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  1. Action Alert: Tell the MLBUA to take real action on AR-15-threat umpire October 2019 – ‘Nobody loves an umpire’ the saying goes;  here is as strong a case in point as you’re likely to find. One Major League Baseball umpire, who wants us to respect his judgment on a baseball field, says he’s getting an AR-15 if Trump is impeached .... 10.24.2019 Actions Taken: 33 Continue »
  2. Action Alert: Stand with San Francisco: NRA IS a Terrorist org 4 September, 2019 – San Francisco – The San Francisco Board of Supervisors labelled the National Rifle Association a Domestic Terrorist organization.  Now the NRA and San Francisco are locked in a legal skirmish with the NRA suing. Not long after the NRA announced it would sue, a US... 10.22.2019 Actions Taken: 15 Continue »
  3. Action Alert: Tell S Carolina Ford dealer its bible, flag and gun deal is revolting 21 September, 2019 – South Carolina – a mass shooting at a bar sees 2 murdered, four critically injured and a further four injured. 1 October, 2019 – South Carolina – in a wholly insensitive and tone deaf promotion, a South Carolina Ford dealership is giving away a bible,... 10.18.2019 Actions Taken: 21 Continue »
  4. Action Alert: Remember Elijah Cummings – demand gun control action now 17 October, 2019 – Maryland – Representative Elijah Cummings has passed away, age 68. One of the children of a sharecropper, he said watching Perry Mason steered him into studying law. He served Maryland well for many years, having won his seat in 1996. A tireless campaigner for rights... 10.17.2019 Actions Taken: 17 Continue »
  5. Action Alert: Shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson: officer must be charged 12 October 2019, Ft Worth, Texas– a twenty-eight-year-old woman is dead.  Atatiana Jefferson was shot in her own home by an officer standing outside of it who had been called to check a non-emergency situation.  He is suspended – not charged with any crime.  She was caring for a... 10.13.2019 Actions Taken: 24 Continue »
  6. Action Alert: Fire and charge ‘trigger happy’ Missouri sheriff’s deputy asap 11 October 2019, Kansas City, MO – A sheriff’s deputy’s account of why she shot an unarmed woman has been called into question– and it is virtually the same story she used when she fatally shot an unarmed man in 2017. Deputy Lauren Michael was decorated for shooting an... 10.11.2019 Actions Taken: 14 Continue »
  7. Action Alert: Send Thanks to Dick’s for destroying weapons 7 October 2019 –  The Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods says the chain has destroyed  $5 million worth of assault-type rifles it once stocked. The Hill reports  how the sporting goods chain decided to handle its remaining inventory of assault-style rifles, which were turned into scrap. CEO Ed... 10.8.2019 Actions Taken: 92 Continue »
  8. Action Alert: Send NASCAR thanks for not taking AK-47 advertisements 6 October –  The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing turned down  assault-style weapons advertisements, and now the National Rifle Association is suggesting ‘the stock car racing league has turned its back on part of its fan base’ with a position shift on guns. According to The Ledger,... 10.7.2019 Actions Taken: 98 Continue »
  9. Action Alert: Time’s Up for the NRA: Mitch McConnell must stand aside Introduction In March 2018 the NRA issued a threatening video called ‘Time’s Up’, mocking the Time’s Up movement.  In the video they threatened anyone who stood against their aims, calling them ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘unAmerican’.  But the shocking truth is now out:  when the NRA made that video, they had... 10.3.2019 Actions Taken: 16 Continue »
  10. Action Alert: Second anniversary of Las Vegas mass shooting – send messages 1 October 2017 saw the largest shooting tragedy in America’s violent gun massacre history.  Fifty-eight people enjoying an outdoor event in Las Vegas were murdered and hundreds injured. Obtaining an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, transporting it, and bringing it into a hotel posed no obstacles.  This has to... 10.1.2019 Actions Taken: 9 Continue »
  11. Action Alert: Time’s Up for the NRA: Tell congresspeople you won’t vote for NRA candidates Introduction In March 2018 the NRA issued a threatening video called ‘Time’s Up’, mocking the Time’s Up movement.  In the video they threatened anyone who stood against their aims, calling them ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘unAmerican’.  But the shocking truth is now out:  when the NRA made that video, they had... 9.30.2019 Actions Taken: 7 Continue »
  12. Action Alert: Time’s Up for the NRA: New York: dissolve or monitor the NRA now Introduction In March 2018 the NRA issued a threatening video they called ‘Time’s Up’, mocking the Time’s Up movement.  In the video they threatened anyone who stood against their aims, calling them ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘unAmerican’.  But the shocking truth is now out:  when the NRA made that video, they... 9.29.2019 Actions Taken: 19 Continue »
  13. Action Alert: Senator Chase: How dare you threaten us? September 20 – State senator Amanda Chase of Virginia threateningly tweeted “I’m not afraid to shoot down gun groups.” She holds a gun in the accompanying picture, poised to shoot. The ominous tweet continued:  “SIGN my petition to help end the assault on our liberties.” The post is no... 9.24.2019 Actions Taken: 10 Continue »
  14. Action Alert: Watch and share ‘back to school’ video from Sandy Hook Promise September 2019 – With American school children returning to their classrooms, the gun law reform organisation Sandy Hook Promise created a powerful, moving video which has been watched and shared by millions.  Hopefully it will help spur our lawmakers to act and raise awareness of what risks we are... 9.19.2019 Actions Taken: 12 Continue »
  15. Action Alert: Tell Kellyanne Conway we want gun law reform – whatever she says Controversial advisor to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway has issued a bizarre statement, telling ‘liberals and socialists’ that the murder of innocent Americans should not be ‘an excuse’ to confiscate firearms. “We’re not going to allow bad actors who should not have firearms in the first place, who then murder... 9.16.2019 Actions Taken: 30 Continue »
  16. Action Alert: Send threatened Beto O’Rourke a message of support 13 September 2019 – Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has reported Briscoe Cain to the FBI for tweeting the threat ‘my AR’s ready for you.’ O’Rourke said he wanted to get semi-automatic weapons of the type used in scores of American gun massacres out of public hands. As reported... 9.14.2019 Actions Taken: 64 Continue »
  17. Action Alert: Tell the NRA you support groups, companies that are standing up to them 12 September 2019 Gun law campaign groups and some of America’s biggest businesses are taking action against the NRA. A coalition of several gun-law reform groups has sent a letter to US businesses demanding they halt all support for the National Rifle Association. The coalition, which helped pressurize Walmart... 9.12.2019 Actions Taken: 20 Continue »
  18. Action Alert: Tell Patreon to ban man who made video about shooting David Hogg 9 September 2019 – a far right-wing, pro-gun blogger posted a video of himself using a high-powered rifle to shoot a life-size cardboard image of Parkland survivor David Hogg . Frank Espinoza, sometimes using the name ‘LA Werewolf’ is known for controversy and has had his Twitter and YouTube accounts... 9.9.2019 Actions Taken: 38 Continue »
  19. Action Alert: Share video with your reps of how an AR round explodes in the body 6 September 2019 – Against the backdrop of the recent assault rifle massacres, we still have the NRA and some politicians insisting that having an assault rifle is somehow a ‘right’.  Some of these people even claim it is a ‘god-given right’.  Most of those who favour assault rifles... 9.6.2019 Actions Taken: 6 Continue »
  20. Action Alert: Tell Texas Governor he’s responsible for future Texas gun deaths 1 September 2019 – Last year, 2,490 Texans died due to gun incidents; the 2019 toll still rises.  Today, Governor Abbott signed a raft of ten bills that is guaranteed to make that number rise even higher.  This is against the backdrop of the very recent El Paso and... 9.5.2019 Actions Taken: 17 Continue »
  21. Action Alert: Reprimand Texas Rep who tweeted ‘guns are a god-given right’ after Odessa massacre Odessa, TX 1 September 2019 – Seven people are dead and approximately 17 others are injured – including an infant – after America’s latest mass murder enabled by gun proliferation, Texas’s weak laws on gun control, and the NRA. When gun law reform individuals and groups take to social... 9.2.2019 Actions Taken: 32 Continue »
  22. Action Alert: ‘Good guy with a gun’ myth is destroyed: tell your elected reps In an explosive Colorado Sun article, the myth of a ‘good guy with a gun’ who will stop school shootings is discredited forever:  tell your elected representatives they can never hide behind it ever again. The Colorado Sun reports on findings following a deadly school shooting in May:  “STEM... 8.29.2019 Actions Taken: 6 Continue »
  23. Action Alert: Watch this CBS video: The FBI wants your help to prevent gun violence August 2019 – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reaching out:  it wants the public’s help to stop potential gun mass murders. Many killers have posted their plans and been encouraged by dark sites such as 8chan (the El Paso shooter posted his plans, weapon choices and ‘manifesto’ there). ... 8.27.2019 Actions Taken: 11 Continue »
  24. Action Alert: Take the NRA Survey and tell them how you feel August 2019 – The National Rifle Association has a new survey, which seems more like a PR exercise and fundraiser – you are asked to donate after taking it. The questions are of course loaded and not balanced as you would expect from the pro-gun lobbyists. For instance the... 8.25.2019 Actions Taken: 452 Continue »
  25. Action Alert: Support March for our Lives’ game-changing Peace Plan August 2019 – March for our Lives, the gun law reform campaign group, has launched a new manifesto. As Ladd Everett shared with One Pulse for America’s Facebook group yesterday, this is the deal: March For Our Lives released a revolutionary new gun control policy document today titled “A... 8.22.2019 Actions Taken: 87 Continue »
  26. Action Alert: Thank Albuquerque Mayor Keller for life-saving initiative Albuquerque, NM – The City of Albuquerque is pushing a new initiative to keep young people safe from guns. KRQE reports Mayor Tim Keller signed an administrative instruction banning firearms from all of the city’s community centers, multi-gen centers, and senior centers. He cited 27 gun offenses reported at... 8.20.2019 Actions Taken: 8 Continue »
  27. Action Alert: Send Condolences to El Paso Shooting Widower ACTION UPDATE:  17/8/19 hundreds attended the service, flowers and sympathy messages arrived from around the world. It’s things like this that remind me that most people are good at heart El Paso, August 2019 – Mr Antonio Basco invited all of El Paso to attend the  funeral for... 8.16.2019 Actions Taken: 3 Continue »
  28. Action Alert: Demand California Governor signs Act to Save Lives The California Legislature has passed AB 392: The California Act to Save Lives, perhaps recognizing that California’s police forces are out of control. When it comes to shooting suspects, innocent people, passers-by, California is in a league of its own. One Pulse wants its members to demand California Governor... 8.15.2019 Actions Taken: 3 Continue »
  29. Action Alert: Illinois mayor: cut militarized police raids after 12 year old shot A woman whose 12 year-old child was shot by police in a dawn raid is suing. On 26 May 2019, according to the lawsuit filed by Crystal Worship, the mother, some two dozen Country Club Hills and Richton Park, Illinois SWAT officers entered her home in May with exploding... 8.11.2019 Actions Taken: 23 Continue »
  30. Action Alert: Police who shot naked teen dead ‘justified’ claim lawyers 7 August, 2019; Oklahoma City – Attorneys representing  the two police officers who shot and killed a naked black teenager in May claimed the killing was justified in court papers today. Two officers claim they tased Isaiah Lewis, 17,  multiple times with no effect (NB – tasers can be... 8.9.2019 Actions Taken: 8 Continue »
  31. Action Alert: Texas: Stop your gun-happy police from killing more of us 1 August, Arlington, Texas – a homeless woman lying on the grass prompted people to call the police.  Sent to check on her welfare, police shot her while they were trying to shoot her dog. Apparently the homeless woman was passed out; she may simply have been sleeping.  Her... 8.7.2019 Actions Taken: 16 Continue »
  32. Action Alert: Recall Congress to vote on Gun Control Bills ASAP The number of gun murders and massacres so far this year is staggering, devastating and wholly unacceptable. Mitch McConnell must – immediately – recall Congress to address this and to hold votes on gun control bills he has been sitting on. USA Today explains the two bills in an... 8.5.2019 Actions Taken: 108 Continue »
  33. Action Alert: For El Paso Victims: Reinstate Domestic Terrorism Unit 2 August 2019 – 20 dead and 29 injured in El Paso, when a man – a young, disturbed white supremacist – opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle in a crowded store.  His stated, published goal was to kill Hispanic people, and he said how he would do... 8.4.2019 Actions Taken: 41 Continue »
  34. Action Alert: Stand up to bigoted gunshop owner’s incitements to violence Murphy, North Carolina July 2019 – Steve ‘Doc’ Wacholz owner of ‘Cherokee Guns’ in Murphy, North Carolina paid for an inflammatory billboard and stickers advertising his gun shop.  Using (presumably without their permission) photos of Congresswomen, comparing them to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and calling them ‘idiots’... 8.1.2019 Actions Taken: 36 Continue »
  35. Action Alert: MASK activists murdered: send condolences Chicago 26 July – Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were volunteers for Mothers Against Senseless Killings and had been camped out on a Chicago street corner to prevent conflict.  They were shot dead, and police say they were specifically targeted. They were shot on Friday evening by the occupants... 7.31.2019 Actions Taken: 29 Continue »
  36. Action Alert: Gilroy Shooting: Support H.R. 1296 and people of Gilroy “My son had his whole life to live and he was only 6.” – Alberto Romeo, on the murder of his son at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California on Sunday, 28 July. Enjoying a family fun day out at the California festival, Stephen Romero aged six was one of... 7.30.2019 Actions Taken: 11 Continue »
  37. Action Alert: Detroit: Stop shooting dogs & start taking dog shootings seriously Detroit’s police seem too jaded by gun crime to care that two dogs were shot in their own backyard by neighbours – who then shot at the owners.  In fact, Detroit police seem to think shooting dogs is their right if not their sport:  they shot 54 dogs in... 7.24.2019 Actions Taken: 10 Continue »
  38. Action Alert: Fire officer who called for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be shot A Gretna, Louisiana police officer has brought the controversial force further disgrace by calling for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be shot: the officer must be fired. Newsweek reported “‘This vile idiot needs a round,” officer Charlie Rispoli wrote in a Facebook post referring to Ocasio-Cortez last week, according to a... 7.22.2019 Actions Taken: 172 Continue »
  39. Action Alert: Shooting of teen in Anaheim: suspend officer, disclose facts 5 July 2019, Anaheim, CA – Replica guns are cited in yet another shooting death of an unarmed person, as an officer shot a 17-year-old girl. NBC News reported that the ‘suspect’ , who family members identified as teen Hannah Williams, was shot in an incident on the Freeway,... 7.11.2019 Actions Taken: 11 Continue »
  40. Action Alert: Demand NJ Police suspended after shooting unarmed men 1 July 2019 – Celebrating America’s Independence from Tyranny seems premature in New Jersey after several police shot unarmed Fourth of July revellers who had fireworks. The Hudson County prosecutor’s office said a lieutenant and two officers were on patrol around 10:15 p.m. near the Arlington Gardens Housing Complex... 7.6.2019 Actions Taken: 17 Continue »
  41. Action Alert: Instagram: stop influencers glamorizing guns July 1776 – America’s founding fathers, fighting a war of independence with muskets, knew even then that the ability to wound or kill from a great distance should only be given to a well-regulated militia.  Even if it took minutes to load, fire and reload – and even if... 7.3.2019 Actions Taken: 16 Continue »
  42. Action Alert: Thureon smuggling case means time to examine NRA 1 July 2019 – A Wisconsin gun manufacturer and retailer pleaded guilty to illegally smuggling automatic weapons to Australia for years, putting paid to the NRA myth that gun manufacturers are ‘responsible’ people. Andy Lloyd Huebschmann of New Holstein pleaded guilty  to sending an Australian dealer pistols, rifles and... 7.1.2019 Actions Taken: 1 Continue »
  43. Action Alert: Capital Gazette Shooting Anniversary: Show your support One year ago, a gunman murdered five members of Maryland’s Capital Gazette newspaper. CNN reports that Maryland designated today, Friday 28 June, Friday Freedom of the Press Day in the state of Maryland. Staffers from the Capital Gazette and other Tribune Publishing papers dedicated a memorial garden in Annapolis... 6.28.2019 Actions Taken: 21 Continue »
  44. Action Alert: Demand freedom for shot woman who lost baby In a scene echoing something from dystopian Margaret Atwood novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, a woman is grieving her lost unborn child which died after she was shot several times in the stomach.  She’s grieving in prison, waiting to be put on trial for allegedly starting the fight which proved... 6.28.2019 Actions Taken: 19 Continue »
  45. Action Alert: Demand better training following Costco family shooting 18 June 2019 – A family relation says fatal shooting victim was non-verbal – and was not capable of starting a fight with an off-duty police officer at a Costco in Corona, California in which he lost his life. Kenneth French, 32, was killed by an unnamed Los Angeles... 6.25.2019 Actions Taken: 8 Continue »
  46. Action Alert: Ask White House to explain President’s snub to Pulse victims June 18 2019 – President Trump arrives in Orlando, and to a throng of followers he announces he will run for the presidency again in 2020.  Not far away, others have been commemorating the tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub three years ago.  The president failed to even acknowledge the... 6.23.2019 Actions Taken: 7 Continue »
  47. Action Alert: Join Senator Menendez in call to ban silencers 22 June 2019 – Gun silencers like the one used in the recent Virginia Beach shooting would be banned under legislation that U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey introduced Friday. According to the Associated Press, Democratic Senator Menendez unveiled the legislation at news conference in Trenton. He appeared... 6.23.2019 Actions Taken: 9 Continue »
  48. Action Alert: Demand freedom for wife who took husband’s guns for her safety On Thursday 20 June 2019, Courtney Irby left a divorce court where she was trying to separate from husband Joseph Irby:  he then allegedly tried to run her off the road with his car hitting hers, terrifying her (he’s in custody for it).   Fearing for her life, she reported... 6.22.2019 Actions Taken: 19 Continue »
  49. Action Alert: Oregon State Senator threatens to shoot troopers An Oregon state senator has threatened to shoot state troopers if they try to enforce the law and stop the stonewalling plaguing the senate. Senator Brian Boquist (R) threatened that any attempt to force him to attend the state senate and vote on a climate change package will see... 6.20.2019 Actions Taken: 11 Continue »
  50. Action Alert: Gun-threat police must be fired and charged On May 27, 2019, Phoenix Arizona police  threatened to shoot, assaulted, and endangered the lives of a family including small children.  We call for these police officers to be fully removed from the force immediately without pay; for law enforcement to arrest them promptly; and for prosecutors to prepare... 6.19.2019 Actions Taken: 15 Continue »