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  1. Action Alert: Tell Girl Scouts to End NRA-Certified Training for Instructors Two days before a teenager rampaged through a high school in Santa Fe, Texas with a Remington 870 short-barreled shotgun and a .38-caliber Rossi revolver, killing ten and wounding ten others, a Girl Scouts troop spanning Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas posted notice of an upcoming event featuring NRA-certified training... 5.22.2018 Actions Taken: 213 Continue »
  2. Action Alert: Leave Comment on Proposed ATF Rule on Bump Stocks Update:  During the second round of public comments, supporters of a ban on bump stocks outnumbered opponents by three to one! On December 26, 2018, the Department of Justice published a final rule banning bump stocks. Owners were given 90 days to turn them into an ATF field office or... 5.15.2018 Actions Taken: 68 Continue »
  3. Action Alert: Tell Buena Park Police to Fire Gun-Brandishing Officer Update: Buena Park Police Chief  Corey Sianez said he was angry about the brandishing of a firearm against Jose Arreola and added, “I can definitely assure you that our investigation will be thorough. If the officer is found to be in violation of any policies and procedures, he will... 5.14.2018 Actions Taken: 51 Continue »
  4. Action Alert: Tell Oklahoma Governor to Veto Permitless Carry Bill Update: Governor Mary Fallin vetoed SB 1212 on May 11, 2018! Thanks to everyone who took this action and helped defeat this dangerous legislation. On May 2, 2018, the Oklahoma state Senate passed SB 1212 to allow open and concealed carry without a permit and sent it to the desk of... 5.11.2018 Actions Taken: 56 Continue »
  5. Action Alert: Contact Elementary School About Gun Show Field Trip During the week of May 7, 2018, 5th graders at Williams Memorial Elementary School in St. George, South Carolina were taken on a field trip to tour the middle school they will be attending next year. But after leaving the middle school, the trip made an unexpected, unscheduled stop... 5.10.2018 Actions Taken: 108 Continue »
  6. Action Alert: Thank Ellen’s for Standing up to the NRA and Gun Thugs Update: Ellen’s issued a press release which reads as follows: “Within hours of the message being placed on the receipts, the NRA was aware of it and issued a boycott of the restaurant that was read and retweeted by tens of thousands of people. The reaction was instantaneous and... 5.9.2018 Actions Taken: 84 Continue »
  7. Action Alert: Tell Bank of America to Cancel Loan to Remington Update: Bank of America did not end up backing out of the Remington loan, claiming it faced potential legal action and damages if it did so. The bank has now sold its interest in Remington Outdoor Co., however, and met with the surviving students and parents of the mass... 5.7.2018 Actions Taken: 59 Continue »
  8. Action Alert: Tell Georgia Sec of State his Campaign Ad was Pathetic Brian Kemp has served as Georgia Secretary of State since 2010. He’s running for governor in 2018 and has released a new TV ad in which he loads a gun, points it at a young man, and warns him to “respect” his daughter. The ad has drawn broad criticism from... 5.3.2018 Actions Taken: 70 Continue »
  9. Action Alert: Tell State’s Attorney to Bring Charges Against Puppy Shooter One day in Vero Beach, Florida, Sharon Jenkins’ puppy Daisy slipped through the fence and wandered onto the property of Jenkins’ neighbor Bobby Parker. Parker spotted Daisy. Then he walked back inside his house to retrieve a loaded gun. Then he came back outside and shot Daisy in the... 5.2.2018 Actions Taken: 59 Continue »
  10. Action Alert: Tell Berglund Center to Dump Ted Nugent Update: Berglund Center allowed Ted Nugent to take the stage on July 17, 2018 and play to an under-capacity crowd of just over 1,000. Nugent used the opportunity to smear a group of local residents whose loved ones were murdered in acts of gun violence. These residents participated in... 5.1.2018 Actions Taken: 278 Continue »
  11. Action Alert: Thank Minnesota Legislator for 24-Hour Sit-In on Gun Control With Republicans in control of the state legislature in Minnesota, some members of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) have been fighting for votes on gun reform during the 2018 legislative session. One DFL member leading the charge is Rep. Erin Maye Quade. On April 24, 2018, Quade conducted a 24-hour sit-in... 4.30.2018 Actions Taken: 70 Continue »
  12. Action Alert: Tell Boulder Police Rule of Law Applies to Open Carriers On the afternoon of April 21, 2018, pro-gun activists took to the streets in Boulder, Colorado during a “Rally for Our Rights” to protest a recent effort in the city to ban assault weapons and bump stocks. “I think it is a knee-jerk reaction to Parkland,” said rally co-organizer... 4.27.2018 Actions Taken: 97 Continue »
  13. Action Alert: Thank Yeti Coolers for Severing Ties with the NRA In early March 2018, YETI Coolers informed the NRA that they would be severing ties with the gun lobby. YETI canceled an existing order with the NRA’s Institute of Legislative Action and terminated a 7-year agreement with the  NRA Foundation to provide discounts to NRA members, citing “recent events” (the... 4.26.2018 Actions Taken: 273 Continue »
  14. Action Alert: Tell Attorney to Bring Charges Against Father of Waffle House Shooter Update: On March 14, 2019, the father of the Waffle House shooter, Jeffrey Reinking, was charged with unlawful delivery of a firearm for giving his violent son back firearms that were seized during a mental health crisis (schizophrenia). Reinking’s son killed four people in the space of 42 seconds... 4.24.2018 Actions Taken: 564 Continue »
  15. Action Alert: Call for Charges Against Officers who Killed Diante Yarber Update: One of the Barstow Police officers involved in the shooting of Diante Yarber, Jimmie Aflred Walker, was charged in 2010 with hate crime and battery charges after the then 30-year-old officer used racial slurs against a man and assaulted him and a woman while off-duty. Walker eventually pleaded... 4.23.2018 Actions Taken: 99 Continue »
  16. Action Alert: Tell your U.S. Representative to Co-sponsor Expanded Background Checks Bill Following the recent enactment of the Fix NICS Act and new legislative language allowing the CDC to conduct research on gun violence, Congress is now poised to move forward with another gun reform effort: the King-Thompson bill to expand background checks. H.R. 4240, the bipartisan “Public Safety and Second Amendment... 4.19.2018 Actions Taken: 62 Continue »
  17. Action Alert: Tell BlackRock to Stop Investing in AR-15 Dealers On April 17, 2018, Parkland shooting survivor and March for Our Lives leader David Hogg tweeted information about the nation’s biggest institutional investors in gun manufacturers. Topping the list was BlackRock, an American global investment management corporation. BlackRock is the largest institutional shareholder of gun maker Sturm Ruger & Co. and... 4.18.2018 Actions Taken: 61 Continue »
  18. Action Alert: Tell Disney to Stop Funding Gun Extremist Adam Putnam On April 11, 2018, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Disney Worldwide (a subsidiary of the The Walt Disney Company) gave the political committee Florida Grown more than $749,000 to support the 2018 gubernatorial bid of Florida agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam. Disney has funded Putnam despite the former congressman’s well-known demagoguery on the... 4.17.2018 Actions Taken: 213 Continue »
  19. Action Alert: Thank Bank of America for Rejecting Assault Weapon Dealers On April 10, 2018, Bank of America announced it would stop doing business with manufacturers, distributors and sellers of assault weapons like the AR-15.  The bank will no longer be underwriting or financing these companies. Bank of America spokesperson Anne Finucane told Bloomberg TV that the bank wants to help reduce... 4.16.2018 Actions Taken: 62 Continue »
  20. Action Alert: Support GVP Champion for Congress in Pennsylvania Update: Unfortunately, Shira Goodman lost to State Rep. Madeleine Dean in the 2018 Democratic primary in Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district. Thanks to everyone who supported this GVP champion. We are blessed to have a proven champion of gun violence prevention running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district in... 4.13.2018 Actions Taken: 25 Continue »
  21. Action Alert: Thank Vermont Governor for Embracing Gun Reform When the mass shooting at Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School happened on February 14, 2018, Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) was ‘A’-rated by the NRA. Two days later, he was notified by Fair Haven police that they had arrested an 18 year-old  who was plotting a school shooting to “exceed the... 4.12.2018 Actions Taken: 67 Continue »
  22. Action Alert: Thank Kaiser Permanente for Investing in Gun Violence Research Update: On June 20, 2019, Kaiser Permanente announced it was funding three clinical research studies on gun violence prevention. Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for Health Research will analyze a web-based education tool for safe gun storage in patients at risk of suicide. Kaiser Permanente Southern California Department of Research... 4.11.2018 Actions Taken: 69 Continue »
  23. Action Alert: Tell Virginia Venue to Cancel Ted Nugent After Violent Threat On April 6, 2018, long-time NRA board member Ted Nugent was interviewed by Alex Jones on Infowars. Jones asked Nugent why the left wants to ban guns. Here is what Nugent told him in response: “Just know that evil, dishonesty and scam artists have always been around and that... 4.10.2018 Actions Taken: 232 Continue »
  24. Action Alert: Call for Congressman to be Charged for Brandishing Gun Illegally A group of volunteers with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense attended a Meet & Greet with Republican Congressman Ralph Norman at a diner in Rock Hill, South Carolina on April 6, 2018. But when they sat down at Rep. Norman’s table to have a conversation with him about... 4.9.2018 Actions Taken: 123 Continue »
  25. Action Alert: Tell Kansas Congressman to Support Students on Gun Control Update: Congressman Kevin Yoder was defeated by Democrat Sharice Davids, a freshman candidate, in the 2018 midterm elections. “He’s definitely not running ” said one of Yoder’s longtime political advisers.  Rep. Davids is first openly LGBTQ person to represent Kansas in Congress and the first Native-American woman... 4.5.2018 Actions Taken: 27 Continue »
  26. Action Alert: Tell School to Clear Record of Student-Survivor who Walked Out Update: Madison High School student Cooper Caffrey and his father Marty went on to become fierce opponents of arming teachers in Ohio’s K-12 schools. Their advocacy against guns in the classroom is chronicled in the 2019 documentary “Teachers Training to Kill” by director Kira Phillips. A 16 year-old Ohio... 4.3.2018 Actions Taken: 95 Continue »
  27. Action Alert: Tell Sacramento DA to Indict Officers who Killed Stephon Clark Update: Sacramento District Attorney Annie Marie Schubert eventually decided not to file charges against the officers who killed Stephon Clark. But the Clark family sued the city of Sacramento for $20 million and reached a settlement in June 2019. Additionally, artist A.J. Kute painted a three-story high portrait of... 4.2.2018 Actions Taken: 119 Continue »
  28. Action Alert: Thank Citibank for Dropping Irresponsible Gun Clients On March 22, 2018, Citibank announced an unprecedented new policy concerning its clients that sell firearms and ammunition.  The bank will no longer take new clients that sell firearms to customers under the age of 21 or individuals whose background checks cannot be completed in the allotted 72 hour-period (default... 3.26.2018 Actions Taken: 129 Continue »
  29. Action Alert: Thank Alabama Senator for Full-Throated Support of Gun Control When he ran in, and won, the special election for U.S. Senator from Alabama in 2017, Democrat Doug Jones bragged about being an avid hunter and a “Second Amendment guy.” When it came to gun reform, he toted the NRA line and offered nothing. “I want to enforce the... 3.23.2018 Actions Taken: 105 Continue »
  30. Action Alert: Remind Florida House Speaker He Takes Orders from Voters, Not NRA After supporting a historic package of post-Parkland gun control reforms that were signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott, state House Speaker Richard Corcoran (R-37th) is under attack by the NRA and reacting poorly. Florida’s new law allows for the arming of school staff (but only after the approval of... 3.22.2018 Actions Taken: 33 Continue »
  31. Action Alert: Tell School to Revoke Punishment for Student who Called Congressman Update: The Washoe County School District lifted Noah Christensen’s suspension on March 23, 2018 and gave him back his position as class secretary-treasurer. Thanks to everyone who took this action and urged school administrators to change course! On April 16, 2018, Christensen published a terrific essay at the ACLU... 3.21.2018 Actions Taken: 124 Continue »
  32. Action Alert: Condemn Arkansas School for Paddling Walkout Students Three students at Greenbrier High School in Arkansas who walked out of school for 17 minutes to participate in the National Walkout Day to prevent gun violence on March 14, 2018 where paddled by school administrators as punishment for their actions. The three students, only one of whom has... 3.20.2018 Actions Taken: 181 Continue »
  33. Action Alert: Support Gun Reform Candidate Wronged by NJ Democrats & DCCC Update: With the DCCC backing Jeff Van Drew, he prevailed over Tanzie Youngblood in the Democratic primary for New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district on June 5, 2018. Van Drew then flipped the district blue in the 2018 midterm elections, beating Republican Seth Grossman. When the House voted to approve... 3.19.2018 Actions Taken: 63 Continue »
  34. Action Alert: Tell Wells Fargo to Stop Bankrolling NRA and Gun Industry Update: Wells Fargo & Co. doubled down on its gun industry business in late September 2018, issuing a $40 million line of credit to gun manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. Nun Nora Nash with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility said, “This is shocking news because we are in... 3.15.2018 Actions Taken: 107 Continue »
  35. Action Alert: Condemn Illinois Governor for Veto of Gun Dealer Licensing Bill Update: On July 16, 2018, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois signed two gun control bills into law: HB 2354, an ERPO bill that allows guns to be temporarily seized from individuals in crisis, and SB 3256, which imposes a 72-hour waiting period to purchase all guns in Illinois,... 3.14.2018 Actions Taken: 71 Continue »
  36. Action Alert: Tell Amazon to Dump NRA-TV or Lose Your Business One month after the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Amazon is continuing to stream NRATV through its Amazon Fire TV service. Launched in 2016 and broadcast 24/7, NRATV is a propaganda tool that preaches bigotry and hate. The channel also airs thinly veiled threats... 3.13.2018 Actions Taken: 179 Continue »
  37. Action Alert: Tell Sen. Gardner to Remove his Hold on Fix NICS Act Update: On March 23, 2018, President Donald Trump signed an omnibus spending bill into law that contains the (unaltered) provisions of the Fix NICS Act. Texas Senator John Cornyn, one of the co-sponsors of the Fix NICS Act (along with Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy) tweeted the following in response:... 3.12.2018 Actions Taken: 75 Continue »
  38. Action Alert: Support Gun Reform Legislator Threatened with Death When it came time to introduce legislation during the 2018 state legislative session in Minnesota, Rep. Linda Slocum (D-Richfield) did not mess around. In the wake of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida that changed the national dialogue on guns, Slocum introduced an ambitious bill (HF 3022) that would: 1)... 3.9.2018 Actions Taken: 132 Continue »
  39. Action Alert: Tell Rick Scott to Remove Armed Teacher Program with Line Item Veto Update: Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the compromise gun bill on March 9, 2018 without removing funding for the “Guardian” program. Thanks to everyone who contacted the governor. The new gun control reforms in this legislation will certainly save lives and the “Guardian” program is one of several choices schools... 3.8.2018 Actions Taken: 97 Continue »
  40. Action Alert: Thank Everytown and Giffords for Supporting a Ban on Assault Weapons The two “Bigs” in the gun control movement are now supporting an Assault Weapons Ban. On February 23, 2018, One Pulse for America launched a campaign calling on Everytown for Gun Safety (& Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense) and Giffords to take a public position in support of... 3.6.2018 Actions Taken: 97 Continue »
  41. Action Alert: Thank Delta for Standing Up to the NRA Update: On February 21, 2019, Delta CEO Ed Bastian was interviewed by the New York Times. He told them the following about his decision to end discounts to NRA members: “My first reaction when I learned about the discount was, “Why are we doing this?” And we made a... 3.5.2018 Actions Taken: 115 Continue »
  42. Action Alert: Tell “Death Wish” Makers That Film Should be Pulled Update: “Death Wish” was a box office flop in 2018, posting a net loss of $11.6 million for MGM. Just days after the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, MGM Studios is releasing horror film director Eli Roth‘s remake of “Death Wish” with Bruce Willis... 3.2.2018 Actions Taken: 57 Continue »
  43. Action Alert: Tell IRS to Revoke NRA’s Tax-Exempt Status Update: In April 2019, a former head of the Internal Revenue Service division that oversees tax-exempt enterprises, Marc Owens, reviewed NRA federal tax forms, charity records, contracts, corporate filings, and internal communications and concluded the “litany of red flags is just extraordinary.” Owens added: “The materials reflect one of... 3.1.2018 Actions Taken: 233 Continue »
  44. Action Alert: Thank Dick’s for Ending Sales of Assault Weapons Update: In March 2019, In March, Dick’s announced it was taking all guns out of 125 of its 730 stores and replacing them with sports team merchandise. The Washington Post interviewed Dick’s CEO Edward Stack in May 2019 about his decision to stop selling assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition... 2.28.2018 Actions Taken: 556 Continue »
  45. Action Alert: Tell FedEx to Dump the NRA or Lose Your Business Update: FedEx decided to end shipping price discounts for NRA members effective November 4, 2018! According to FedEx, “The NRA just didn’t bring in enough business to merit its own deal. ” John Foley of Reuters observed, “It suggests the NRA no longer has the economic clout to inspire... 2.27.2018 Actions Taken: 194 Continue »
  46. Action Alert: Tell Companies Hosting NRA Convention to Back Out From May 3-6, 2018, the National Rifle Association will hold its annual meeting at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. The Omni Dallas Hotel and the Hyatt Regency Dallas are providing rooms for meeting attendees. They are doing this against the wishes of Dallas Mayor Pro... 2.26.2018 Actions Taken: 194 Continue »
  47. Action Alert: Tell Everytown and Giffords to Support a Ban on Assault Weapons Update: Eleven days after the start of this campaign, Giffords announced a new policy supporting a ban on assault weapons.  Specifically, Giffords called to register all existing assault weapons with the federal government under the National Firearms Act (the same way we do for machine guns and silencers) and,... 2.23.2018 Actions Taken: 178 Continue »
  48. Action Alert: Support Student Survivors of the Parkland Shooting Just days after the horrific mass shooting that claimed 17 lives (15 others were injured by the gunman) at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, teachers and faculty there are calling on concerned citizens to support surviving students with GoFund Me donations and expressions of love. Please take one of... 2.22.2018 Actions Taken: 59 Continue »
  49. Action Alert: Tell Coach to Cancel AR-15 Raffle Tremendous controversy has erupted over an AR-15 raffle organized by the coach of a traveling little league baseball team in Neosho, Missouri. Coach Levi Patterson organized the team, and has the 7-9 year-olds on it selling raffle tickets in the community. Patterson’s original Facebook post about the raffle used the Neosho... 2.20.2018 Actions Taken: 269 Continue »
  50. Action Alert: Sign Petitions Calling for Assault Weapons Ban Following the gruesome mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, calls for a renewal of America’s federal Assault Weapons Ban (1994-2004) have been reinvigorated and heightened. The Parkland gunman used a semiautomatic AR-15-style assault rifle and high-capacity ammunition magazines in the... 2.19.2018 Actions Taken: 388 Continue »