Georgia Bureau of Investigations Director Vic Reynolds as saying:  “There’s no hate crime (law) in Georgia.”  I would remind Mr Reynolds, one of the parties on copy of this letter,  and the GBI that there are federal hate crime laws and these should be applied here, eg The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009.  No stone, no piece of relevant legislation can be ignored in this case.

S Lee Merritt, attorney for the deceased’s family, said and we agree: “Prosecutors will need a grand jury in order to formally indict these men, but that has nothing to do with actually going out and arresting the men seen on camera murdering a 25-year-old unarmed black man…  The prosecutors actually have the option, if they so choose to, to directly indictment [sic] and skip the entire grand jury process,” he added. “It’s something that happens all the time in our legal system, and this would certainly be an appropriate moment.”  We demand an explanation as to how the grand jury route was chosen, who was involved, and this too should be part of the broader, essential investigation.

 It speaks volumes that shooter Gregory McMichaels is a retired Glynn County police officer and investigator with Brunswick’s district attorney’s office.  We demand a re-examination of every case he was involved in, however long that may take.  If this retired ‘professional’ thinks he is at liberty to execute suspects, then the public needs to know what other wrongs he may have committed, and whether they were racially-motivated. 

We need to find out what hate groups the McMichael may be involved in:  are they Klan members, neo-Nazis, far-right violence advocates?  We demand that no one involved in a hate group be permitted to work in any aspect of law enforcement or indeed the entire public sector.

We write as members of gun law reform group One Pulse for America, and normally we would write to a state governor to appeal for intervention in such a situation.  However, we have seen photos of Governor Kemp posing happily with a white man wearing an anti-Islam t-shirt.  We are aware of black community leaders’ feelings about Mr Kemp re-opening the state during Covid19 situation, and how this is very likely to particularly harm black citizens.  Kemp is tied to voter suppression, and is linked to cancelling 1.4 million voter registrations.  Kemp is also an endorsed supporter of the discredited NRA, linked forever with Russian agents, Russian money and Russian election tampering.  We don’t want to appeal for his help:  we want to appeal for your investigation to examine him too.

Georgia’s gun laws are some of the loosest in the country; it is no wonder its shooting and gun death statistics are so appalling .

More lives will be lost, more injustices done and an independent, sweeping, thorough investigation into racism in Georgia’s law enforcement system must be conducted to try to correct this unacceptable status quo.  We demand this investigation be convened as soon as possible.  We also demand full transparency on the murder of Mr Arbery and want everyone culpable in mismanagement of the case investigated too.

To Mr Arbery’s family, friends, community we send our condolences, and One Pulse for America will be happy to take actions to demonstrate our support alongside you.  Please let us know how to help.

We want the FBI to reply to our letter.  We invite those on copy, whether they are  part of the problem or the community organizations we are reaching out to, to send us their thoughts too.  We will be only too happy to take other relevant actions to fight against Georgia’s out-of-control gun culture and racism.

  1.  If you want your name on the letter, then please add your name, hometown and state on the post.
  2. If you want to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation on your own, use the text above, customizing as you wish and send to:

Phone:  (202) 324-3000




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Call out the NRA over its attack on Canada

The NRA, awash with Russian money and spies, is trying to hide behind the flag and the Constitution, and is whining about Canada’s new gun law. The gun lobbyists who normally tell people such as celebrities to ‘stay in their lane’ have decided to deride Canada’s new lifesaving legislation.

Earlier this year Nova Scotia saw its worst-ever gun massacre which left 22 dead.  This swiftly led to new legislation banning assault-style weapons.  Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the press: “These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada.  Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country.”

The NRA is triggered – a phrase their members often use to attack gun control activists who campaign for gun law reform.  Let’s point out their several hypocrisies.  The NRA pushes an exaggerated version of the 2nd Amendment and tries to ridicule and shut down any debate – yet they claim to uphold American values such as freedom of speech.  The NRA wants to be thought of as true blue patriots and yet took funds from Russian operatives close to Putin – operatives who wanted to influence the 2016 election.  NRA supporters (including Trump) regularly point to crimes in other countries and claim if citizens were armed, the crimes wouldn’t have happened – ignoring heavily-armed America’s sky-high gun death toll.  They don’t want anyone outside of America to try and tell them what to do (except the Russians presumably) but the NRA now wants to tell Canada what to do.  The NRA is giving us whiplash with its ever-changing positions and complete lack of consistency.


Ridicule the NRA’s untenable, illogical position on social media – let people see that you disagree with the NRA; this will encourage others to follow.

Please contact Russia’s Asset the NRA through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:

We’re used to NRA exaggeration and your hyperbole but you’re beyond embarrassing when you criticize Canada’s sensible, democratically-driven ban on military grade, assault-style weapons.

You carp on about your patriotism  – all the while your organization took money from Russia and welcomed Russian operatives such as Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin.  I’m amazed that after a Senate sub-committee found the NRA to be a Russian Asset you have the nerve to keep pretending you are somehow patriotic.  And now the NRA has the gall to criticize Canada in your tweet using the American flag which is really, really embarrassing.  You most definitely do not speak for all Americans, and it’s great to see you are in financial difficulty.

More and more people are seeing through your scandals and ill-logic, and that’s great news to me.  Congratulations to the people of Canada who actually value lives on their sensible gun control legislation; they really don’t care what the NRA thinks – if it thinks at all.

Canada really triggered you, and for an organisation that likes to call its critics ‘snowflakes’ your tweet is sheer hypocrisy.  After that pathetic tweet trying to tell Canada what to do, the NRA can never tell any gun law reform activist to ‘stay in their lane’ again.

-OR- recommended reply to their tweet:

Thank you Canada for showing sense. NRA – a Senate sub-committee deemed you to be a Russian Asset for taking Russian money and aiding Russian operatives who tried to tamper with the 2016 election. No one buys your fake patriotism, and I’m so glad you’re in financial trouble.


 Phone:  800 672 3888
Facebook: (NB they block posts, may block comments too)
Twitter: – link to their tweet

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70-80% of the comments are anti NRA, let’s keep that ratio up – it really does matter.

Call out the NRA on their dangerous, paranoia-inducing video

21 March 2020 – the NRA has released a video of a disabled woman – basically telling everyone society is going to collapse and they must get a gun.

This paranoid, violence-inciting video would have you believe there is no well-regulated militia – no local police, no state troopers, no armed forces, no national guard, no FBI.

No, according to Carletta Whiting, you must have a gun to defend your property – asap.

The funny thing is Ms Whiting, who can’t be found on Twitter for the record, wants your sympathy because she is vulnerable to the Corona virus.

But she wants it both ways:  on the one hand we have to fear for her health because of the pandemic – but on the other hand, we apparently have to allow people to risk further spreading the disease by standing in long lines, going into gun shops, handling guns and money (bearing in mind the virus can live for hours and days on some surfaces).  If she’s scared of society breaking down then she should be fighting the spread of the disease, not getting ready to kill whoever might hypothetically try to rob her.

We know children are getting shot and dying from finding loaded guns; does she really think that panicky, inexperienced people possibly going into a lockdown situation should think this is the best time to get a lethal weapon?  The NRA’s irresponsible advert smacks to many as tokenism, fear-mongering, violence-inducing:  let’s tell them this is not the time for their Russian-funded scaremongering.  We have a well-regulated militia – it’s the police, the state troopers, the national guard and the armed forces.  It is not scared, inexperienced, paranoid people with guns like her.


Please contact the NRA through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I’ve just watched the vile video featuring Carletta Whiting in which she says everyone who wants a gun should have one, strongly implying society will break down because of the Corona Virus.  If she is actually a person who is vulnerable to it, can you or she explain why she wants people going to gun shops and risk spreading the disease more widely?  How many ways do you people want it?

We have a second amendment that allows for a well-regulated militia – and we have that:  we have police, state troopers, the national guard, the armed forces.  I want them keeping order, not some people made paranoid by your dangerous stunt who have run out and bought a gun because of the NRA.

I’m also not forgetting for a second that you are a Russian-funded, Russian-spy infiltrated organisation; a senate sub-committee found this to be the case, and the sooner you’re out of business the better off we’ll all be.

While millions are busy trying to help their neighbors during this crisis, you want everyone to think that looting and riots are the inevitable conclusion:  you are promoting a dangerous agenda, and I’m shocked at your self-serving greed even more than ever.

You didn’t find time to talk about the children who have been injured and killed so far this year because of legally-owned guns left loaded in homes:  that is down to you too.  If frightened people do run out and get guns and rounds, risking spreading the disease because of you, I hold you responsible for the inevitable injuries and deaths your ad will have contributed to.  How much more blood do you want on your hands?


Suggested Tweet:

NRA is a Russian asset; a Senate sub committee proved NRA links to Russian spies, money, but here they are, making us paranoid, making us forget there are police, state troops, FBI to uphold the law. No more innocent lives lost 2 gun culture. Join @1Pulse4America help us fight

Phone:  800 672 3888
Facebook: (NB they block posts, may block comments too)

The link to the Tweet in question is here:

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Call out NRA’s LGBT tokenism

Washington DC, 26 February 2020 – The National Rifle Association would have you believe it’s suddenly LGBT-friendly.  The evidence?  It has a gay employee.

Gay D.C. resident William ‘Billy’ McLaughlin, who serves as Digital Director for the National Rifle Association spoke at a meeting of some 50 people, where he is reported to have said:

When I started at the NRA I assumed a culture of anti-LGBTQ – but it was the opposite,” he said. “Our former executive director stood up at our annual meeting and said, ‘We fight for you whether you’re black, white, rich, poor, gay or straight, because your life matters equally. You have every right to be proud of it and every right to defend it, and the National Rifle Association is proud to represent you.’”

According to Washington Blade, McLaughlin was quoting from remarks by Chris W. Cox, former executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, which coordinates the NRA’s congressional lobbying efforts.

Here are some documented remarks NRA leaders and policy makers have made over time:

Ken Blackwell, NRA Board member:  “If love and commitment make a marriage, why cannot brothers and sisters marry? Or fathers and daughters?

“What the District Council has done is to open the door to polygamy, to incest.

“There is no basis in law or logic for denying such persons their desire for so-called marriage equality.  The reason I call this measure counterfeit marriage is because these false marriage bills have the same effect on true marriage that counterfeiting money has on real money. Secret Service Agents are trained to spot counterfeit money.”

Wayne Anthony Ross, NRA Board Member (quote sourced from Coalition against Gun Violence) “ ‘homophobe’ … [is used]  to designate one who is disgusted by sexual perversion, in which sense it is quite incorrect, because fear or terror, either reasonable or unreasonable, is implied.”

and this gem: “[The 2009 Anchorage Homosexual Rights Ordinance, which outlawed employment discrimination against LGBTQ people] seems to give extra rights to a group whose lifestyle was a crime only a few years ago, and whose beliefs are certainly immoral in the eyes of anyone with some semblance of intelligence and moral character. It is a shame that you folks don’t have some causes you could become involved in that are of benefit to society in general. Instead, you support degenerates.”

And high-profile former NRA board member, Ted Nugent:  “If the NBA had any true gay convictions, the NBA should host a Homosexual Night. During halftime, the homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands and prance around the court to music by the Village People. The NBA could then give each homosexual a pink basketball as a symbol of solidarity.”

Meanwhile, the pinned tweet on McLaughlin’s Twitter profile page is this:

I wrote an op-ed about being gay and working for the @NRA . The tolerant left called me homophobic and fat. Conservatives called me a patriot and a friend. I am proud to be gay and proud to work for the world’s greatest civil rights org. Thanks, @TomiLahren , for having me on.



Let’s give Mr McLaughlin the benefit of the doubt and assume he had the colossal ignorance of having no idea the NRA was virtually synonymous with anti LGBT sentiment, and educate him.

Please contact ‘Billy’ McLaughlin through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:


I’m amazed anyone can be gay and at the same time support the NRA.  I’m a member of One Pulse for America, founded by George Takei after the horrific Pulse nightclub shooting, when a homophobic killer took the lives of 49 people because they were gay.  He should never have been able to obtain any weapon. We’re trying to stop this happening again, and wonder why you aren’t.

In the meantime, open this link to see a small fraction of what NRA board members think of your lifestyle.  NRA board members call gay people immoral degenrates. You’re being used.  Tell me, how do you manage to support such people?

Phone: (NRA) +1 877-672-2000

Email: (NRA – tell them it’s for Billy McLaughlin)

Facebook: (I couldn’t find him; any one have any luck, let me know)



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Thank Spike Lee for standing up to NRA

Feb 16, St Sabina – Spike Lee took a stand against the NRA in a speech that followed yet another week of bloodshed in the Chicago area.

Spike Lee – Chicago Sun Times Image

As the Chicago Sun Times reports, Mr Lee said:  “I think that we gotta take down the NRA.

“We have more guns than any other country on God’s planet, and we’re all getting tired,” Lee told reporters on Sunday.

The paper also reported it was Rev. Michael Pfleger, a staunch anti-violence advocate, invited Lee to speak at his church on Sunday, honoring him with an award and heralding the Academy Award winner as “the Dr. King of the film industry.”


During his speech, Lee urged the young people in attendance to pursue higher education and encouraged them to follow their creative instincts.

“You were brought to this Earth to do good things,” Lee said after meeting each youngster on hand for the service.

Like it or not, we are in an age where those with celebrity (often for the wrong reasons) are huge influencers.  Some use their fame to seek power, to bully, to coerce.  We have Ted Nugent, inexplicably famous for his music, representing the NRA and using his fame to call for Democrats to be shot.  Then we have people like Spike Lee, who was in town to encourage young filmmakers, using his celebrity status to try to save lives.  Let’s thank him.


Please contact Spike Lee through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Thank you Spike Lee for speaking out against the NRA – we’re with you:  the NRA must go.  It owns politicians; a senate subcommittee proved the NRA is a Russian asset.  While Russian money is flooding into congress and state senates, people are dying.  Your comments carry a lot of weight, and are appreciated.  I’ll be sharing them with my friends. 

Suggested Tweet:

@40AcresBrooklyn Thank you Spike Lee for speaking out “I think that we gotta take down the NRA. We have more guns than any other country on God’s planet, and we’re all getting tired” Senate proved NRA’s a Russian Asset- NRA terrorism must end via @SunTimes


Facebook (not his personal page):



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[PS from Suzanne Kelly – So many great Spike Lee films; one favourite is BlackKKlansman an absolute epic – highly recommended]